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Great Stuff to Buy & Sell

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1.   OZARK TRAIL Hydration Pack Capacity - 2 liters.  2 available,   $44 each  or 25000 colones

2.   3 ultra SDHC UHS-I Card 16 GB each and one UNIREX SD Memory Card 32 GB UHS - 1 ALL 4 for $44.00 or 25000 colones.

3.   Life Straw by VESTERGAARD Personal water filter. Filters up to 264 Gallons. $31  or 18000 colones.

4.   Small army hammock made of strong synthetic fiber but very durable. Can hold up to 250 pounds.  $26  or 15000 colones

5.   Bicycle Lights front and rear. Four different styles. Single packs are $25.00 or 15500. Double packs are $50.00 or 31000 colones.

6. TAZERS FOR SELF DEFENSE. $35  or 20000 colones

7.   Bicycle Gloves, SIX different Pairs from small to Large.  $14 each or  8000 colones. 

8.   Drive ONN Dual Dash Cam 3" Pantalla  $70  or 40000 colones.

    9.   HUMVEE ADVENTURE GEAR Binoculars 12X25 magnification, $44  or 25000 colones.  

    10.  TUMI Emergency Kit $70  or 40000 colones.

    11.  GOLDS GYM XR-6.1 Weight Bench NEW and In Box  $122.00 or 70000 colones. 

    12.  SIRIUS Driving Lamps NS-1155/NS2155 Pair   USED $30.00   or 17000 colones 

    Call or send a message to Victor Silva at WhatsApp 8433-1813 for pictures and more information. 

     Ask me about other items that I have For Sale. I could be at San Isidro Feria this Thursday (february 9, 2023) by The Colibrí's Corner if you would like any of these items. Thank you.


Se vende bambú múltiple común para cerca.

For sale, common multiple bamboo for fencing.

Cel 506 8502 1791



WhatsApp Image 2021-07-13 at 16.30.03.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2021-07-13 at 16.30.03 (1).jpeg

8 700w Peak Generator


In great condition

Runs on gasoline


It has only been used a few times

Asking 500 000 colones  


More information at


+506 83124814  or


Alternative To Big Berkey Gravity Water Filter System For A Fraction of the Price

Glasses of Water

This Alternative Gravity Water Filter System includes a large dome ceramic filter, an activated carbon filter to eliminate chlorine and more, 300 WSM material to eliminate any bacteria, silica sand to help restore PH to neutral if water contains acidic components, zeolite to eliminate heavy metals, mineral sand/stone to release beneficial minerals into the water and adjust the PH to slightly alkaline.

Water Storage Capacity is 14 liters compared with 8.5 liters for Big Berkey. A new Big Berkey system will likely cost between $400 and $600 depending on options, and likely more than $100 additional cost to ship to Costa Rica. New in the box price for this

Alternative Gravity Water Filter System: 45 mil colones.



WhatsApp Image 2022-10-26 at 11.01.17 AM.jpeg

Barely used, very strong. $80. WhatsApp 8532 5096

WhatsApp Image 2021-08-18 at 12.33.39.jpeg
Get One or All
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