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Loving Summertime in the Beautiful Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Every day that I see a Blue Morpho feels lucky to me ... so here's a whole bunch of them to enjoy.

An organic gardener friend was just reminding me that the very best time to water during these hot, hot days is at sunset ... the water has time to sink in before the morning heat again.

A Better Way Health Ministries – Journey of Health have unique products and premium services for Health Minded people. We are pleased to offer you a special “Let’s get acquainted” Health Assessment and Detox Package Deal: First you have an intriguing “Energy Balance” test with a hard-copy report; Second, you then enjoy a relaxing Ionic Foot Bath with Healing Far-Infrared Therapy; and then we Finish with an invigorating Oxygen Therapy; all done in one hour for just $27! We take appointments Mon. – Fri. mornings and some select sundays, call for yours now. The House phone is 2770-1424 and our Cell is 8814-8846. Thanks, Cody and Tonya Dahl.

  • Looking for a guitarist - to play events and jam.

  • Balsar, at the corner school near Osa Mountain Village,

  • saturday, february 13th at 14h00.

  • José Trevino 8728-1185

Remember that Sansa is now traveling between PZ and San Jose, 3 times a week: Tuesdays / Fridays / Sunday mornings. Check schedules here.

The BCR is also the first, since reforms to the banking system were made several years ago, starting on January 19, to allow foreigners in Costa Rica without legal residency to open a bank account in their name.

Selling 100% organic grass fed beef bones for stock $5.00 a pound, 100% organic grass fed beef ribs for $9.00 a pound, also liver and heart $6.00 a pound. If interested contact Johanna Panek at

Ophir, a great acupuncturist and therapist, is offering his unique services from his private clinic near Tinamastes, and at the Tinamastes Feria every Tuesday morning. Check out our Events page for upcoming Event with Ophir.

Healing and arts of living 8928-6334

Professional Tree Pruning or Removals

Do you Want to Learn Climb Trees?

Give Charlie a call and learn about Tree Climbing Tours or any Tree work.

Organic Pure Grade A Maple Syrup now Available at Colibri's Corner

Medium to Dark Amber in color ... ultra super delicious in flavor.

Pre-orders appreciated as we only have a small amount.

We also have now:

  • Manuka honey

  • Salt shaker grinders

  • Frankinsence Oil

  • Ylang Ylang Oil

  • Organic sauerkraut

  • Goat cheeses

  • Swiss Cheese

  • Mozzarelli Cheese

  • Fresh & Smoked Trout

  • Nutritional Yeast

  • Diatomaceous Earth

  • Epson Salts

  • Lavender Oil

  • Moringa Seeds & Leaves

  • Organic Black Strap Molasses

  • International Phone Cards

  • Cactus Juice & other Natural Bug Repellants

  • Dates

  • Costa Rican Macadamias

  • Integral Oats

  • Stevia in Packets & Liquid

For anyone with pain from spots injuries, muscle spasms, fibromyalgia, arthritis, sciatic, please check this link. We are very fortunate to have this high quality Magnesium Oil now available.

We appreciate pre-orders & can ship throughout Costa Rica.

Pura Vida Blessings to all

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