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Nov. 2 to Nov 8

OK, my friends, I really gave it a shot to go look at Donald Trump-Gemini and Hillary R. Clinton-Scorpio. In the midst I found myself walking or wading through some tough dark sticky energy. And it came to me that it doesn't really matter who wins. They are not the answer. You and we are!

We want to transcend and evolve as sovereign beings.

When we are aligned the truth of one, we see that separation is the tool of the oligarchy and how they control the masses.and influence our perceptions, which are being misled to there advantage.

Now is time to clear the misperceptions and raise your conscious.

Step into this moment and ask your divine selves if voting is the right move to make now.Learn to listen and trust your inner voice, this is when and where the grand changes will occur.

The 'status quo" does not serve anymore, not that it ever did! And who knows what the cowboy has in store for us???

I will wager to say that the unknown seems more likely to serve us , because for sure more of the same will doom us as a people and it's planet.

And with that I come to the wacky planet's that seem to be moving us along the evolution path whether we are ready or not!

We have Mercury(the communicator) busy all week semisquare with Neptune, then sextiling Pluto and by Sunday trining Chiron( the wounded healer) and quncunx Uranus.

It is almost as powerful as a retrograde, with Mercury ever reminding us to think before we speak and to be a good listener.

Venus is almost as busy matching up with some of the same planets as Mercury.

For the next 7 days, if we allow our awareness to grow we will begin to know whats next, making decisions and taking action.

Over the weekend Mars and Ceres are in aspect. Watch for conflicts, especially with yourself....Ego-old paradigm, trying to bait your higher self. LOVE WINS

One small note I did come across HRC's planets squaring with J Comey. There will be an interesting outcome, anybody's guess!!!

The Sabian symbols this week are,

"The ground hog looking for his shadow on ground hogs day"

Still working on our shadows and knowing NOW is the time to release anything holding us back.

Solar/Lunar month is "The moon shining across the lake"

We are holding our thoughts and perceptions up to the light to be reconstructed or done a different way.

"A sleigh with no snow"

Our higher power's are watching over us, helping us with what we need to shift into higher vibrations.

With the outer planets strongly aspected and the Nov. full and new moons we can see transformation and intense realizations.

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Aries- Judgement- Don't jump to conclusions or make hasty decisions. Slow down and think things through. Turn lemons into lemonade, make the most of your life, you will discover energies you never knew you had.

Taurus- Four of Wands- Twice you have had this card this month,Are you ready for a more commited relationship?? Don;t hold on to tightly, your ideas are expanding and again I see romance in the picture.....

Gemini- Page of Pentacles- This card is showing you that you have what it takes to change. What do you want to change the most right now? Your soul is counting on you.

Cancer- The Hermit- You are entering a period where success and recognition are within your grasp. Your commitment to someone or something will pay you dividends. Invest your heart, body and soul.

Leo- Eight of Pentacles- Strive for balance, noone can or should work all the time. You have a chance for a new start and to heal the past. Get on the "magic carpet ride and GLIDE!

Virgo- Three of Swords- This card points to deep emotional issues that need to be healed. Get to the bottom of what consumes you. You will be empowered because of it...

Libra- Ten of Cups- This is a happy time card, keep up what you are doing.

Whatever is up in the air will have a positive resolution. You will find a way!

Scorpio- Three of Cups- You may have a happy reunion or at least a celebration with someone. Consider the bigger picture then move forward, the planets are supporting you!

Sagittarius- The Sun- This is a great time to experience different things. Trust what you cannot see but know deep in your gut is there...

Capricorn- Five of Wands- You have something to offer, don't be afraid. Energize what you want and need to change, back it up with plans, you are turning a corner!!

Aquarius- Two of Pentacles- Concentrate on two things well, this is not the time for multi-tasking.Something finishes far better then it started!

Pisces- The Emperor- Forge ahead and do what you know is best. The universe is showing you what needs to change. Follow the feelings, they will lead you home.


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