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Loving Every Drop of the Rain

The last few days several Hummingbirds have graced the inside of my house ... their energy is so invigorating.

And feel so grateful the storm that is blessing us right now ... it's so delicious ... sure hope my power stays on long enough to get this sent to all of you.

Here's some good news around the country: President signs Constitutional Amendment declaring Costa Rica a “multiethnic nation” Costa Rica's Solís goes rafting, then bans dams from the Pacuare and Savegre rivers British Embassy Teaches English to Police Officers in Costa Rica

Sending prayers for justice in this third trial ... Local Ann Bender faces murder trial for third time by our own Carol Vaughn

If you are going to San Jose on Thursday ... be aware of this:

There will be a magnitude 6.5 earthquake in San Jose on Thursday, but don’t be alarmed, it's a drill, but traffic etc. will be muddled

Right now it feels we'll have to float to the feria tomorrow here in PZ ... hope to see you there.

Check out the Magic Mat on our "stuff" page ... great healing modality. Also some very slightly used yoga equipment is available and other new listings.

Our good friends at Urban Farm Restaurant got robbed last week ... they are still open and would love to give them support to replace what they lost. See services page for their ad.

We have a gorgeous 2 bedroom / 2 bath home listed just south of town, newly built to North American standards with views and privacy and priced to sell.

Happy to say our organic white rice got delivered last week ... still some fluoride free toothpastes available ... lots of oregano & tea tree oils ... great herbed goat cheeses ... blackberry cobbler ... vegan cookies .. sourdough bread ... and organic Maca & Moringa & Hemp Seeds are all available.

Pura Vida Blessings to All

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