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Planning a trip but can't take your dog with you?  Check out Federica's dog boarding home! 

This is a perfect solution for anyone looking for a safe, trusted and loving place you can leave your dog whilst you are traveling. Your dog will receive 24/7 supervision and one-on-one individual playtime.

Federica ran the Charlies Angels shelter for one and a half years and is very knowledgeable when it comes to dog behavior, basic training and first aid.

The dog boarding / daycare is located in Guadalupe de Rivas, a small and quiet village about 20 minutes from San Isidro / PZ. Your dog will live in a comfortable and home-like environment with Federica and her little rescue dog Josie. The property is nestled on a quiet street and has a beautiful, fully fenced garden.  

Fede only accepts a hand-picked number of dogs at a time. Prior vaccinations, deworming and flea and tick prevention are mandatory. 

Please contact Federica via PM for more details, she is happy to answer any questions. 

Rest assured that your furry baby will be in excellent hands!



Whatsapp +44 7379 330498


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We at The Rockologist's offer all phases of authentic stone installation with North American standards of service and craftsmanship. We serve all of Costa Rica, however, we are located in San Isidro, Perez Zeledon, and prefer to work locally.

Please visit our website @ for more comprehensive information and photos. 


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Highly recommend my friend Gabriel from Chimirol, for private rides anywhere in Costa Rica.

 4x4, air conditioning,

Dominical, the Osa, San Jose, reasonable airport pick up or delivery, and much more.

He speaks Spanish, German, English, and Portuguese and is someone you can trust.

Whatsapp  85860689


Cargo Ship at the Port
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Packaging Factory
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Delivery Service
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CR 506-2573-3933  Office CR 506-2573-3912

Ocean Cargo:

Containers: 20 and 40 footers

Bulk Cargo: Vehicles, machinery

RORO: Roll-on roll-off service

LCL: Less than full container load, consolidations

Air Cargo:

Overnight: Direct to Juan Santamaria International Airport (San Jose)

Ground Transportation:

United States: Direct from your home, business or other location

Costa Rica: Delivery to anywhere within Costa Rica.

Panama and Nicaragua Trucking available

Customs Export and Import:

Full Service Worldwide

Legal Services:

Costa Rican corporations

Registration of vehicles and boats


Bonded storage for customs clearances. Long and short-term storage of household goods.



Interpreter services


Check More Here

write us /


Ken Lyle Services


I am a Business Analyst, which means I speak English, Business, and Technology - and my Spanish is pretty good.


I have created múltiple original systems that delivered over a million dollars of business value. Whether you need a website, a custom program, or simply feel that computer process should be easier, contact me for a quick free consultation @

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Proyecto MANDALA


for PRIMARY school children

Small group of 5 students

Painting and Modelling techniques​

QUEBRADAS , 800 mts on calle FUDEBIOL (road to Centro Biológico Quebradas)



Whatsapp 8354 1345


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Brandi Wilcox holds a belief that mind/body/spirit are all interconnected and requires us to approach healing in a holistic way, thus providing us with a deeper and embodied connection to ourselves and our natural world. Holding certifications in Aromatherapy, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, advanced training in Craniosacral therapy for infants, two chair polarity counseling, and somatic trauma resolution, working with Attachment, Developmental, and shock trauma. 

To schedule a session call 506-8849-2286 direct or WhatsApp.



Need social media & multimedia support?

Many people just don't have the time or energy to be online posting and responding to their ads all the time, but do need the exposure, and know most people are on social media. So I offer a bundled monthly service that not only includes posting your ad to 20 - 30 demographically aligned groups 4 times per month (about 134 posts per month or / 34 per week, or your choosing), (Venues can include; special interest Facebook groups, your Facebook business page, twitter, instagram, linkedIn, Pinterest, Soundcloud, YouTube, ), but also to sweeten the deal under the monthly rate, I offer any the following services which you desire:

click here fore more info 


Tim Johnson CMT and Tessa Johnson CMT offer Integrated Bodywork

To help you unwind, de-stress, renew and heal your body and mind with gentle and therapeutic touch. Customizing each session to your special needs, their experience and loving touch guides you using:  

Swedish, Deep Tissue,

Cranio-Sacral, Shiatsu & Thai,

Lymphatic and  Reflexology.

Appointments available upon request for 2 or 4 hand sessions.  8420-6415  8433-2706

Fabulous American hairstylist Lauren Love has 13 years of experience doing hair in the fashion world of Argentina and LA, in top salons in Buenos Aires, San Francisco, and Austin, and now here in Costa Rica. A cutting specialist, she has experience working with all textures and styles and works to create a no maintence wash and wear style that compliments your features and vibe. 20$ for mens cuts 25$ for women. Available in the Chirripo area, Tinamastis, Dominical and is happy to travel to Quepos and Manuel Antonio for groups of 4 or more. Contact: or 71366637. Thank you! 



Trauma healing offered now in Costa Rica. Effective and permanent work that can be done online or in person. It only takes one session. For more information please contact Guillermo by email at or visit




Buy/Sell Bitcoin or

Any other cryptocurrency   

WhatsApp, Telegram or text message to  8888-7500

No voice calls

​Portable Cabins/Structures Yoga Decks / Mini Homes

We just recently finished building a Yoga Deck (Metal frame and posts, wood floor and cieling rafters) at the Flutterby House in Uvita, and are ready for a new project or two. Need some extra space? 

Rental cabin, Office, Guest bedroom?

An excellent way to get on your property with minimum
effort and cost. Quality work and product, various designs and
material options. For more info. and photos, etc. email:

call James 8439-3271, or

Richard 8879-6681. plse leave a message, name and number we will call you back.


Feb 7, 18

We are Charlie’s Angels, a small rescue group in Costa Rica, founded by four ladies, who had one thing in common: an unconditional love for animals.  We met one day whilst volunteering at a dog & cat castration clinic in a small mountain village.

"Charlie's Angels" is a foundation that offers temporary care and residence for abandoned dogs and cats in extreme physical condition or who are victims of abuse.  Ever since we founded Charlie’s Angels back in June 2015, we were able to rescue hundreds of dogs and cats.  

We were able to give them medical care, to find foster homes for them and finally loving forever homes, here in Costa Rica but also in the US and Canada.  We have been organizing castration clinics with lots of love and enthusiasm, where locals can bring their pets to be castrated at a reduced rate.   We are also giving animal care workshops at primary schools.




TANIA CAPPELLUTI   cell +506 83252514   skype: playkula

Horseback Riding Lessons:
Teacher ( Linda Panek )
Flexible hours ( call and make a set date and time) -

$25 if paid weekly -
$95 if paid monthly -
What to wear - long pants ( jeans are preferred ), closed toed shoes, any shirt will do.
 optional attire - hat, sunscreen, bug repellent etc...
Feel free to ask any questions :)
Sincerely Miriam Panek. (for my Mom, Linda)  Linda Panek


Sebastian is offering excavation services (primarily) to the Rivas side of San Isidro. Introductory
sale price of 15,000 Colones/hr + something for transport depending on circumstances. All jobs big and small, 4X4 full size construction
backhoe, excavations, building sites, dig and fill, roads, ditches, agricultural terraces, land clearing, stump removal,  hauling and
lifting, automobile rescue/wrecker service, etc.. Serving Rivas, Miravalles, La Bonita, Canaan, Pueblo nuevo, General Viejo, etc.
ENGLISH SPOKEN, Permaculture certified, agro-ecologist, organic producer, soil conservation specialist etc...
Also offer welding (GREENHOUSES!), chainsaws, and field rototilling. Thanks!
Sebastian: 8407-0394,


 +506 86368484









A special PET SITTER for your babies:

Specializing in helping - Pets that freak out from thunder • Families that see their “pets” as family since your baby gets 2-10+ Massages a day • if sleeping with you is their norm – I’m ok with that since it’s ALL about them feeling as secure as possible •

They receive hours of love & attention each day & helping those that need/demand special attention.

Agricultural Engineer and Permaculture Designer now offering
consulting services, to help your farm reach it´s fullest potential.
Your land, be it big or small, can be a tropical paradise which feeds
you and the wildlife, as well as providing ecosystem services.  I will
help you design a resilient agroecosystem according to your vision, be
it growing food for the family, or planting a commercial crop such as
cacao or coffee.  My team has experience in:

- earth-moving for roads, housesites, ponds, soil conservation earthworks
- construction of greenhouses and other farm infrastructure
- establishing food forests, field crops, kitchen gardens, beautiful
landscaping (edible or not)
- animal systems, a major source of fertilizer!

This is my passion – I live on an agroecological farm with my family,
I have a Masters in Environmental Studies and certificates in organic
agriculture, agroecology and more.  Allow me to apply my experience
and knowledge to creating a better space for you!!

  For more infoplease call 88565519,

e-mail or visit

Storage Space, Offices & Retail Space

In  located on the Inter American Highway, (south of Repunta) approximately 11 kilometers South of San Isidro de El General, Pérez Zeledon

Contact Armería del Sur office) or for more information 

Website and Digital Services

 A website is often the first touch point for many potential clients. I offer website and digital services for those in need of a new site or updates and maintenance to a current site. Zion's new site is now live for an example of my work Services offered: New website development Website updates Content Management Content and copy writing - content optimisation Air BnB copy writing Page descriptions and titles (for Google SEO) User experience and interface best practice advice Google analytics Google SEO basics Terms and conditions of website use

 Phone  +44 78219 34921 OR call 8599-7128

"To be healthy, joyful and full of energy is the natural state of human beings. But we are barely getting up in the morning and need stimulants, we have no energy anymore and we have ailments that we believe are normal to have. Who explains us that our diseases come from our lifestyle and more especially from our diet? That our endless depression comes from our weak glandular system and that is possible to fix with medicinal herbs we have in the backyard and eating huge amounts of minerals in food? That our overweight is only toxins wrapped in fat and diluted in water in view to protect our body, and that if we don't get rid of toxicity, the overweight will always come back? Health is much simpler than we were told. The body is a high technology mechanics that is able to repair itself when we don't interfere with non physiological food and habits. A physiological diet is a very powerful tool to get ones health back on track. Nobody will do it for you, only you can do it. And I am here to show you how to do it. "


Alexandra Prokoudine hygienist practitioner. 

Speaks English, French and Spanish. 

Facebook page in Spanish: La salud en tus manos Regenera!


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 Healing Sessions with Amber

Moblie Bodywork Sessions brought right to you. Amber offers Thai Massage, Deep Tissue,

Relaxation as well as reflexology.

She is known for her Deep Tissue combined with Thai Massage Stretching Techniques.

Amber also offers private or group yoga classes.

For more information you can go right to her website at or Facebook Page: Healing Sessions with Amber.

To Book your Session: contact her directly.




Savvy Spanish speaking American will accompany you while renewing your visa and provide instruction on the specific documents needed and the subtle nuances required to navigate a seamless same day renewal of your travel visa at San Vito and Paso Canoas Panama or Penas Blancas, Nicaragua. I have lived and traveled throughout Central America for over three years and have renewed visas in Panama and Nicaragua many times, most recently, Jan. 10, 2016 You will need: Flight/Bus Itinerary proving you will be leaving host country within 90 days (coming and going), receipt for CR exit tax, proof of income, the acquisition of entrance and exit stamps from Panama, Customs Declarations-(Registro Migratorio)-provided. I can also provide accurate information on bus travel to and from Panama and Nicaragua. Please email your questions and travel plans.



Savvy Spanish Speaking American can provide detailed, accurate instruction on bus travel to all destinations throughout Costa Rica and Nicaragua and to all border crossings. I provide specific and intricate printed maps and information so that transfers are seamless and hassle free. Much time is wasted in Puntarenas and can be entirely avoided if one knows the location of the transfer stations of buses traveling the Pan American Highway to Nicaragua. Note: The border crossing at Penas Blancas Nicaragua has no amenities. There are "Duty Free" stores but absolutely no hotels or other accommodations and the trip must be made during daylight hours as the border crossing closes at night, all lights are extinguished and one is left huddling in the dark in "No Mans Land" as the Immigration Office does not re-open until 6:00 am. I have been travelling by bus throughout Central America for over three years, let me help you plan your adventure.



Savvy Spanish Speaking American will assist you in the purchase of your automobile in Costa Rica. There are many "shiny" lemons; cars that are dumped in Central America after hurricane and flood damage or vehicles that are known to be defective and unscrupulous deceptive techniques employed to deceive the buyer. There are many who represent themselves as "mechanics" who will inspect the vehicle for you then help you broker a deal with the seller, unfortunately in many cases these individuals are in collusion. I am not a certified mechanic but have been building cars and maintaining cars throughout my 60 years and know how to thoroughly inspect a vehicle and do most repairs myself. I am tired of seeing people get ripped off and can connect you with people who were badly scammed and listen to their horror stories. I can also connect you with those whose cars I have fixed. All cars must have a current Riteve Inspection Sticker and Marchamo Sticker and clear title and all systems must be thoroughly inspected by you, the buyer. I will accompany you and assist you in this process. Please contact me for further assistance and rates.


Contact William: (506)-8655-9555

Mountain Lodge

Only 15 minutes out of San Isidro,  in a tranquil forest, we offer hostel style lodging In Rivas, Pérez Zeledón, Gateway to Chirripó, Cloudbridge

Buses every 45 minutes Food service available   Facebook:  Asociación Montaña Verde


Phone: (506) 8301 8916  (506) 8856 5519 (English and Spanish)


Remodeling? Upgrading your house?

If you are planning on remodeling, building, upgrading your house don't hesitate to call. We are here to take care of your house needs.

Southern Construction at your service

Ivan's Computer Services

I'm Iván Herrera from Chimirol de Rivas, offering my IT Services to the PZ area.  This MacBookAir has been successfully refurbished using a new Apple Logic Board (mother board) and a new Apple IO Board (power board).  If you have any problem with your Apple Macintosh, PC Windows, WiFi Router, iPad, iPhone, Android, External Hard Drive or any System, please feel free to contact me. at my mobile phone 8842-5254 or email  

Soy Iván Herrera de Chimirol de Rivas, ofreciendo mis Sercivios de IT en el área de Perez Zeledón.  Esta MacBookAir fue exitosamente reparada usando una Apple Logic Board (tarjeta madre) y una nueva Apple IO Board (tarjeta de poder). Si tiene cualquier problema con Apple Macintosh, PC Windows, Router de WiFi, IPad, IPhone, Android, Disco Duro Externo o cualquier otro sistema, por favor, siéntase libre de llamarme al 8842-5254 o escribirme a

Considering hiking Chirripó National Park?

Climbing Chirripó™ gives you the opportunity to keep enjoying yourself while we make all the necessary arrangements in order to book your ticket to the top!  Feel free to visit our website: and contact us for more information.

¡Pura Vida!

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Shahee's Holistic Massage is his own unique combination of: Swedish massage, Shiatsu, Reiki, Bi-lateral Stimulation, Aroma-therapy and colour therapy. He is new to San Isidro, Costa Rica and has been providing holistic bodywork and natural nutritional guidance in the Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada area since 2001. By blending a Swedish style glide with the traditional shiatsu points, using warm oils and integrating all the various other techniques I will leave you feeling like you are floating on cloud nine! 

Habituate your health & save more money by getting a package of multiple treatments! If you decide to purchase a package of 5, 10 or 15 treatments during your massage, then not only do you get the discount on the package, but also you will get 50% offyour treatment that day!! (Offer valid for the next month so experience my holistic massage now!)

Look forward to seeing you soon! Shahee. Call or Text 506-8883-8993 or email

Speak great conversational English easily and quickly

by learning with me; Shahee!

I am TESL certified English Teacher from Vancouver, Canada. The easily understood accent of Canadian ESL Teachers are known to be helpful and wanted to many new English speakers around the world.  Learning in creative ways makes learning fun and easy! Picture games, Creative writing, Roll playing games, Trips to places, Reading Books & Novels, Reviewing Movies and Other Shows. Beginner and intermediate Levels available. Private / Group Learning. Pura Vida! Shahee. Call or Text 506-8883-8993 or email


*Your guardian angel*

*Energy age history and adjustment*

*Energy level adjustment*

*DNA activation*

*Pineal gland activation*
*Regression hypnosis*

English or Spanish, in person or via Skype

Jesse Blenn

Telephone 8372-4113

Treat your feet for overall wellness naturally

Full treatment in your house, approximately 1 ½ hours

Reflexology Multiple session discounts 

Kris Stockard  8983-2548 

Learn more about reflexology by clicking here.

Acupuncture & Health Consultation

Unique style of Healing. Deep, accurate and authentic. I offer a complete healing approach to your problem. We build together the picture and choose the best tools of healing., Acupuncture, Massage, Energy clearing, Soul-journey, Tai-chi/Qi-gong. Based @ Dominicalito, travels to Las-Tumbas.

Contact: Ophir Biran  8928-6334

San Isidro Self Storage
Store your belongings in a safe and secure environment with rates starting as low as $45.00 per month. Perfect for ex-pats in transition or the small business owner.  Conveniently located just outside of San Isidro de El General and situated on over 5  acres; they can handle all of your storage needs. For more information visit their website  at: 
call (506) 2738-2554 and speak with the bilingual on site Manager.
4x4 Cargo Taxi ... can get anywhere ... speaks some English ... super reliable ... transport to anywhere in Costa Rica   Geiner 8632-5399