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Farms / Fincas / Ranches in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica

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Amazing Farm & Houses Compound

3.75 acres, fully organic orchard with 2 houses & river frontage! 950 sq ft House. 2 bed, 1 bath. 2833 sq ft large building compound with high ceilings. 2 bed, 1 bath. Both buildings have carports. Fully fenced property, fenced on the side and road frontage with 10ft concrete walls. Dead end road. 2 x chicken coops.  Greenhouse. Natural river running at the back border of the property. Around 300 meters of river frontage.  4 ft deep x 15 ft dipping pool. Water, Power, Internet, agriculture water. 10 minute walk to central park, Super Markets, Butchers, Bakery's, Fruit and vegetable stores, cafes, restaraunts, hardware store, banks, dentist, doctor. Town of Cajon 15 minutes south of San Isidro de General. Views of Talamanca mountain range from the property (Chirripo National park). 60 mamon chino/ rambutan trees mature. Fully irrigated fruit orchard with free organic agriculture water. Over a 150 banana trees 4 different types regular, sweet & plantains. 13 big mature coconut trees. 5 different types of mature avocadoe trees. 5 mature lime trees. 3 -4 mature orange trees. 2 mature star fruit trees. 1 mature guanabana tree. 
1-2 mature mango trees.  1 mature Water apple tree. 4 different types of planted berries. Several Papaya trees
Several rows of miscellaneous grafted new avocado, lime, rambutan, star fruit and other fruit trees. I'm probably missing some since there's so much. Field of mature yucca plants. Mature Squash vines growing everywhere
Tomatoe bushes. Tilapia ponds.

Contact or

Whatsapp (506) 8532 5096.


San Vito Mountain Home and Tea Farm For Sale

This property is 5.5 hectares (13.75 acres) of primary and secondary forest (approximately 5 hectares) and open space (approximately .5 hectares) including house, gardens, fruit trees, and tea bushes. The property is divided by Siete Colinas creek with approximately 3.5 hectares of forest south of the creek and 2 hectares of forest and open space with house to the north. House is custom built post and beam construction with double fireplace, huge shower with solar hot water and all glass front overlooking the gardens, Property is surveyed and registered in the national registry.

Reduced Price $210 000

Check More Details Here

Contact: Raymond


This captivating farm offers a unique opportunity for nature enthusiasts and aspiring farmers. Surrounded by rolling hills and abundant wildlife, this 20.5 hector property is perfect for farming and additional homesites. Terrain has level growing and building plantels, pasture, rolling hills and forest. Abundant fruit trees including avocado, orange, rambutan, mango, sweet lemon, sour limes, guayaba and peach palm fruit with heart of palm (pejibaye y palmito) A spectacular river (with excellent tourism potential).and 2 lovely creeks (all year-round) run throughout and border this property that boasts a moderate climate, and is nestled in a quiet, rural neighborhood with peaceful mountain views. The abundance of water sources, including multiple nacientes (underground springs) on this farm make it eternally green, and ideal for any agricultural and other activities. Currently, it is a working farm with fertile land used for various cultivations, and excellent pastures supporting cattle. Both are ample confirmation of the endless possibilities in cultivation and self-sustainable farming this land has to offer. Easy accessibility from the main road (about 1 kilometer), the views are breathtaking and stretch as far as the eye can see. Property has a house, Tico style, with bedroom, bath, kitchen and outdoor roofed patio. It is located 1.5 kilometers from the cattle auction gallery of Sabanilla in Coto Brus.

It's being offered for $256,250 ($12,500 per hector)

Photos and more Information available upon request

Call:   Francisco Perez 8828-30-42   Erik Alvarado 6451-97-21


Farm for Sale in San Vito

Land area: 9 hectares (23 acres),  Location: Puntarenas, San Vito, Coto Brus (Concepción de Agua Buena), 8 km to the main city of San Vito.  Land of regular topography, with 3 springs of water surrounded with a lot of forest protection, altitude 1200 meters avove sea level, it has areas to build houses overlooking to beautiful landscapes and 1 old house, electricity and water access.  It has roads inside well distributed, chill weather.

Street frontage; 240 meters, Fertil and black soil, perfect for cultivationg.  Safe community. Views of the Baru Volcano in Panama and la Amistad International Park.  Contact Daniel: 506 7295 7375


US $99,000


Whatsapp 85325096


A Farm For Sale

We are selling a beautiful farm located in Cedral de Cajon, Perez Zeledon, total area 41.5 Ha, altitude 1475-1890 m.a.s.l.

70 % of the property is rainforest, one portion of pasture fields, 50 has avocado trees, plantains, some coffee, sugar cane, 2 big greenhouses built with metal, and very good quality soil.

We have 3 cabins and a main ranch, all powered with solar panels. The farm has 6 springs of water all year round,  2  walking trails with beautiful scenery, including 2 water cascades from a small river on the east border,  lots of birds to watch, including Quetzals sometimes.

Asking price: 2.350.000 dollars

Call us  for more information or to schedule a visit

 Alcides Gomez 70204806

Nereida Umaña 8765 3818

Email. Flostirrases  

Headwaters of the San Ramon River

18-hectare (44 acres) farm. Price $249.000.

Grow everything from apples to berries, bananas to broccoli, mushrooms to melons... 

Located 25 minutes above the San Isidro / Perez Zeledon valley. This is a small community, with houses gently nestled into the hills overlooking the city with incredibly dramatic vistas.

This property faces the lush protected areas of the primary growth forests Savagre National Forest and the new Quetzal National Park. The property is borded by the headwaters of the Rio San Ramon, a watershed vital to San Isidro / Perez Zeledon valley. 

Property features Freshwater springs, Solid road through the property, Electricity, Original house on property, Garden áreas with wáter, Secure bodega, Altitude 1800 meters (5400 feet), Terrain has level growing and building plantels, pasture, ravines, rolling hills, forest. Photos and more Information:



This great property is located a 30-minute drive from the city of San Isidro in the community of Cajón, in the San Pedrito area. The size of the land is currently 52,878 m2 (13.21 acres). with the main house for the owner, 2 small comfy cabins with private bathroom, a new greenhouse, secure storage building with a steel door, internal road to move the collected crops, spring, two creeks in two sides of the property, ponds for fishing, pasture, lots of pejibayes and much more edibles. Water from spring and solar power working properly Most of the land is usable. The lay of the land is perfect for the typical Costa Rican agriculture on the sides of the hills. The best thing here is that the slopes are very soft and there are very few steep areas. The property is near the Talamanca mountain range at 800 meters (2400 feet) of altitude. Price Reduced: $200,000 USD



Esta gran propiedad se encuentra a 30 minutos en auto de la ciudad de San Isidro en la comunidad de Cajón, en la zona de San Pedrito. El tamaño del terreno es actualmente de 52.878 m2 (13,21 acres). con la casa principal para el dueño, 2 pequeñas y cómodas cabañas con baño privado, un invernadero nuevo, edificio de almacenamiento seguro con puerta de acero, camino interno para mover los cultivos recolectados, manantial, dos arroyos en dos lados de la propiedad, estanques para pescar , pastos, muchos pejibayes y mucho más comestibles. El agua de manantial y la energía solar funcionan correctamente La mayor parte de la tierra es utilizable. La disposición del terreno es perfecta para la agricultura típica costarricense en las laderas de los cerros. Lo mejor aquí es que las pendientes son muy suaves y hay muy pocas zonas empinadas. La propiedad está cerca de la cordillera de Talamanca a 800 metros (2400 pies) de altitud. Reducción de Precio: $ 200,000 USD




For sale beautiful farm in Miravalles San Isidro, Perez Zeledon, San Jose, Costa Rica Size approximately 17 acres Just 25 minutes from Centro San Isidro The property can be used for farming and cattle. Gorgeous views. It has its own source of water and city water as well. All public services as well. The farm has a cabin and ranch for family activities.

Very safe location.

The property is accessible and has breath taking views.

Please reach us for more information +50683723507 English and Spanish


100 H for sale

Remote steep, coastal valley, 6 km above Portalon (which is between Dominical and Manuel Antonio).

This wild area is in a conservation corridor called Paso de la Danta.

There are at least 4 different approaching rutas but no road all the way into the property. Yet.

Hence, the need for like-minded, renegade, co-investors!

The western section, about 1200 meters, has an ocean view, I'm told. The NE corner is looking  across the protected, roadless Rio Savegre and Rio Division cuenca, above Brujo, some 4 km downhill.

The sendero to the L, above Portalon, is the the camino publico Portalon-Brujo, going through the bosque, with MA views on L, around, to the finca, in an hour. The quebrada is Q Camaron. There are 2 springs, and an abandoned casa, which birthed 3 tigre cubs, I've heard.

You can also drive up from El Silencio to the top rd, and bivouac in.

The land is in a corporation with 10 shares. 

I am open to sharing it with other mature, motivated Matrix refugees who aren't afraid of work and co-operatively choosing to grow good food and create, peaceful refuge in these troubled waters we find ourselves in. Cheers! Christine    +7046 1769  

My friend, Esteban's contact info is: +506 8864 0710  / Oldemar +506 8644 0146



Chirripo Organic Farm ~ Amazing Homestead ~ Sustainable Living

5 bedroom House. Covered Car port, 2 full bath, garden tub in the master bedroom. Solar Water Heater. Ideal for Homestead and full sustainable living. Two greenhouses, 5 minute walk to town. Beautiful San Gerardo de Rivas. 5 minute walk to Talamanca Nature Preserve, 30 minute walk to Cloud Bridge Nature Preserve.
Titled, 6.23 acre Farm, multiple viable building sites, municipal water and electric.
4 Trout Ponds with independent water source
Chicken coop
Graphic Design Package Toltec Gardens Fine Organic Snacks Brand
Full orchard lots of mature fruit trees, jack Fruit, Moras, Oranges, Bananas, Platanos, Diamond Peaches, Apples, Mangos, Nonas, Guanabana..Coffee
50,000 liter water tank, sourced from Chiripo River that feed  2x 10,000 liter water tanks for irrigation.
The farm consists of 6 acres of rich, volcanic land. It has been planted with a large variety of fruit trees and vegetables planted in bio-dynamic planter beds.
Located in Chirripo, Costa Rica. It is located close to the center of the quaint Costa Rican town in San Gerrardo de Rivas. This local town is often the last stop before visiting Chirripo National Park.

$320,000.00  Contact Christopher:


Lovely 7.5 Hectares in San Jose de Rivas

Beautiful finca on road 2 km past San Jose de Rivas. ( 3km from the rd to Chirripo (San Gerardo).  

There is a lovely waterfall in the middle of the finca and the quebrada goes throughout the whole finca.

The road also trails completely through the finca.

There is a small casita in the middle of the finca. Altitude about 1400 metros. 

Access to electricity is less than1 km away
Spring water is from the finca.
Plano y Escrituro available. 
50 Millones colones. (apprx $85,000)
For more information, call Andrey at 7089 6064  or email Cristina at


Finca en Chucuyo de Rivas, Perez Zeledon

Hermosa extensión de 17.5 hectáreas a 18 minutos del centro de Pérez Zeledón; poco más de 2 kilometros sobre la carretera principal al monte Chirripó.  A una fresca altura de entre 1200 a 1300 mts., con uso de suelo para construcción. Cuenta con una naciente de agua, vista panorámica hasta el Cerro de la Muerte y hermosa vegetación de diversos tipos de árboles propios de la zona, así como frutales de naranja, plátano, guayaba, moras, níspero, zapotillo y otras variedades.  Gran variedad de pájaros, mariposas, insectos, ranas y otros habitantes de la zona por la que también corre el río. Tiene acceso a electricidad, agua potable y camino para carro por toda la finca.

El precio por metro cuadrado es de $16 USD, con la opción de comprar lotes no menores a 2000 metros

Más información:

Leonardo Durán al 8366-9951 o 83464776, 

Correo electrónico 

to  (both English and Spanish)

Beautiful land extension of 17.5 hectares, 18 minutes from downtown Perez Zeledon; a bit more tan 2 kilometers on the main road to the Chirripo Mountain.  On a fresh height in between 1200 and 1300 meters above sea level, it has construction permits. The land has a natural spring, breathtaking views all the way to the Cerro de la Muerte and diverse types of local vegetation and fruit trees like oranges, bananas, guava, blackberries, níspero, zapotillo and others.  Lots of birds, butterflies, insects, frogs and other inhabitants of the land, which is also crossed by a river.  With access to electricity, drinking water and a road throughout all the property.

Price is $16 USD for sq. meter, with the option of buying lots of at least 2000 meters.

For more information contact

Leonardo Durán al 8366-9951 o 83464776, 


to  (both English and Spanish)


Finca San José de Rivas

Extensión de 25 hectáreas aproximadamente. 

Una distancia de 4 kilómetros, sobre carretera principal al Chirripo. A una altura de 1400 a 1500. Cuenta con dos nacientes de agua. Es una finca especialmente para la siembra de café, esto debido a que entra en un estándar similar con el de la Zona de los Santos. Sin embargo, se puede usar para ganado, siembra de árboles, ganado o construcción. Tiene un pequeño parche de bosque, se puede observar diversa fauna y flora. Un ambiente muy fresco y tranquilo, agradable para relajarse. Tiene acceso a electricidad y agua potable; camino por toda la propiedad. 

Más información con: 

Leonardo Durán al 8366-9951 o 83464776, 

Correo electrónico 

to  (both English and Spanish)


25 hectares aproximatelty at a 4 KM distances on the main road to the Chirripo mountain. 1400 to 1500 mts above sea level, with two water springs.  Appropiate for cultivating coffee as it's at a similar standard to the Los Santos area. 

Good also for cattle, tree planting or construction.  It has a small patch of forest where to observe the wildlife, a fresh and peaceful environment, good for enjoying and relaxing. 

With access to electricity and water; road throughout the property.

More information with: 

Leonardo Durán al 8366-9951 o 83464776, 



to  (both English and Spanish)



Finca Fogon: The Perfect Family Starter Eco Farm on 2.5 acre (1Ha) asking $67,000

Only 30 minutes from town, this property has stunning views of downtown San Isidro de General and as well as views of Chirripo mountain.  It is full of fruit trees, very fertile land, small forest, it’s own spring and nearly all usable land. Includes old 3 bedroom tico construction house plus an extra lot.  Each lot has it’s own entrance on the public road. With active public water and electricity this house is usually rented to locals. Will consider offers

Google Maps link:

Lots move information and full details here:


Voice: 2100-1486   Text, WhatsApp, Telegram: 8888-7500

"Agents Welcome.  Contact me if you are an agent or intermediary and are interested in listing or showing this property."



The property you are looking at is two properties, a truck and a LLC being sold as a package deal. Owner financing is available to qualified buyers. Located in the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica, next to the most biodiverse place on the planet, Corcovado National Park. The first property is a 50 acre organic off grid farm with a fully furnished rustic 832 square foot house constructed in 2015.  The second is a few minutes walk away from the first and is a 7567 square foot lot with a fully furnished 1066 square foot main house, a 218 square foot cabina, and a 13,500 gallon in ground pool.   This is a perfect setup for someone looking to purchase a turnkey property with immediate income potential, as you can live in one and rent out the other. Accommodation is in high demand here, as many tourists come to visit Corcovado National Park. The entrance to the park is just steps away from the second property, and the trail borders the farm.  This makes the farm a perfect location for someone interested in creating a boutique ecolodge or hosting farm tours.  The second property would also be a great location for a restaurant, as currently there are only a couple of “sodas” in town(tiny “restaurants” with only a few seats) which serve a limited menu, usually some variation of rice and beans.   The property is hilly and the majority of  it(around 44 acres) is primary rainforest.  The rest(6 acres or so)was cleared in the past and now has a variety of fruit trees planted on it, with space for more.      The property came with a few mature fruit trees, and we have planted hundreds of different fruit trees since we purchased the property in 2014.  Many of these trees are now producing.  We use zero chemical fertilizers or pesticides, so everything is organic. These are the current mature(producing) fruit trees:  four cashew, five cacao(chocolate), many papaya, two coconut, three mango, numerous guavas and ice cream beans, one achiote(lipstick tree), one miracle fruit, several moringa, three rambutan, two soursop, two atemoya, several lemon, and one chili pepper tree. Other trees that we planted in 2014, but have not produced yet: one fig, one almond, one finger(caviar) lime, two jaboticaba(should be ready anytime), five breadfruit(should also be ready anytime), many types of citrus, passionfruit, star fruit, many coconuts, green bamboo for building, many types of cacao, ice cream bean, cashew, avocado, morninga, and mango.      There are also many edible plants on the property.  There are hundreds of mature banana plants(many different types), so there is a constant supply of bananas.  Other plants that are currently producing are: white pineapple(around 30 plants), many yucca/cassava/tapioca,  tons of taro, pigeon peas, and many greens(katuk, bele, chaya, moringa, gotu kola, purslane, cranberry hibiscus).  There is one vanilla plant that is old enough to produce, but we have not seen flowers yet Frequent animal visitors are: Squirrel Monkeys, Spider Monkeys, Howler Monkeys, Toucans, Scarlett Macaws, Coatis,  Gray-Necked Wood Rails, Slaty-Tailed Trogons, Hummingbirds, Peccaries, Bats, Iguanas, a variety of various reptiles and amphibians and many species of birds too numerous to count.  A park guide once found a tapir print on the property as well.  We have been told they are attracted to the smell of bananas, and feel that if we didn’t have dogs we would likely have tapirs visit. The properties are located in a small town of less than 400 people. The town is only eight miles away from the beach and a larger town(Puerto Jimenez) with all the amenities you could wish for. For more information visit:  83439770




• PLANO CATASTRADO SJ-536797-1999 
• TITLE 1-529512-000 





• PLANO SJ-536797-1999
• TITULO 1-529512-000


Robert Artavia Mata
Topografo U.C.R
Tel. 2770-1791
Celular. 8314-1548
Edificio 2000, Frente a Ferreteria FEYMACO.

Spacious Miravalles Farm for Sale - 12 Acres with Cottage - $399,000

Located minutes from the city of San Isidro de El General, in the community of Miravalles, this property has incredible city, mountain and valley views and a cool climate. Farm includes a two-bedroom, one-bath, cottage. Great opportunity for someone looking for a scenic mountain getaway, or for a development parcel.

For more info, contact Scott at 866-284-2832, or email him at

120 Beautiful Acres for Sale (With Cabinas)

San Marcos de Baru (18 km from San Isidro de General) 

FIRE SALE: from $700,000 to $499,000  NOW $300,000

From the top of the 3800 foot mountain with a 360 degree view of the Pacific Ocean, waterfalls and rainforest to the bottom of the mountain where it meets the Angel River, the property/finca is a lovely piece of Costa Rican nature. The cool environment provides plenty of rainfall and a variety of birds, animals and plants.

Structures on the property:

• 2 cabinas, built by the owner, that have 2 bedrooms and 2 baths with an outdoor kitchen based upon the Tico model.

• a wooden casita (original to the property) that has an added toilet and shower.

Cleared building sites available:

• for a large home at the top of the mountain(with the 360 view)

• 4 smaller sites suitable for additional cabinas or other buildings

Additional building sites that have not yet been cleared are located throughout the property.

• 3 springs (nacientas)

• internal roads connecting the upper and lower portions of the property, the cabinas, the casita, and the other cleared building sites

• 2 water collection systems connected to the cabinas that provide potable water

• fruit trees (papaya, mango, avocado.....

• idyllic spots for quiet contemplation or bird watching

In place is a jungle forest protection program with a local cooperative providing income each year 

The power is approximately 4 kilometers from the property. Please contact Leslie Myers: for more information.

Two Homes and Five Titled Lots on Lovely Mountain Ridge Property

6.5 acre property located between San Isidro del General and the beaches of Uvital in southern pacific Costa Rica on a mountain ridge with an elevation of 2700 feet/900 meters and an ideal drier, sunny and cooler climate in the friendly, agricultural town of San Agustin.

The property has been divided into five separate, titled lots, each with its own water, road and electric access. The lots range in size from 1.25 acres to 1.5 acres including four on the upper part of the farm and one on the lower part which contains two live-in ready/ rentable homes: a 1335 sq. foot 3 bedroom 2 bath (one indoor flush and one outdoor composting ) and 2 showers (one hot-water indoor, one outdoor) and an 830 sq. foot 3 bedroom home with 2 bath (one indoor flush and one outdoor composting) and 1 hot-water shower. Both homes have laundry hook-ups outdoor hand washing stations and ample patio space for enjoying the outdoors.

The upper part of the farm, accessible by road or walking paths  features a yoga platform with attached sunrise/star gazing deck. A creek runs through the property year around. There is a greenhouse and composting area, gardens and over one hundred fruit trees have been planted including; orange, banana, plantain, mango, guava, biriba,  cashew,  jackfruit, durian, acerola, star fruit, rose apple, sweet lemon, rambutan, cacao, avocado, breadfruit, breadnut, lemon, water apple and more. Everything has been grown organically without the use of any synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, etc.  This season we planted gardens full of ginger, turmeric, taro, cassava and other local potatoes and are expecting a bountiful harvest.

Each of the upper four lots each have lovely tranquil views overlooking an expansive valley with room to build one or two homes as well as space for gardens and fruit trees. The property is ideal for a small community where parcels can be individually owned or it can be used as a single homestead and parcels sold at a later date. 

Many of the locals still grow and prepare their own food including beans, rice, coffee, corn, fruit, vegetables, eggs, cheese, etc. and can provide many products locally. We are also honored to have a small family of sloths who have lived on the land for a number of years and they are a true delight to behold!

Price is $278,000 Please contact us at 

Finca Cascada/Waterfall Ranch

23 hectares of Paradise located in Campo 3, San Vito, Coto Brus! 

The "Upper Southern Zone" of beautiful southern Costa Rica
     Along with he fantastic 65 ft tall waterfall and pool, there is so much here on this working cattle ranch! Such as:
Large Children play area/park, complete with roller skating rink!
Small green house and dog kennel
4 car carport
1 bedroom guest house
4 bedroom original ranch house
Huge work space with office, full bath and commercial kitchen with walk-in cooler
Majestic mountain and ocean views
Existing ranch roads throughout the property leading to large dozed building sites for private homes or sub-division to mini ranches or commercial projects.
Several hectares of wild native habitat for birds and animals
Phone, internet and satelite tv available
Close to schools, markets, churches, police, health care, taxi and bus service
is available for access to the entire country.
Ranch is available in entirety or one of 2 parcels
Prices start at $200,000.00 USD
Possible owner financing available

Please see more information about this and other tropical properties at our small website or contact us at or call 506-2773-5597

Great property in desirable Miravalles ... 28,000 square meters (nearly 7 acres)  forest, views.

Spring on property, lots of privacy. $60,000.

Owner motivated

For Sale, Finca Blue MotMot

For Sale $55,000 Finca Blue MotMot 6 acres of lush countryside near San Vito, Coto Brus, Puntarenas, in the southern zone at 3300 feet elevation. Temperate days, cool nights. Rustic house that can easily be made livable while you build your dream house on one of several building sites. Beautiful views ½ from a pulperia in Santa Cecelia 2 miles from paved road. 2.5 miles from Agua Buena 7 miles to San Vito 1½ hours to the beach ½ hour to Panama Property has a year round spring and seasonal stream Electricity and municipal water on the road (there is even a street light!) Lightly fenced to keep out the neighbors cows and horses. The road ends 300 meters from the house so basically zero traffic. Sale includes the domain name Call Dave 8820-4628, or Rolando 8850-8420


Small Coffee Farm Near Road to Chirripo Mountain

6,351 Square meters (1 1/2 acres) Quinta at Rivas, Pérez Zeledón. USD$90,000

Located 600 meters from the paved road to San Gerardo de Rivas, at Rivas town. Water service from AYA, also water creek and Chirripo river water. Electricity from ICE. The Quinta has Coffee plantation, variety of fruit trees, Cedar trees, gardens and 3 huge rocks.


Quinta en Rivas, Pérez Zeledón. Precio de la Quinta: USD$90,000  Tamaño de la Quinta: 6,351 Metros Cuadrados.

A 600 metros de la Carretera Pavimentada. Agua de Acueductos y Alcantarillado, Agua de Riego de Quebrada, Río Chirripó.

Servicio de Luz Eléctrica. La Quinta tiene Cafetal, variedad de árboles frutales, árboles maderables como el Cedro, jardines y 3 rocas inmensas.

Contacto: Iván Herrera.  Teléfono: (506) 88425254  eMail:


7.25 acre legally titled property with lovely ocean views and panoramic views of a lush green valley located in the mountains above Uvita/Dominical in southern pacific Costa Rica at an altitude of 2230 feet. Ideal cooler than beach climate and only 8 miles to the Coastal highway and nearby beaches of Dominical, Playa Hermosa and Uvita. Property contains hardwoods, pasture, a creek along one corner, a spring, road, electric access and municipal spring water. The view is breathtaking and there is level space for building on both the upper and lower parts of the property. Nearby rental is available if needed during construction period. Price is $128,000 Contact us at

Finca Mango Ridge

Great veiws, close to the beach, cool house with good road, electric and high speed internet.  67 hectares, river with 2 waterfalls and room to grow. Priced to sell.

Please Check us out at;  Thank You!

Working Farm / Ranch for Sale

Beautiful 106 hectares (262 acres) farm near San Antonio de Rio Nuevo.  Lots of privacy ... 6 km on a dirt road from Santa Rosa.  2 cement block houses, 2 corrals, 3 stables. 15 pastures, 2 water systems, several quebradas (streams), Waterfall, Coffee / Bananas / Sugar Cane, Many fruit trees, Elevation between 1200 and 1500 meters (4,000 to 5,000 feet), Can see the Pacific Ocean from the top of the property, 

Currently on property: 45 head of cattle / 15 horses / 6 sheep.  Motivated seller.  $600,000


Titled ocean view lot inside the Finca Ipe community 

Located off of the Finca Ipe access road, this property is easily reached in a two wheel drive car. The lot has a usable topography with an upper plantel that is flat and perfect for building a home. Below the land gradually slopes into a clear cut bowl that would be great for gardening. The views look over the Lagunas ridge into the ocean with sunset views in direct line of sight a couple months of the year. At an elevation of more than 1500ft, the temperatures are cooler than the coastal zone. From the property, the markets and restaurants of Platanillo are less than 5 minutes away. Playa Dominical is about 15 minutes and Nauyacca Waterfall is about 2km below. With water on site and electric 150 meters away  this property is ready for construction. Participate with great neigbours in food security.       $39,000   3,552 sq m

Contact: (506) 2787 0554      88535570     Greg Ewing or Sabine Weber

Organic Chocolate Farm

Winner of 2015 Heirloom Cacao Initiative 

In January of 2015, This Chocolate Farm won the coveted Heirloom Cacao Initiative. This prize designates cacao plantations with exceptional trees and beans endowed with a combination of historic, cultural, botanical, geographical, and most importantly flavor value. here to see Terciopelo Farm Coto Brus, San Vito Perhaps just as important, this Heirloom designation allows the Chocolate Farm (Terciopelo Farm) to market its beans to the best chocolate makers in America. Export beans can command up to four times the price of the local Costa Rican market. Of course, the quality of the beans must be maintained at a high level to engage in export and this is not easy. Last year the Farm Produced 5.5 Tons (907.18 kgs per Ton) of Cacao Beans. Export price was $7.70 per kilo. This year the price will be between $8.00 - $10.00 per kilo. This year they expect to harvest and sell 6 Tons. This Unique farm is located about 10 kilometers (6 miles) from the center of San Vito, then turning off the main highway another 6 kilometers (3 ¾miles) down into a very large valley. The Valley is incredible; there must be at least a 20 mile radial view in every direction. Costa Rica is just so beautiful, views include stunning scenery with mountains in the distance, exquisite cloud formations, distant patchwork-quilt farms dot the countryside accented with grazing animals. This is an awesome place to be and some of the finest country around. We believe the sun shines more in this valley than other mountainous areas nearby, perhaps its because the larger mountain range is so far into the distance, this particular area is not affected by micro climates like other areas. This is a great place to live, life can be so simple, clean air, good water from fresh springs combined with Super Sunshine, the crops and animals flourish. The Altitude is about 1650 feet above sea level, perfect for any type of farming; everything grows here, Fruit and Vegetables, root crops, herbs and spices etc. Strange to see Pine Trees and Bananas together. San Vito and the surrounding area has been known as a Coffee Producing Region. This particular farm has 15 acres of producing Organic Cacao. Another 500 Cacao trees were planted three years ago and are now producing. This year (2015) an additional 1,500 trees were planted. There has also been an ongoing program here to graft high producing, disease resistant, good tasting clones onto existing trees. We are expecting great results. Aside from the Cacao there are nearly 20 Acres of rolling pastures for horses or grazing animals, or the pastures could be reforested with a combination of Native Hardwood Trees or creating a Food Forest! Also included, about 15 Acres of Old Growth or Virgin forest, including some of the Largest Trees seen in years, this old growth is actually set in an Oasis (surrounded by pastures), much of the surrounding farms in this area had been settled as well as deforested years ago, to be used for Coffee Plantations or Cattle. This farm has some of the largest and most precious trees we’ve seen in this highland area. Electricity is provided by Solar panels and an older hydro system installed from the previous owner which, may in fact, need updating, but the solar panels (2kw system) are maintenance free. There is also a small pond where Tilapia could be raised for added sustainability. A concrete country house had 3 bedrooms including a new bathroom and shower with septic tank but all the interior walls have been removed due to termite damage, so as of now there is an open floor plan and currently used for Cacao storage.The cement floor and walls are still in decent condition, new interior walls and a ceiling could be installed and the house would once again be useable. The country Kitchen is separate from the main house, a standard for country living of years ago when they cooked with wood, thus keeping the cooking and smoke away from the sleeping areas, and fires too!. This kitchen as of 2013 is no longer being used as a kitchen the termites had other plans, instead it's a simple open area with a roof used for keeping odds and ends out of the rain. Two structures were built 5 years ago, one being used as a Yoga Studio and the other as a separate living quarters and cabin, both situated on a hill with a gorgeous view of the distant Talamanca Mountains and the Amistad National Park. A very popular river Rio Coto lies about 10 minutes away by foot. also used to Kayak or Rafting. Here is a current list of features offered: 15 Acres of Mature producing Organic Cacao, 3 years ago an additional 500 trees were planted, the largest operation in this area plus another 1,500 this year. Exotic Fruit trees including Durian, Cinnamon, Sancoya, jaboticaba, miracle fruit, pitanga, moringa and neem. Orange grove, producing and mature. One acre of Sugarcane including a Trapiche, which is a manual press, used to extract the natural juice out of the cane. One acre of Organic Coffee Pineapples (over one hundred) Bananas ………many. Hundred’s of trees planted over 8 years ago (a variety of good lumber trees including teak, Melina and Amarillon ) Bamboo Plantation. 15 Acres of real Primary Forest, with an easy walking trail . Medicinal and Ornamental Plants of all type. New Cabin and Yoga Studio. Original Farmhouse with remodeled bathroom. Chocolate-making equipment, including lessons in how to produce your own. (if needed). Old barn which has been used as living quarters and a community center, now in need of remodeling due to termites. Solar and Hydro System. Totally off-grid, remote but with good dirt road access (4x4 only) , remote but not deserted. Nearby River including swimmin’ holes only a half hour by foot or horse. (River Rio Coto) A great team of local labor that knows the farm and are trustworthy. No Theft! ………yes that’s right, previous owners have had minimal problems in the 9 years of ownership. And if you know Costa Rica, you know that is worth its weight in gold! This is a place where it feels as though time has stopped, there are few cars and people get around on horseback, foot or motorcycle. The views are awesome!

Contact: 8820-4628

Opportunity Of A Life Time: Outrageous Property For Sale

The property has 5 different structures that are fully furnished which include 4 bedroom 3 bathroom Immaculate home / with tree filled paths. A private office and restaurant . 4 studio style cabins that have private bedrooms and bathrooms furnished . 8 cabins pool side. Spa/treatment room that has a heated bathtub and serenity style design . Farm area with fruit trees and organic vegetables. The farm area also has three barns, one for horses and goats, the other for chickens and a large pig pen. Located on Rio General. We have several of water sources year round. Perfect for permaculture farming . This makes self sufficient living accessibly everyday. Price negotiable with Owner financing available.

Asking $375,000 Negotiable Contact 86292551,in the US 561-667-8900 or email  

Self Sufficient Costa Rica Countryside Retreat with 55.000$ income!

Enjoy an independent living in Costa Rica´s rural heart of the southern zone. Our 2000 m2 Property is located between Perez Zeledon and Palmar Norte, easily accessible over a lightly traveled, paved road. It is an excellent jumping-off point for all kind of tours, such as mountain hiking, waterfall climbing, rafting or a relaxed day at the beach. The main house offers a spacious and bright ambience with kitchen and large cooking island in the middle of the lower floor. The kitchen is surrounded by a herb garden and a greenhouse. The first floor has a sleeping room, a modern bathroom and an office. The second floor has a big TV room, big master bedroom with elegant bathroom and walk in closet. The guest house has 4 separate studios with bedroom and modern bathroom plus a large breakfast terrace overlooking the mountains. A big salt water pool with outdoor shower, pool terrace and big bamboo rancho offers space to relax and have fun with family and friends. Bananas, pineapples, papaya, lychee, guanabana, oranges, lemon, cashew, water apple, noni and many other fruits grow in the garden. Greens, paprika, tomatoes, cucumbers, and other kinds of vegetables are farmed organically in greenhouses. Garage and parking space under roof for six cars. Entire Construction Surface is around 1100 sqm The property has its own water and solar heating and is situated at a small paved road with telephone, high speed internet, public water and electricity. 1,7 miles to the interamerican highway. The price is a Bargain Price for fast Cash. I got a new aprisal a few Month ago for this property and im motivated to sell it for less of half price what the real value is. Also possible is, a owner financing with a downpayment More information on request.

Grow your own fruit, vegetables, salad, herbs, and organically farmed eggs on an Organic Farm

I offer a unique property of 8 ha located just 35 minutes from San Isidro, P.Z. capital of the Southern Zone! This jewel of land is well maintained and strategically placed in the middle of unspoiled countryside “the end of the world” and is only 10 minutes away from the Interamericana. There is a nice 1 bedroom 1 bath, kitchen Tico home on the property, that can be lived in while constructing another home or project on the property . At an elevation of 500 meters ( 1,760' ) above sea level, the climate is pleasant. The property is bordered by one of the best white water rafting rivers in Costa Rica, the Rio General, with 1000 meters of river front. On the property there are about 3 + areas to build homes, cabins, yoga center, spa ect? There are several kinds of hardwood trees and varieties of medical plants as well as fruit trees. Orange trees mammon chino trees ,bananas, plantains, noni, coconut, lemon trees, avocados, mangos cacao and much more to name. There are well maintained, internal roads to have access with car (4x4) everywhere on the finca The price is a Bargain Cash Price Also possible is, a owner financing with a downpayment More information on request.

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