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Furry Friends

Pet Rescue / Veterinarian in Perez

Dr. Milena Elizondo is a guardian angel for our four-legged friends in Perez. She and her staff operate a full-service vet, pet supply and grooming center with a pet rescue/adoption center in the back of the building. Adopted dogs are all spayed/neutered and FREE of charge. They also offer heartworm and flea prevention medications and discounted vaccination packages.

Centro Medico Veterinario Huellas, M-F 9 am-5:30 pm and Sat 9 am-4pm. Tel. 2770 2074 and emergencies 8937 1297.

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 Sweet furry girl up for adoption to a loving family. She's easy-going with other dogs and nice with kids. Has been fixed and is dewormed.
We also have two of her offspring for adoption; only to an absolutely loving and caretaking household.

506 6448 1114


Baby, Mama, Daddy

We have three Kangal/Anatolian shepherd puppies who need homes ASAP. It needs to be noted that they are for large farms and working dog only. They are not good as pets. $500/ each. 2 females and one male left.

Amber Whatsapp: +1 (682) 262-6221 or


This gorgeous pure bred Rottweiler chica is ready for
her new home.

Only 75 mil.

Whatsapp 85325096 or


Purrfect, precious kitties free for loving, forever homes.

Call Miguel 7231 4401

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Whoever adopts Lemon will be the luckiest person as she will bring so much joy and tenderness... Lemon is very special, an exceptional cat for whom we need the best home.

Lemon is 3.5 years old, spayed, and vaccinated. She loves being indoors and uses the litter tray but also enjoys spending time in the outdoors.

She enjoys sleeping in cozy places, preferably purring on a human's lap. We have seen many cuddly cats but Lemon is exceptionally affectionate, smart and so so sweet.

As Lemon has been diagnosed with feline leukaemia, a viral infection, we need a home for her without other cats or cats who have also tested positive for feline leukaemia.

Lemon lives with this disease 3 years now and is doing really well. She does not need any medication or special care. She is just like a regular cat….

We found Lemon as a kitten in March 2018 in a restaurant in San Isidro looking for food - the restaurant owner was going to abandon her in the mountains if we didn't take her.

So Lemon moved in with us at Charlie's Angels Rescue Centre and quickly became the shelter's cuddle cat.

Lemon put up with being the only cat among dozens of dogs and was always very affectionate with all the volunteers who passed through over the years.

But now that we have closed the rescue center, we need to find a new home for our beloved Lemoncita.

Although Lemon has lived with up to 40 dogs, she would be happier if there were only small, friendly dogs in the house.

Please get in touch with us if you want a sweet and purring cat on our lap...

Lemon can't wait to meet you 

ADOPTION CONTACT:  Tania cell: 83252514.  Email:


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Beautiful, healthy, happy Siberian Husky puppies will be ready soon for their forever homes.

Call 2770 2884 for details on their purchase.


Four beautiful, enchanting horses for sale in Tinamastes area. These horses have been trained for Chirripo and were sold due to covid and the mountain closing during that time. They are trained and suitable to ride.

Three females and one male (one of the brown ones). The brown ones like to stick together, as do the white ones so we'd ideally like to sell them in pairs if possible.

We have two nice saddles for 50.000 each and the horses are 600$ each, which is the standard price for horses in the market.

They are all mild-natured and friendly and have brought a lot of magic to our lives.

Contact Lauren Love +506 71332950


WhatsApp Image 2021-05-04 at

Her name is Daisy

She is around 2 years old.

Super super smart.

Excellent with other dogs and kids.

Only downside not good with chickens or ducks.
+506 8704 7533


We are Charlie’s Angels, a small rescue group in Costa Rica, founded by four ladies, who had one thing in common: an unconditional love for animals.  We met one day whilst volunteering at a dog & cat castration clinic in a small mountain village.

"Charlie's Angels" is a foundation that offers temporary care and residence for abandoned dogs and cats in extreme physical condition or who are victims of abuse.  Ever since we founded Charlie’s Angels back in June 2015, we were able to rescue hundreds of dogs and cats.  

We were able to give them medical care, to find foster homes for them and finally loving forever homes, here in Costa Rica but also in the US and Canada.  We have been organizing castration clinics with lots of love and enthusiasm, where locals can bring their pets to be castrated at a reduced rate.   We are also giving animal care workshops at primary schools.




TANIA CAPPELLUTI   cell +506 83252514   skype: playkula

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