February means Divine Sunsets in our Southern Zone of Costa Rica

by Joschua Hohenbrink at Finca La Puebla Organic Farm Definitely check out the Events page ... we are rockin' here in the Southern Zone of this wonderful country. And remember to avoid touching the cute furry caterpillars here ... heard 3 stories in the last week of those who came in contact with them. BIG LONG OUCH. There is currently a humongous international campaign attempting to link the Zika virus (same mosquito as Dengue) to babies being born with microcephaly (small & damaged brains). I have done a lot of investigating and will go out on a limb and say this ... definitely attempt to avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes here, there and everywhere. But the research just doesn't link the

Loving Summertime in the Beautiful Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Every day that I see a Blue Morpho feels lucky to me ... so here's a whole bunch of them to enjoy. An organic gardener friend was just reminding me that the very best time to water during these hot, hot days is at sunset ... the water has time to sink in before the morning heat again. A Better Way Health Ministries – Journey of Health have unique products and premium services for Health Minded people. We are pleased to offer you a special “Let’s get acquainted” Health Assessment and Detox Package Deal: First you have an intriguing “Energy Balance” test with a hard-copy report; Second, you then enjoy a relaxing Ionic Foot Bath with Healing Far-Infrared Therapy; and then we Finish with an inv

Somewhere, over the Rainbow in the Mountains of Southern Costa Rica

There will be a fabulous event on December 17th for our wonderful friends at Vida Authenica .. please check our Events page for details. We have tickets at Colibri's Corner and the other locations are listed. We support their wonderful work. 6 acre organic farm for sale with huge biodiversity of fruit and hardwood trees, artist designed house, greenhouses, stream, well, Price reduced to $125,000 USD. Lots of info at https://fincapazyflora.wordpress.com/ I urgently need a new gasket for my refrigerator before Dec 21 (the sooner the better). I am willing to pay anyone who could bring it from the USA, $40 for this service. Kindly contact me to give me a shipping address in the USA at soyeso@gm

BEAUTIFUL Hand Crafted Organic Chocolates are NOW available at Perez Feria on Thurs and Fridays!!!

Dancing Crane Chocolates 12 Different flavors to savor including : Cinnamon Espresso Chocolate with a thin layer of fresh Coconut Ginger Creme´´ Chili Chocolate with a center of Toasted Almond, Toasted Coconut, Vanilla, Cinnamon & Coconut Milk Mint Dark Sea Salted Caramel Milk and Dark Chocolate Madelines with Toasted Coconut Galletta Center Dark Volcanoes with Cinnamon´Creme´ center Coconut Milk Chocolate and more........ I am in #61 in the front of the Feria... Come, Taste...take a few dozen home!!! #TheFeriaMarket

Welcoming 2016 from our Magnificent Southern Zone of Costa Rica

No heading I've sent out in years got so many responses as my "Happy to Say 'Adios' to 2015 from the Glorious Southern Zone of Costa Rica." And the most fun part was I didn't write it correctly to express what I wanted! I adored 2015 ... with all its ups & downs, ins & outs, backwards & forwards, births & passings, & comings & goings. We saw our local community grow with more interesting & amazing people and projects, Sansa began flying down here a few times a week, Ann Bender finally got justice after 3 murder trials, we welcomed the lovely Chimirol Feria on Wednesdays, Vida Autenica and their Tuesday Feria expanded and flourished, and our San Isidro PZ Feria got new signage and more space

Celebrating Peace in our Blessed Southern Zone of Costa Rica

May there be peace on Earth ... and may it begin with me. For the holiday weeks ahead, the PZ feria will be on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, with our Organic Sellers coming on Tuesdays, December 22nd & 29th. This week will be 'normal' on Thursday and Friday, the 17th & 18th. Can't promise will be able to get the Vine out those weeks .. so check the Blog page for any important updates. Remember that schools are out ... bus schedules are sometimes limited ... banks are often closed, so double check before you head out. And definitely stay safe! Also this Thursday evening, the 17th, is the fund raiser for Vida Autenica ... we still have tickets at Colibri's Corner on Thursday for you. Check our Even

Seems like Summer has Graced our Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Hope everyone is enjoying the sunny days and amazing sunsets we've been having. As in most places, near & far, we need to be super smart & keep ourselves & our belongings safe. This weekend saw an increase of robberies ... so please remember to 'trust in God and tie your horses.' We have many, many wonderful activities happening ... please check our Events page to see what you would enjoy. Want to give another shout out for the great coffee and treats at KapiBlu ... it's on the same street as the Post Office .. closer to the park, and opens at 10am. Urban Farm Cafe also offers delicious & nutritious meals .. just down from the stadium. I'm looking for a nylon string guitar, preferably used,

Medicines From The Edge A Tropical Herbal Convergence

For a third year now, this extraordinary gathering will take place in the magnificent foothills of the Arenal Volcano, on the Caribbean Slope of Costa Rica. It will take place from March the 3th to the 6th and it will bring together herbalists, doctors, grandmothers, academics and all enthusiasts of the ‘earth medicine’ from all over Costa Rica and abroad. The intention is to create bridges for the medicine knowledge and experiences to flow and reach out to all of those gathered, with the mission to keep educating practitioners, folk herbalists, ethnobotanical intellectuals, clinical herbalists, granny healers, kitchen witches, biologists, curanderos, botanists, permaculturists, conservatio

Five Planets Lining Up to WoW us in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Resplendent Quetzal (Pharomachrus mocinno) by Todd Gustafson "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke "Lo único necesario para el triunfo del mal es que los hombres buenos no hagan nada." - Edmund Burke We Earthlings have just entered a period of exceptional planetary significance ... 5 planets will be aligned for the next several weeks. It started this morning and will be visible for awhile ... click here and here to learn more. Still time to make reservations for a wonderful Mexican Dinner in Quebradas this Saturday. Please check Events page for details. Ana is a wonderful cook! Music Lessons from La Musicasa ... please check Service

Loving the Aquarian Age in our Blessed Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Close up of Bark Art of a young Kapok Tree by Sally Rose Dolak Surely hope everyone is enjoying our fabulous weather these days. And one more time, let's remember to shake, shake, shake out any bed linens, clothes, towels etc. There's a new Happy Feet schedule & location ... check our Events page. We are so fortunate to have Heather bringing these wonderful dance classes here. Selling 100% organic grass fed beef bones for stock $5.00 a pound, 100% organic grass fed beef ribs for $9.00 a pound, also liver and heart $6.00 a pound. If interested contact Johanna Panek at johannapanek@yahoo.com Matt & Jenn have a great blog, Two Weeks in Costa Rica, and have devoted a lovely blog entry to San Isi

Blood Bank & Hair Donation Day Coming Up

Sunday, January 19th will be the 6th Annual National Blood Bank from 7am in the Auditorium at the Complejo Cultural in downtown San Isidro. The blood banks are in serious need of donations and this is a wonderful way to contribute to the community. One of our own beloved friends, Scott Domanic, is currently in need of blood donations and other help. Click the link for the Scott and Allison Domanic Emergency Fund. Same day, same time, will be the third year for Hair Donations to make wigs for those who have lost their hair from chemotherapy. This wonderful event will be in the Central Park in San Isidro. Article on these events in Spanish, here. #CommunityInfo

Southern Costa Rica Looks up to Heaven to see David Bowie

Eternal gratitude to David Bowie ... last photo of him, taken on his 69th birthday, January 8, 2016 by his wife, Iman, after releasing his 28th Studio Album that day. He left this Earth on January 10th, after battling liver cancer. He invited us to “Look up here, I’m in heaven...” Here he is with Annie Lennox, Under Pressure. Remember, Live Music from 1 - 3:30 Thursdays at Kapi Blu ... or stop in for the best coffee / cappuchinos / expressos in Costa Rica anytime. Selling 100% organic grass fed beef bones for stock $5.00 a pound, 100% organic grass fed beef ribs for $9.00 a pound, also liver and heart $6.00 a pound. If interested contact Johanna Panek at johannapanek@yahoo.com UK documentar

Enjoy the Warmth of the Southern Zone of Costa Rica

This beautiful Hibiscus is by our very own, and very lovely, Beth Sylver Southern Costa Rica Voted The Most Romantic Travel Destination Gasoline prices due to take sharp drop ... that will be a relief! Chirripó reservations can be made online starting in May Chirripó National Park phone line will take reservations for April-May-June, with online reservations to climb Costa Rica's tallest mountain coming in May. First week of March, we will have "Democrats Abroad" here at Colibri's Corner signing people up to vote ... check Events page for more information. Official Guide to Costa Rican Spanish ... some great expressions here. Casita in the woods. Miravalles/La Bonita. 600 sq. ft. fully furni

So much to be grateful for in our Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Fire Throated Hummingbird ​ Welcome New Community Members ... so happy to see so many newcomers to our blessed area. Tonite, Wednesday, November 25th, will embrace a Full Moon, bringing so much more to be grateful for in this holiday season. For any of your want a 'traditional' Thanksgiving Meal ... we have 3 great options here in PZ central ... please check our Events page for details: Kapiblu Bazookas Mangostan Just recently, I was introduced to a new Coffee House / Restaurant in downtown PZ ... and have been enjoying the best Cappuchinos I've ever had in Costa Rica. Kapiblu is run by really lovely folks and offers delicious pastries and other treats. I highly recommend this wonderful new

February is Hot Hot Hot ... in many ways & many days in our Southern Zone of Costa Rica

​Seagull at Playa Dominical ... Jude Agar Photography judeagar@gmail.com Love it ... or not ... Envision 2016 and all that it brings has arrived once again near Uvita. Personally, I've met some amazing souls who have ventured down here because of Envision ... and have heard a fascinating melange of tales. Enjoy the show and as always, trust in God and tie your horses. Last weekend I was enticed to do the Zipline Tour at Hacienda Baru and though totally out of my comfort zone and quite apprehensive ... it was a blast!!!! Costa Rica’s “New Rich” Must Prove Legitimacy Of Their Money Palmar Sur squatters say they're 'ready to die for the land' ... HELP WANTED - CAREGIVERS I am seeking help to pr

Feeling & Sharing Loving, Healing, Energy in our Southern Zone of Costa Rica

​​Resplendent Quetzal ... Noel Ureña ... San Gerardo de Dota Welcoming lots of new Community Members this week as the Green Season gets closer. Another sad loss ... beloved husband of Joyce Weisel, Chan Weisel of Uvita passed away this week. Our hearts are with the many who loved him. I had an amazing & rare experience this week ... I called Ronny the Repairman on Sunday about my smoking & broken washing machine. He said he would be at my house at 8am Monday (a holiday) and arrived at 8am perzactly! This is the second time he has come to my rescue with punctuality & good work. Also works on refrigerators and electric ovens. 8333-1002 We've talked about this Perico Caterpillar before ... here

Exciting happenings in our beautiful Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Remember, next week is Semana Santa and the PZ feria will be Tuesday and Wednesday, March 22nd and 23rd. Please remember to update us with your ads ... if you have any running, please check them out to see if all is just right. Wanted to introduce and thank an amazing organization here ... I Rescue. Please check out their website here and their introductory video here. Enter for a chance to win a 6 Day, 5 Night trip for two to Costa Rica!! No gimmicks...just an awesome trip for you and whoever you want to bring along! Ends March 19th. Click here. Spanish lessons will be starting on the last week of March, once or twice a week at the PZ Feria on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday mornings. A young

Dancing in the Rain in our Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Perez ... Visuales Steven Om HAPPY BIRTHDAY TICO TIMES AT 60, THE TICO TIMES CELEBRATES TRADITION — AND REINVENTION New map shows importance of Central America indigenous communities to forest conservation Costa Rica and The Global Popularity of Reptiles by Carol Vaughn And visit our amazing & local Parque Reptilandia ... between San Isidro and Dominical ...check website here. In Costa Rica, A Vibrant Chocolate Scene Wonderful article featuring three of our local Chocolateers ... Marijuana oil helps Costa Rican child - Costa Rica Report Costa Rica Will Host Major Medical Marijuana Conference Best local weather report I have found (thanks Casey Bahr) Blockage number helping reduce cell thef

Register Now To This Year's Gathering

A reminder to register by March 10th for the 10th Annual Women's Equinox Gathering at Finca Amrta from March 18th-21st. You must also pre-register for the one day event on the 20th. We won't be accepting walk-ins this year, so please register on time if you plan to attend! Don't miss this opportunity to nurture and replenish yourselves while creating deep and lasting connections with other women in our community. Children are welcome! For more info. please see Events page or write to us at: sisterhoodgathering@gmail.com #CommunityInfo

Full Moon Rising on Friday in our Amazing Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Hummer by Felix Leon ATTENTION U.S. CITIZENS LIVING IN OR NEAR PEREZ ZELEDON The U.S. Embassy is holding a Consular Outreach Event for the first time in PZ on Monday, April 25, 2016, 12:30-4PM, at the Best Western Hotel Zima, in San Isidro de El General. Embassy staff will be available to assist you with Passport Renewals, Notarial Services, Social Security card replacements, voter information, and other valuable services and information for American Citizens living in CR. ALL attendees MUST RSVP to ACCSSanJose@state.gov, or call the Warden for PZ at +506.6036.4283 for further information. Some fees for services are required, FREE Town hall Q & A, with cookies and coffee to follow. Don't m

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