Enjoying The Stormy Season in our Peaceful Southern Zone of Costa Rica

This beautiful Congo Monkey photo was caught by Wizard Photographer, Jory Freimann, published here with many thanks. Welcome New Subscribers and Pura Vida Blessings to All! We are looking forward to the feria in PZ this week! We are upgrading our website right now ... the real estate properties may not all be available today but please know we are working on it! Continue reading....

Happy New Moon ... Happy Autumn Equinox ... and Happy New Year to Some of us

Something I wanted to share this week after a visit to the US Embassy ... is that if your passport is expiring in the next months or even a year ... it is best to renew it. Some people are not being allowed to fly without 3 or 6 months on their passports remaining ... just something to think about if you are anywhere close to expiration.

Wonderful happenings in our Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Two thousand fifteen is bustling along at a lickity split pace ... certainly hope you are enjoying it to the fullest (and shaking out all your clothes & shoes & sheets & towels etc). We now have a good flow of Moringa Oil and Neem Oil ... two precious and potent gifts from the Universe to augment healing of many kinds. Also Lavender, Oregano, Peppermint and Tea Tree Oils, as well as powerful Reishi & Detox & Female Toner from Awakening Soul. Many of you knew the ever smiling, unique and amazing, Rolf Ruge of Feria Verde and Asociación Amantes De Lo Orgánico - AAMOR. Very sadly, he passed away this week, leaving a splendid legacy of love and Organics in Costa Rica and beyond. We join our con

As the thunder bellows ... in this amazing Southern Zone of Costa Rica

We are celebrating what will probably be the last ChayoteVine in this current format. Si Dios quiere, next week we will be introducing the new and improvedChayotevine ... hopefully with as few glitches as possible in the transition. The Super Full Moon this week was so powerful ... felt like I could "kiss the sky" (thanks Jimi Hendrix!). There are many new additions this week ... in vehicles for sale ... rentals, housesitters, great Real Estate for Sale ... and lots of new Stuff too. Again we request that you us know when you have rented or sold your Vine listing. And remember we now have International Phone Cards again. And as is usually the case ... our fantastic community is offering sev

Enjoying the end of the Rainy Season in ChayotevineLandia

A warm welcome to the many newcomers to our amazing Southern Zone of Costa Rica ... Our good friend Dennis Garber shared a very useful idea for all of us with a passport. On the address page in the front, if you put your email address, it could facilitate a quick and easy way to find you if your passport was found while you are "on the road." Dennis also shared an excellent link to Statement: No scientific consensus on GMO safety, to help counter the vast amount of disinformation jiggling around the various media. Complete info and a 320 page report is here, The annual marchamo (mandatory insurance) which is due by the end of the year, is now online if you would like to see how much you owe

NIA Classes ... John & Ann Bender ... Paradise Lost ... Oregano Oil ... and so much more!

For local folks: my son's technical/environmental colegio is selling tree seedlings at 400 colones each (75 cents). The three species are caoba (big-leaf mahogany), which is listed as endangered, sotacaballo, which is excellent for river and creek borders, and malina, which makes lumber highly resistant to insects, i.e. termites. The name of the school is C.T.P. Ambientalista Isais Retana Arias, locally known as CAIRA. It is located between Pedregoso and Pedregosito, about 5-10 mins. from the center of San Isidro de El General.Here's their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/CTP-Ambientalista-Isaías-Retana-Arias/442409599116310?hc_location=timeline Saturday nite, CBS (from the Unit

Welcome to Pura Vida Connections ... new home of the Chayotevine!

We are very excited to welcome readers to our new Vine ... housed now at our new Pura Vida Connections site. We hope you enjoy it and welcome all comments and suggestions and corrections. It's been a long work of love for myself and my web designer, Adria Brunner, and hopefully it will better serve the needs of our wonderful Southern Zone Community. This morning Wednesday, October 8th the last Full Blood Moon and Eclipse of 2014 here in Costa Rica was again rained out ... and we have a few more months to enjoy the rain and all that it brings. Looking forward to any feedback / corrections / additions you might have. Pura Vida Blessings to all #TheFeriaMarket

May you find shelter from the storms in our Southern Zone Paradise ...

Not sure if it's sunspots or what ... but my internet, which is usually quite chipper, and has been very, very slow and very unreliable for the last few days ... have you felt any difference in yours? Some really wonderful happenings around us, so please visit our Events page and let us know of any events you would like to share on these pages. Some new car listings on our Vehicles page ... Thank you so much for the feedback and suggestions we are receiving ... if we've not gotten back to you yet ... it's from lack of time, this has been a rocking rainy month! Mercury went direct ... no longer in "retrograde" last Saturday ... and from all the stories and incidents I heard, so many of us he

Rainy Season Returns to Shock even the locals in ChayotevineLandia

Loving hearing my Tico neighbors and friends commenting on the very unusual wet times we've been enjoying the last few days ... some oldtimers have said they've never seen this much rain in February ... and there's more to come! We want to welcome Michelle to the feria ... you'll find her up in the front on our side of the feria ... please drop by and see her wonderful new products: Now at the Feria you can enjoy the benefits of having a health center right where you shop. Our team of professionals at AlternativeMedYes have created a menu for you to choose from like health foods and drinks, also our line of cosmetics & beauty products to take advantage of on THURSDAY AND FRIDAYS. We have w

Days of Gratefulness in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica

A while back I shared this video, Grateful: A Love Song to the World and thought it would be the perfect reminder for this week. There has been a beautiful buzz of new energy in our area ... lots of wonderful new families coming in and several new couples with babies ready to be born here. A Tico friend was just over telling me how he had a outdoor dinner and they were attacked by mosquitos ... he brought out his Nature's Veil and no one got bitten! Just got in a new supply in smaller sizes too ... so definitely give it a try if you are ever plagued by bites here. Remember you can pre-order Farm Fresh Hams / Bacon / Pastrami / Italian Sausages / Chickens / Ducks & Rabbits ... remember to do

Bring it on 2015 ... Loving Life in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Warm welcome to the first edition of the Chayotevine for 2015 ... seems like the high winds we've been experiencing lately have blown into our area some very special new friends. We are back to our 'normal' schedule at the PZ Feria ... our hours at Colibri's Corner are 7 to 4 on Thursdays and 8-1:30 on Fridays. Lots of people who come on Fridays for the first time are amazed at the great bargains available. Just a reminder that for some there are property taxes due soon this month ... here's a brief article that could be useful. We will have Neem Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Oregano Oil and some others this week ... yummy Blackberry Vinaigrette and Blackberry Chipotle Sauce, a variety

Summer & Shakin' Southern Costa Rica Style

Certainly hope you've been enjoying the changing seasons here ... so different from where most of us came from. That nearly 3am 6.6 shaker was a great reminder for us to stay prepared ... because anything is possible. Thank you so much for getting your ad submissions in earlier (by Tuesday 10am latest for Wednesday edition of the Chayotevine) ... and please check them and also let us know when they are no longer needed. Another reminder that our feria in PZ has normal hours this week and next .. and Christmas and New Years week, we will be there Monday andTuesday. Our organic veggie friends against the far wall will be coming on Monday of both weeks. We are blessed to have a supply of some o

Welcome sorta Summer to our Southern Zone of Costa Rica

And welcome to our new Readers and Community Friends ... so many spirited visitors and snow birds are back. This transitional time of our seasons is pretty spectacular ... hot mornings and splendid sunsets and enough rain to keep us cool. Back to regular hours at the PZ feria this week ... as well as reaminding you that our feria will be on Monday and Tuesday Christmas & New Year's weeks. Where is the best place to buy deep cycle solar batteries for my solar system??? Jim Cameron <bocajim1@gmail.com> Costa Rica’s blood bank needs donors In Costa Rica, the month of December usually means a low supply of blood at the country’s public hospitals, and this year is no different. On Monday, the Na

In a Cloud in our beautiful Southern Zone of Costa Rica

This is the 'cathedral' in our Central Park of Perez Zeledon ... checking to see when it was renovated. Click here to see some history of PZ. I'm sitting in the middle of a wet cloud as I write this Vine to you ... definitely wanted to welcome so many newcomers finding their way down here. We will have more Mangosteen trees and Yellow Anona and Salvia Divonorum trees this week ... if everything gets delivered. We will also have delicious Pecan Gluten Free goodies ... as well as our yummy Gluten Free Brownies and Blackberry Cobbler. We will be open next Thursday for Thanksgiving until 2:30pm ... If you aren't familiar with magical qualities of Neem ... or you are ... please click here to read

Happy Almost 2015!

What an amazing year 2014 has been ... we lost several wonderful friends ... and many lovely new babies joined us too. Sending you warm blessings for the coming year and deepest gratitude for all the love and support the Chayotevine and Colibri's Corner receives. A quick reminder that the feria will be Monday and Tuesday this week only, December 29th & 30th ... with the next one in Perez Zeledon, the following Thursday and Friday, January 8th & 9th. Hours for Colibri's Corner will be 7 - 4 on Monday and 9 - 1 on Tuesday. Very much appreciate early orders and remember we can ship anywhere in Costa Rica. Also .. we are updating the website all the time now ... especially the events page .. so

Blessing the Variety of Life in Pura Vida Landia

Costa Rica lost a national treasure this week ... one day short of his 69th birthday. Don Alvaro Ugalde Víquez will be mightily missed. Please click here to read more about this man, lovingly known as the "Father of the National Parks of Costa Rica." Looks like we have more wetness ahead ... definitely the time to be dancing in the rain. Please be sure to check our Events page ... we have so much talent & energy & variety here for just about anyone to entertain & amuse & educate themselves. We have lots of delicious chocolates this week at the San Isidro Feria ... as well as Organic Handmade Corn Tortillas, a variety of delicious breads, and our Smoked Trucha (trout) ... growing in populari

Wonder Summertime in ChayotevineLandia

Sure hope you saw the amazing Full Moon last (Tuesday) nite .... it lit the skies for hours with magical energy. As most of you probably know by now ... the Cerro between Cartago and PZ had quite a slide last Thursday, closing direct connections ... check out our Newsworthy page here, for information on the current buses and routes. Wise expats plan to make graceful exits Asking a friend or loved one to take care of one’s funeral arrangements is one way of planning. Why put the burden on someone else? By our own, Kathy Riggle. This week at the PZ feria, we have featured: Organic Fenugreek Seeds German style sauerkraut Gluten free Bread (using organic yucca & corn flours) German Sourdough bre

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