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Living & Loving Life in our Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Welcome to many new members!​

It's been wonderful meeting many new visitors to our wonderful part of Paradise and hearing the stories of why people came down here. We are blessed with an amazing and diverse and conscious community here.


Background Information:

The University of Costa Rica’s Medical School, based in San Pedro de Montes de Oca in San Jose, operates a body donor programme under the direction of Dr Marco Zúñiga Montero, MD, Director of the Department of Anatomy.

Ordinarily, potential donors would visit the Medical school to sign their donor agreement.

However, in view of interest in the expat community in Perez Zeledon, two professors are kindly coming to San Isidro on Tuesday 1st of September to enable would be donors to sign their paperwork and avoid the trip to San Jose.

We will be providing full information on our Website by next week.under events. If you wish to proceed with making the legal agreement to donate your body, please send your full name and telephone number to Sheelagh Richards at as soon as possible and by Thursday 27th at the latest to give the University sufficient time to prepare the documentation.


I'm interested in networking with people who are open to discussing a long term plan for utilizing our combined resources in Perez Zeledon. I've got about two years of being in country under my belt, but for the last three years now I've essentially been waylaid in

the States the majority of the year, chipping away at a patchwork of a slightly rustic masterpiece that includes my house and farm during 4 week stints once a year. My property is about 800 meters above Costa Ballena along the main road, not too far from Rancho DiAndrew, if you're familiar with the area. If you've never been to this part of "el campo", it's on the border of Perez Zeledon and The Osa, one of the most stunning locales on the map, not to mention a climate at our altitude that isn't as stifling as the midday heat in Uvita & Dominical during dry season. In addition to my own domain, I have access to other types of housing in the area, including a modern house next door to my lot and a group of cabins on a local land preserve. There are local contractors for construction needs, reliable folks to hire for transportation, prepared meals, translating and interpreting options, English speaking legal support and so on. I'm open to a wide variety of ideas on how to cultivate the situation for spiritual, artistic and fitness oriented retreats, classes and workshops. Or perhaps to use the area as a jump off point for eco-tourists who intend to explore PZ and The Osa. A reliable haven for medical tourists is another angle. Better yet, all of the above. There is so much untapped potential. I have videos on Youtube to share showcasing the variety of housing options and a more in-depth explanation when you get in touch. Many thanks, Mark

This week at the PZ feria at Colibri's Corner, we will have fresh and beautiful organic Bok Choy from Casey & Sebastian's organic gardens.

We are also offering Cashew MultiGrain Sourdough Bread, Gluten Free Organic Rice/Yuca/Corn Bread, Blackberry Cobbler, Nut Brownies (no gluten) and delicious pizzas.

We have Organic Neem Products, Organic Moringa Seeds & Oils & Extracts, Oregano Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil and more.

Pura Vida Blessings to all

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