Sunflowers in Bloom for You in our Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Sunflowers at Awakening Soul We certainly hope this finds you enjoying our "little Summer" or "Veranillo de San Juan" ... a brief break in the rains around this time of year. There were many opinions found on the internet as to whether we would have it here and if so for how long. Feels like it is here now. Anyone know who might have guinea fowls? Write We (Awakening Soul Healing and Education Center) are seeking someone locally who teaches Spanish and is able to come to our center 2 - 3 x a week to provide classes for a couple guests here. We are seeking a teacher for at least July and August, and perhaps longer. Email us at if you know som

Puro Amor

Welcome new friends to the Chayotevine Newsletter and Blog ... you can always check this link for past & present Blog/Newsletter entries. We have a local gent who will bring Mangosteen trees ... let me know if you would like some and how many. Also we have wonderful Neem and Moringa Trees available by order. The time to plant is upon us! Happy to let you know that a small supply of Food Grade Diatamaceous Earth is finally available again! Also Fluoride Free Toothpastes have made it to our booth thanks to wonderful appreciated friends. Michelle is back with her super delicious & healthy organic juices on the parking lot side, way up at the front. Do yourself a favor! A delicious new product t

Living & Loving Life in our Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Welcome to many new members!​ It's been wonderful meeting many new visitors to our wonderful part of Paradise and hearing the stories of why people came down here. We are blessed with an amazing and diverse and conscious community here. How to get rid of ticks on your property Amazing Costa Rica Waterfalls Costa Rica Colon The Most Stable Currency In Latin America DONATING YOUR BODY TO MEDICAL SCIENCE IN COSTA RICA Background Information: The University of Costa Rica’s Medical School, based in San Pedro de Montes de Oca in San Jose, operates a body donor programme under the direction of Dr Marco Zúñiga Montero, MD, Director of the Department of Anatomy. Ordinarily, potential donors would vis

Loving Every Drop of the Rain

The last few days several Hummingbirds have graced the inside of my house ... their energy is so invigorating. And feel so grateful the storm that is blessing us right now ... it's so delicious ... sure hope my power stays on long enough to get this sent to all of you. Here's some good news around the country: President signs Constitutional Amendment declaring Costa Rica a “multiethnic nation” Costa Rica's Solís goes rafting, then bans dams from the Pacuare and Savegre rivers British Embassy Teaches English to Police Officers in Costa Rica Sending prayers for justice in this third trial ... Local Ann Bender faces murder trial for third time by our own Carol Vaughn If you are going to Sa

Super Full Moon Saturday Nite ... in our beloved Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Dancing Mantises Welcome to our New Readers, ​Does anyone know someone in Costa Rica who raises Nigerian Goats? My friends would drive to any location to buy some so zone doesn't matter. Must be Nigerian type. Diane Franklin One of our readers had problems with a Banco Nacional ATM machine claiming it didn't have the cash to give him ... and then deducting it from his account ... he advises always check your account, and I think that is sage advice. President signs Constitutional Amendment declaring Costa Rica a “multiethnic nation” Costa Rica begins fumigating planes at international airports to halt spread of animal disease Search continues for mountain biker that m

Happy November in Sunny Rainy Blowy Southern Costa Rica

Welcome New Friends & Old ones too! So many wonderful people are finding our magical part of this world. In the last week, 3 people I love have fallen & done substantial damage to themselves, broken ankle, broken hip & miscellaneous boo-boos. Please stay vertical and eternally vigilant. I just had my driveway and entry Power Washed & what a difference it made! It was slippery scary before. I can recommend Geiner at 8632 5399 if you need to Power Wash / remove moss etc. Want to congratulate our delightful chocolate makers from Sierpe for winning First Prize for their Milk Chocolate Bars at the Puerto Viejo Chocolate Festival this weekend. Normally not a milk chocolate lover ... I find this is

Gratitude for living in the community oriented Southern Zone of Costa Rica

​Sure glad the power came back on so I can get this out to you all today ... gotta love the power outages here. Has anyone who does not have residency gotten a Costa Rican driver's license in the last couple of years? Please send a note here. seeking help for developing my poetry book person who knows computer and other things thanks contact How to register your property title after the purchase U.S. Visa Lottery Now Open for Applicants from Costa Rica Costa Rica Is The Second Best Place In Latin America To Die In Government begins trying to pay down $1.4 billion dollar debt to “La Caja” Let me know by email or at the PZ feria if you would like to order any bi

Loving September in our Spectacular Southern Zone of Costa Rica

“Even After All this time The Sun never says to the Earth, "You owe me." Look What happens With a love like that, It lights the whole sky.” , , , Hafiz Welcome New Readers and Old Friends, We have lots of new postings on our website ... here are a few highlights: Alegria Soul Spa is having a WE LOVE LOCALS SPECIAL! Right now receive $10 OFF any of our six types of massage! Just ask for the locals' special. 27870210 Plant 30,000 Native Trees Costa Rican Owned Farms SEEKING RAW FOOD VEGGIE CHEF for few hours a day in exhange for small cabin IN CAJON ON ORGANIC FARM ALL CROPS ARE FREE TO EAT BUS TO FRONT DOOR, CAN LEARN SKILLS FROM WORKERS FREE CONSULTIONS FROM DR WALTER J U

Hanging around the wonderful Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Hoping you are all hangin' out .. having fun! So many new smiling faces in our area lately ... it's been wonderful meeting people from all over the globe who have found our little plece of paradise very recently.Welcome! Highest tides in 200 years flood hundreds of homes on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast: new surges expected Wednesday afternoon, Thursday morning Costa Rica gasoline prices to drop by more than 10 percent for October We have a box of Flag's American Ginseng Tea available by packet or full box. From Guaria de Osa: With great joy I share with you here our most recent offerings, this being: Our upcoming Council Gatherings with Siekopai elders to be held in January 2016 at the Ecolod

Would you like to rescue your old abandoned Mac?

​I can clean your Apple Macintosh until the last very tiny little screw... I can diagnose software and hardware to find damage parts, then to find the new parts and finally to install them back again in order to back to life your vintage classic Mac! Please contact me if You feel inspired to join this Project! Cheers! Iván Herrera Chaves IT Services & Systems Support + 506 88425254 #CommunityInfo

"Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain.

Happy Rainy September Day! Looking forward to the partial solar eclipse this Sunday, September 13th. We may not see it here... but the energy could affect us all. Tuesday, September 15th is Costa Rica's Independence Day ... Viva la Independencia! It's a Banker's holiday so banks and some stores will be closed. Some good news: Marihuana Medicinal (Medicinal Marijuana) ... Costa Rican legislators headed to Colorado to learn of the many benefits. Costa Rican surf camp promotes conservation with annual contest Costa Rica appeal of Patton 'not guilty' verdict would have little to stand on, legal experts say Ann Patton acquitted in third murder trial, but battle might not be over 48 Hours Murder M

Key Lime Pie in our Southern Zone of Costa Rica

​Aracaris by Leslie Howle Offering this week fully organic and super delicious REAL LIMES for Key Lime Pie & squeezing over Papayas etc ... and other Organic Citrus Fruits. If you have submitted an advert for our website and no longer need it ... please let us know. We are cleaning our pages and sometimes are not sure if you still need the ad ... thanks!. Tonite: Venus, Jupiter and Mars align for skyline display The Louder the Monkey, the Smaller Its Balls, Study Finds U.S. Embassy San Jose Auction Volcano Turrialba Erupted 26 Times Over The Weekend Transition to dry season in Costa Rica begins this week Sansa starting flights from Costa Rica to Nicaragua, its first international destinatio

Busy October in our Hummingbird Filled Southern Zone of Costa Rica

We have so many creative projects & beautiful events happening here in our part of paradise ... and many new visitors and others returning to enjoy and contribute to our community. Welcome and blessings to all. Please check out Jennie & Fran's Little Italy Pizza Catering Service ... mouth watering and delicious! Ivan will be answering computer questions of all kinds at Colibri's Corner Thursday, October 15th from 8am til 10am. 1/2 OFF ALL MASSAGES TODAY AND TOMORROW!!! Locals only! 2787-0210 Doctor Ricky's Last Blast! Doctor Ricky is leaving the area soon and Saturday October 17, 2015 from 4:44 to 7:00 pm at Salon Las Palmas in Chimirol de Rivas. Local beers will be 750

Autumnal Equinox Blessings ... Blood Moon / Super Moon Rising

Double Rainbow over San Isidro ... by our resident & beloved artist, Jan Hart Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Happening on September 27, 2015 Equinox over Chichen Itza If anyone needs information on the Yellow Vaccine requirement when returning to Costa Rica from a South American country please contact us at Uber Drivers Will Have Access To Easy Credit From Suzuki Rising 14 Year Old Tennis Star Tania Aizenman Best Of Pérez Zeledón CR 2015 Tournament ICE To Invest US$19.9 Million in 4G Expansion I have a FABULOSO 2 bdrm house in Tinamastes (Costa Rica) with a BREATHTAKING view of the valley AND the OCEAN!!! I need to make a trip back to stateside and am looking for s

If you're thinking about crossing the Panama border into Costa Rica ...

Costa Rica shuts down borders for Cubans en route to the United States Costa Rica has shut off its borders to Cubans without visas and said that those caught sneaking in will be returned to neighboring Panama The decision leaves 1,001 undocumented Cubans already detained at Costa Rican border crossing in limbo Costa Rican migration authorities have said that they recorded 2,549 undocumented Cuban arrivals in 2013; 5,114 in 2014; and 12,166 in the first nine months of 2015 1 of 6 Hundreds of Cubans await their fate at Paso Canoas, Costa Rica's southern border crossing with Panama. Courtesy de Álvaro Sánchez JOSÉ MELÉNDEZ ​ SAN JOSÉ, COSTA RICA In a decision that cut off an exodus of undocumen

Welcome to the Future ... in our beautiful Southern Zone of Costa Rica

​Today, October 21st, 2015 is The Future ... it's the day when Marty McFly & Doc Brown arrived traveled to in Back to the Future 2. The Last Cacique in Costa Rica ... it's not just guaro! TURRIALBA EXPECTED TO ERUPT WITHIN HOURS 23 ESSENTIAL SPANISH EXPRESSIONS TO LEARN BEFORE VISITING COSTA RICA BIRDING THE OSA PENINSULA, COSTA RICA US Coast Guard Aircraft Declared Unlawful in Costa Rica The Top 9 Reasons To Visit Uvita, Costa Rica Thursday at Colibri's Corner at the PZ feria .. David will be giving samples of his amazing, healing Turmeric tonic ... beyond delicious & rico! Rooted in traditional cooking as a beloved health tonic and spice, turmeric has been used in India for thousands of y

Happy 11 11 New Moon Celebrating in our Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Southern Lapwing from Kokopelli Sierpe Thanks for all the updates to our webpage ... another reminder if you have an ad of any sort running ... please check it for being current. SOS – need house to rent or caretake - preferrably for the next six months or more. Needed by the end of December or before. Low rent, dogs ok, in the country is better (we don’t do well in town). Excellent gardening skills, we are good for house doctoring and misc. whatnot. At least two bedroom, please. Our current place fell through at the last minute – EMERGENCY. We will consider all possibilities, if you have or know of a place, PLEASE let us know. Muchisimo gracias – Rich and Lynn,

How many BUGS do you have living inside your Computer?

Most of the times we don't notice them until they get fried in our Logic Board or Mother Board... as many of my clients... Contact me if you want to prevent this situation. I'm going to be "opening for free visual diagnose" MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro: + next Thursday the 22nd at Colibri's Corner at Feria del Agricultor San Isidro General. + next Tuesday the 27th at Feria Organica de Tinamastes ​Be ahead your BUGS! If you have any problem with your Apple Macintosh, PC Windows, WiFi Router, iPad, iPhone, Android, External Hard Drive or any System, please feel free to contact me. at my mobile phone 8842-5254 or email #CommunityInfo #TheFeriaMarket

From a Distance

Interesting how there are no borders visible ... We are joining Reba McIntire ... Pray for Peace Garage Sale in Uvita this weekend ... check Events page Magnesium Oil is an amazing, healing oil ... please check this link to see the many benefits. Available now at Colibri's Corner. Child seats and carriers mandatory now in Costa Rica Published in Prensa Libre Following the traffic death of an infant Sunday, traffic police director Mario Calderón reminds parents of CR’s strict child safety laws that require infants under a year to ride in a rear-facing baby carrier; a child seat for ages 1 to 4; a booster seat for children under 57 inches. The fine for not protecting children properly is about

So Happy to Say "Adios" to 2015 from the Glorious Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Sara Marhenke ... Toucan on Papayas One last Vine before we greet 2016. Holiday and New Year's Blessings to all. This year has seen our Community grow with new ferias, wonderful families settling here, and lots of cultural additions. The PZ feria this week is Tuesday & Wednesday, December 29th & 30th ... then next week back to Thursdays & Fridays. If you are interested in buying or selling properties ... please check out our new look here. We've had a few sales off our webpage lately and I've received many good reports of sellers having received several inquiries. Several people have asked what happened to Scotia Bank in PZ. There are no signs on the old bank ... but they have moved 2 blocks

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