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Delights & Delicacies

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Colibri's Corner

1st booth as you leave covered parking in back of feria.  

7 am - 3 pm Thursdays

9 am - 1 pm Fridays

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Fresh Bagels & Naughty Apple Fritters and More

Are offered now at Perez Zeledon & Chimirol & Quepos Ferias

place your order here

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Tres Brujas

Tres Brujas

Real Food for Real People Mother Approved

Hi all! Shannon and Skye here from Tres Brujas - Frozen Gourmet Dinners.

As we move forward through these times of uncertainty and deeper solitude, we would love to keep cooking for you. We are working one-on-one with local farmers to ensure we still have access to the best organic produce available to work our kitchen magic, while incorporating a delivery/pick-up plan. We don’t want to add to the clutter of your phone, but as we work on getting our website up and running, this is the easiest way to reach all of you.

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