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Useful & Emergency Information

The main emergency number in Costa Rica is 911.  

This number covers the following emergency institutions:

  • Red Cross

  • Fire Fighters

  • National Emergency Commission

  • National Intoxication Centre

  • Civil Guard

  • Police Patrols

  • Transit Police

  • Judicial Investigation Bureau (Organismo de Investigación Judicial – OIJ)

  • For further information about the 911 service: Click here (in Spanish)



  • Fire Fighters (506) 2771-0333 

  • Health Minstry (506) 2771-3849 

  • OIJ - Judicial Investigation Organization (506) 2771-3449 

  • Transit Police (506) 2771-3313

  • Local Emergency Comite (506) 2772-29-80 ó (506) 8882-71-63 


There are alternative numbers to the 911 service; With the numbers below, the following institutions can be reached directly:

  • Police (Fuerza Pública) Tel: 1117

  • Fire Fighters (Bomberos)  1 Tel: 1118

  • Red Cross (Cruz Roja)Tel: 1128 / 2221 5818

  • Transit Police Tel: 2222 9330 / 800 8726 7486

  • Drug Control PoliceTel: 800 376 4266


Other Useful Numbers In Pérez Zeledón 

  • Hospital Escalante Pradilla (506) 2771-3122, (506) 2785-0700, Info. (506) 2771-0318 

  • Municipalidad de Pérez Zeledón (506) 2771-0390

  • Banco de Costa Rica (B.C.R.) (506) 2770-9996

  • Banco de San José (506) 2770-5373

  • Bancrédito (506) 2771-3961

  • Banco Nacional de Costa Rica (506) 2785-1000

  • COOPEALIANZA R.L. (506) 2771-3557

  • COOPEAGRI R.L. (506) 2771-3455

Are you concerned about your alcohol or drug use or that of someone you love?  Local help is available.  You are not alone ❤️ 
Please feel welcome to join our area AA meetings online via the Zoom platform until such time as we can again meet in person.

(Saturday Uvita meeting is both in person and on Zoom). 

Zoom Meetings 

Dominical Happy Hour AA
Meeting ID: 274 856 5301
Sunday’s at 915am 
Wednesday’s at 11am 
Password =902324

Uvita Promises in Paradise AA
Meeting ID: 692 858 0479
Saturday’s at 10am.
Password = Recovery
(Also in person at Hope House Uvita)

What makes Fer-De-Lance (terciopelo) the most dangerous snake of Costa Rica. By Alex Zúñiga V.

These snakes are the most prolific of all species in Costa Rica, and because of its association with human habitation, many bites occur. Unlike most other snakes they are not shy to human presence.

Fer-de-lance will use sudden reverse direction to defend themselves. As they can camouflage well under forest cover and dead leaves almost perfectly, this species can be extremely aggressive when threatened.

Adult Fer-de-lance are large (up to two meters) with long fangs which may inject from 1 to 6 cc of poison.

Their natural enemy ¨Clelia clelia¨ (black snake). Most people will see snake, regardless of color, panic, and kill the snake. They don’t realize that when they kill the black snake that they are killing the snake which keeps the Fer-de-lance population small.

Here are some prevention tips:

·  Always wear shoes.

·  Watch where you step.

·  Many snakes live in caves or under logs, rocks etc. If you cannot see what´s in there, don’t stick your hand in there.

·  Pay close attention to branches when you try to collect fruit as some snakes like trees.

·  If you are going to be walking where you might see one of these snakes take a friend with you.

·  If you see a snake, LEAVE IT ALONE, do not try to touch it or grab it.

· Keep the surroundings of your house or cabin clear of weeds or anything under which a snake could hide.

What do I do if a snake bites me?

After the initial panic…calm down, reduce physical activity as much as possible, then find the closest phone and call 911 or find someone to do it for you. As soon as possible go to the closest hospital. Do not medicate yourself or try anything like sucking out the poison. For further questions you might send an e-mail here:


The Bus Schedule - Horarios de Buses 

The online bus schedule for Central and South America, Mexico, the Caribbean and the Balearic Islands. The online schedule includes bus, train and boat connections between more then 3200 places for your travel in the following countries. All time tables are also available by cell phone.

From the US Emabssy in Costa Rica

Visit the US Web Site


or contact them at;

(506) 2519-2000 or (506) 2220-3127

From the U.S.: 011-506-2519-2000



We, the Representatives of the People of Costa Rica,

freely elected Members of

the National Constitutional Assembly,

invoking the name of

God and reaffirming our faith in democracy,

decree andenact the following:

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