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Super Full Moon Saturday Nite ... in our beloved Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Dancing Mantises

Welcome to our New Readers,

​Does anyone know someone in Costa Rica who raises Nigerian Goats? My friends would drive to any location to buy some so zone doesn't matter. Must be Nigerian type.

Diane Franklin

One of our readers had problems with a Banco Nacional ATM machine claiming it didn't have the cash to give him ... and then deducting it from his account ... he advises always check your account, and I think that is sage advice.

This weeks video: "Help Save the Animals of COSTA RICA~Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary"

There are lots of great events happening this week so please check out our events page as well as new items for sale and some beautiful new listings for sale.

We will have more of the delicious local fresh, fresh trout as well as the smoked trout ... fresh organic rice ... Sourdough Bread & Pepper Bread, Swiss & Goat Cheeses ... Vegan / Gluten Free Cookies ... and much much more. Essential Oils ... Fluoride Free Toothpastes ... Natural Soaps of all kinds.

Pura Vida Blessings to all

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