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Welcome to 2017!!!

As we begin this 1 year we are are going to be experiencing and seeing new beginnings.

Although to start the year the planets are wanting to make sure we are one with major releasing and resolving.

Mercury will station direct on Jan.8th, so take your time this week with decisions and tying up loose ends.

Venus is very busy conjucting Pluto and Palles Athene.

The Sun also conjucting Pluto, VERY watery indeed!

In the depths of our consciousness, these planets are still moving. We will experience a lot of inner work in the next few months if we choose to.

This will lead us higher towards the 5th dimension. While enabling us to be and observe the 3rd dimension. Those of us that have been evolving in this direction for "many moons" are feeling an extra surge during the first part of the year, we get a clean up phase about April in case we missed something.

it is likely to be some hard work but we will be rewarded for our sincere efforts.

On Friday when the Sun aligns with pluto we can really go deep and accomplish our aspiration's and ambition's.

The Sabian symbol for this solar/lunar month is " an angel carrying a harp"

Engage your will and desire. Remain vigilant while also pursuing what's fun and enjoyable (your heart's desire).

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Aries- Five of Cups- This card often represents staying focused, what are you focusing on? Extend yourself a bit further intothe unknown and it will pull you into the mystery!

Taurus-Eight of Wands- Stay patient, don't force things. They are moving at just the right pace. A coming change is going to elevate your awareness, which will have you vibrating from the good energy!

Gemini- King of Swords- This is a very forceful energy, don't extend your reach and consider other's feelings. Your clever mind is working well and has your pursuits wrapped with faith!

Cancer- Five of Wands- Don't be afraid of competing. Know that you have something to offer. Fears may still need to be faced, remember cosmic dividends are granted where bravery resides!

Leo- The Tower and Seven of Cups- It is likely that people and ideas you have counted on will change. Keep your cool and focus. You make the first move and the universe will triple your investment!

Virgo- The Sun- This is a great time to experience different things. The Sun is about vitality, freedom,joy and self-expression. For now feel your feelings and your heart will speak volumes of all that is honest and real!

Libra- The Hermit( 2 times in a row this card for you Libra)- Don't be afraid to take time to yourself, you are in a huge spiritual flow right now!

Scorpio- Ten of Swords and Queen of Swords- Be careful where you put your trust and be mindful of others boundaries. Whatever you desire, the universe is giving you the energy to not only manifest it but to feel it all the way, in Scorpio style!

Sagittarius- Judgement- A clear signal for you to slow down, don't jump to conclusions

and give people more chances. Usher in something that is naturally, brilliantly you!

Capricorn- Four of Pentacles- Quit holding on so tight to energies that do not serve you anymore. Look beyond your usual limits and request for the cosmic compass to steer you!

Aquarius- Queen of Wands- This is an uplifting energy, it may involve a light eyed women who is very strong. Keep talking your truth and a landslide you can trust may follow!

Pisces- The Empress- Strong feminine energy, watery, mysterious and sexual! People may be more attracted to you then usual. May you make some magic this week, the Fairy dust is free!!

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