Furry Friends

Pet Rescue / Veterinarian in Perez

Dr. Milena Elizondo is a guardian angel for our four-legged friends in Perez. She and her staff operate a full-service vet, pet supply and grooming center with a pet rescue/adoption center in the back of the building. Adopted dogs are all spayed/neutered and FREE of charge. They also offer heartworm and flea prevention medications and discounted vaccination packages.

Centro Medico Veterinario Huellas, M-F 9 am-5:30 pm and Sat 9 am-4pm. Tel. 2770 2074 and emergencies 8937 1297.

Baby Nala  Price: Free

Available for pickup anytime in San Agustin or San Isidro  

Hola! My name is Meghan. I just moved to Costa Rica from the states. About a week ago, I mentioned to my Uber driver that I just moved here. We started chatting about my new home and how it would be nice to have a companion. I mentioned that it would be nice to get a puppy. The next day, and to my surprise, he showed up at my house with a beautiful little puppy. It was abrupt but I felt like I couldn’t say no. I took her in and named her Nala. I didn’t expect to get a puppy so soon and realize that I am not quite ready to have one. The Uber driver is not able to take her back so I am trying to find her a new home another way. I’ve had her for almost a week and while I would love to keep her, I know that I need more time to establish myself before I can properly take on the workload and discipline of raising a puppy. I cook for her — organic rice, broccoli, carrots and tuna. She loves it. I don’t have much information about her breed but she does look like a German Shepard mix. She’s very loving and has been great about not going potty in the house. She’s just a baby and I’d like to part with her soon before we both get attached. 

I can be contacted on WhatsApp at +1-760-812-9368


Too Many Goats! Furry Friends / Stuff to Sell

 We have more goats than space, and need to sell some! We have 7 in total, 4 were born in July 2019 (2 male, 2 female), 2 females in milk (2 year old Saanen, 4 year old Toggenburg), and one suspected pregnant (2 year old black and white). They can be sold individually, or as breeding pairs, or groups. They are all in excellent health, located near Tinamaste. Tell me what you would like, and we'll make a deal for you!






Looking for goats with good genetics and raised without GMOs, antibiotics or hormones? Male: 3 years old, he’s a cool guy, the smartest goat and most relaxed goat we’ve ever met! He’s a mix of La Mancha & Sannen. Born polled, muy mansa. Female: 2 years old and a strong mama. She’s had two sets of healthy kids (the last set of twins were both polled) and is ready for the next round. Good milk production. She’s also a mix of La Mancha & Sannen. Located in Cartago Province, approximately 40mins from Cartago center. We’re asking 120,000 colones, negotiable for the pair, a low price in consideration of the fact that you’ll need to arrange transport for them.

For more information: Whatsapp 8550 9046. Thanks!


I need your help. I rescued six puppies.

They were born in a mountain next to my neighborhood. When I rescued them, they were extremely weak and full of flies...

I bought special food for them and washed them. They have successfully recovered and are now very cute...... They are cute indeed.

Two of the puppies have been adopted but there are four remaining.......If you know of someone who loves dogs, I would really appreciate it.... I can keep these babies no longer. We love these pupies and in case they do not find a home, they will have to stay over here in my house...... thanks so much. Ronald.

ceciliano1983@yahoo.com +506 6291 8530



Beautiful, healthy puppies in adoption!

3 months old • vaccinated & dewormed.

They all grew up with their mother in our rescue center, monitored by our vet nurse on site

• very playful • will become larger sized dogs •

Athena, their mother,  is extremely intelligent and socially aware.

All 4 are females • ready to move in their forever home!

FELIZ is the largest.

They are in Rivas, Pérez Zeledón, we can help with organizing transportation to

another part of Costa Rica.

Adoption contact 



Write for photos. 



Pure Golden Retriever puppies

 3 adorable pure Golden Retriever puppies still left for sale !

Please contact 8491-3577 or 8712-4215!






For sale:

Marans roosters from France - the only ones in Costa Rica. Easteregger, dark chocolate brown eggs, slaughter weight 4 - 5 kg. 25,000 colones

Cream Legbar rooster from UK -

a single, only two in Costa Rica, green eggs, slaughter weight 3.5 kg

Easteregger roosters from Germany - blue eggs. Medium in size - 13,000 colones

Paduan (polish chickens), bantams, hens and roosters, many large white eggs - 15,000 colones


Christine: 89779555 or 




We are Charlie’s Angels, a small rescue group in Costa Rica, founded by four ladies, who had one thing in common: an unconditional love for animals.  We met one day whilst volunteering at a dog & cat castration clinic in a small mountain village.

"Charlie's Angels" is a foundation that offers temporary care and residence for abandoned dogs and cats in extreme physical condition or who are victims of abuse.  Ever since we founded Charlie’s Angels back in June 2015, we were able to rescue hundreds of dogs and cats.  

We were able to give them medical care, to find foster homes for them and finally loving forever homes, here in Costa Rica but also in the US and Canada.  We have been organizing castration clinics with lots of love and enthusiasm, where locals can bring their pets to be castrated at a reduced rate.   We are also giving animal care workshops at primary schools.








TANIA CAPPELLUTI   cell +506 83252514   skype: playkula

Kittens looking for a good home
Contact Suzanna and Miguel at: 

This sweet, old guy showed up at the end of August, freshly bathed, without a collar. He appears to be well taken care of (although quite thin) and I imagine and hope that he's got a family looking for him. I'm guessing he's 8-10 years old and about 45-50 pounds. He is SUPER SWEET and cuddly, seems like he's always been allowed on the furniture- he's been spooning with us in bed! He gets along really well with other dogs, but doesn't really pay much attention to them- he seems to be much more of a people-dog than a dog-dog.


He's very low maintenance and sleeps most of the time, but seems quite healthy and he does definitely like to get out and run around and go on adventures. Perfectly behaved and potty trained in the house, and hasn't caused any problems when we left him home alone for a couple hours. Pretty good on leash.


I'm hoping to find his family if he's got someone looking for him, but I'll be heading to the states on September 23rd- so, if I don't find them by then, he'll be needing a new, loving home, or at least someone who'd be willing to foster him until I return at the end of October. I'm sad to say I won't be offering him a permanent home, as much as I'd LOVE to, and I'll be really sad to see him go... Whoever ends up with him is in for a sweet treat.


I'm in the San Juan De Dios Valley, about 15 mins up into the hills from Platanillo and I'm happy to chat with or bring him to anyone that might like to meet him.


I can be reached by email lindsayst.antoine@gmail.com or

by phone/whatsapp at 8727 3215- feel free to share that info.

Beautiful 4 month old Pointer pup for sale 50,000 colones.

"Laura Meza" mezalaurapatricia@gmail.com 7295-0813

We are looking for a good home for our two large dogs asap as we no longer have a yard to keep them in. They are excellent guard dogs, loyal family dogs, and good with children. They are extremely protective and territorial and not good with other animals. We prefer to keep them together as they are best friends but they can go to separate homes.

Female - Kailua is an 8 year old spayed Rottweiler mix. She is super sweet and loving. She is long haired and in great shape.

Male - Hemi is a 10 year old neutered Italian Mastiff. He is a wonderful loving dog. He is in good health but has some hip problems common in larger breeds. He gets around fine and gets a shot from the vet occasionally that really helps.


Please contact:

Keiston 8916-2960 (English/Spanish)

or Tracie email: funfamily5@gmail.com



I am seeking a new permanent or temporary long-term home for my two Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs. Thunder is a 7 year old fixed female. She is affectionate, likes her sleep and is more of the hunter. If I find a caring owner I will leave thunder at this new home. Zimba is 4 yrs old and reddish in color. He is also fixed. He has a small rip in one ear. He is rather independent, but social. He spent a lot of time at the beach. He will stay at home upon command once his home is established. I am seeking more of a temporary longer term home for him. it could be 4-6 months. I will provide his food and his medicine. He currently has heartworm, which is spread by mosquitos, and is on antibiotics for the next few months. It is best he is not in a home with other dogs unless they are taking preventative medicine for heart worm, like Thunder. The two dogs could be together or stay in seperate homes. I leave for USA April 26th and the dogs are currently at my farm close to BriBri. Please email Randy at cristomorpho@gmail.com or text 8343 2274

Adopt my sweet dogs/Furry friends

 Urgently needed a good home for my sweet girls, must return to Canada March 1st. On the left is Roxies and her sister Bella on the right. They are 4 years old, healthy, fixed and so very sweet. Great companions and security for your home. Would prefer to adopt them together but will consider separating them if a must. They are great and easy to walk both on a leash as well. Please call for more details 8344 3930 or cthibault333@yahoo.ca.





were abandoned on the road.

We have been taking care of them, but we have four dogs, and we can´t have more. Please if you a looking a BEST FRIEND, don´t hesitate contact US.


Phone 87138767


For Sale Dorper Male Breeder Sheep
Valued at

C250,000 colones

by sheep breeders
Will negotiate much better price

for good home
Large head and neck, very gentle
Ask for Noe.



Adorable, healthy, playful, loving Siberian Huskies puppies & adults  for sale ... hard to get them to stay still for photos!

Call 2770 2884





Platanillo, San Jose, Costa Rica
My friend James Kruel has 6 baby registered Saarinin goats he needs to sell. There are 5 females and 1 male. well taken care of and very sweet. He would like $200 per goat and would like them to be cared for without possibility of slaughter.

Please pm me with your number if interested. 8877-8203 or 2787-4174  Lily

Prime Saanen Milking Goat For Sale


Healthy 4 yr old, great producer i.e. 3 quarts per day when in full production (she is due to be made pregnant again) Saanen goats are prized for their delicious milk with little ‘goatiness’ We are selling Lucy (sniff sniff) because our caretaker has too much on her plate with a newborn baby to do the milking. Asking $250 firm—she is a great milker in her prime.

2787-0206 or 8718-2403

We are looking for somebody who can give him love, time, exercise and the space he needs (he has never been tied).

The bads: Lupo is very very afraid of thunder and fireworks, sheds a lot and the first days he its going to be pretty sad and probably its going to cry. The goods: He is a magnificent dog, very handsome and imposing; super friendly, good with the children and have a stable temperament. He knows the basic commands, knows where and when pee and poo. Is intelligent, learn quick and its going to watch for his family.

Write David at kapiblucr@gmail.com

10 pure-bread pups (5 male, 5 female) from the best breed of dogs we have ever owned. These amazing dogs are highly intelligent, obedient and loving while also being highly protective of their owners and families. 

Great family dogs!  

10 cachorros puros de Pastor Aleman de lo mejor linea de perros que existe. Estos perros son super amorosos, inteligentes y obedientes y tambien muy protectores de sus duenos.



Gorgeous 1/2 Arab, 1/4 criollo, 1/4 quarter horse gelding, 8 yeras old, GAITED and trained for endurance. Lots of Parelli training including liberty, very soft and light. Super intelligent. $200

A la Venta / For Sale - German Shepard Puppies!!!

Great family dogs!!! Only $250!!

Homeless Puppies

We have a few puppies in the neighbourhood that are homeless. There are still two boys and a girl looking for a new home. They are approximately 2 months and are ready to be delivered free of any charge.  info@planetconservation.com  Office Phone 27701155

Fabulous Endurance Horse

For Sale $2000

Gorgeous 1/2 Arab, 1/4 criollo, 1/4 quarter horse gelding, 8 yeras old, GAITED and trained for endurance. Lots of Parelli training including liberty, very soft and light. Super intelligent.

Contact Linda: caballolinda@gmail.com


Belgian Shepherd Dog (Malinois) puppies for sale.

Born June 10, 2014

3 boys / 5 girls

Call Betsy or Charlie

2771-8217 / 8918-5447


Founded in 2004, DAWG is an all volunteer organization focused on the rescue, care and placement of abandoned animals. We also offer spay and neuter clinics.  We are always in need of volunteers to foster animals and help at our extensive lending library in Uvita.  

Check us out at: www.facebook.com/D.A.W.G.DomesticAnimalWelfareGroup 

to find your new best friend.​