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Sabian Astrology Tarot


Week of Oct.26 to Nov.2


Oct. 30

Wow, we are already in the last week of October moving into November, happy Halloween and happy birthday to Scorpio!

I would like to say that things are smoothing out in the Cosmo's, however it is looking just has active and intense as its been all year.

We are definitely on "The Magic Carpet Ride"!

Here is how the planets sit for this week,

Sun is in Scorpio

Moon moves through Virgo, Libra, and sits in Scorpio for the New Moon on Sunday

Mercury in Scorpio

Venus and Saturn in Sagittarius

Mars and Pluto in Capricorn

Jupiter in Libra

Uranus in Aries -Rx

Neptune in Pisces-Rx

Just by looking at the planets I can tell you there are a lot of "crazy" energies flying through us. Key planets are Quincuxing and Sextiling and Squaring!

(Contact me if you like to see how your planets line up this year and 2017)

These powerful energies signal a time to stay grounded and dream BIG!

There is friction and tension as well as loving positive and creative frequencies calling us on.

Stay well aware of the "matrix and its illusions".

We will also have the Scorpio moon lined up with Lillith black moon this weekend and that usually pushes us into some "shadow" work, better warned!

The Sun will conjunct with Mercury on the 27th in Scorpio.

If you have been shifting more into your heart to make choices, you can expect some epihany's and mental clarity.

By the 29thVenus meets up with Saturn, another potent source of energies that feel like they are bending time itself! Yey!!!

The New Moon Sabian symbol is, "A beautiful gem of a lake set high in the mountains is revealed in the silvery bathing light of a full moon".

This symbol suggests that what we dream or set as a goal for this new moon will come to some fruition by the full moon.

With so many planets, sun and moon hanging around Scorpio figure this to be a time of Passion, depths, intensity, death/rebirth,transformation and empowerment.

Making for a magical, mystical, and potent " Magic Carpet Ride".

Please be kind and loving to yourself and all of your reflections! What a trip evolving is HaHa..........

Next week I will take a look at the U.S Presidential race reality show! Make sure to check it out.

If you like these reports please make a donation at this PayPal with a note (for Marguerite). Thank you I am very grateful. xo



Aries- Four of Wands- Whatever you are setting up, will have a good foundation, maybe moving to a new house even?? After a long year of digging up the past and healing, you are ready to kick it into gear! Its about going all out or not going at all.

Taurus- The Sun rx- Stay focused on your blessings and have faith in yourself. If you can pull an emotional weed out by the root, chances are it won't grow back. Make it happen!

Gemini- Ace of Pentacles- You likely to be feeling optimistic, and your finances sholud also improve very shortly. Do save for a rainy though. Push your own limits, do not let fear stop you. Change your thinking and you change the whole deal!

Cancer- The Chariot rx- This is about movement, physically and metaphysically. Your purpose and direction are important right now. This is a dynamic time for you. If anything is holding you up, the universe just may take care of that for you!

Leo- Ace of Wands- All lights are green, go for the new beginning. You will discover something new that changes your approach, be mindful. Once your eyes are open there is no erasing. Game changer!

Virgo- Nine of Swords- You may feel justified to feel worried, but please keep in perspective that problems are not permanent. Mars is helping you to get clear with yourself, make sure that what you think you want isgood for you !

Libra- The Fool-This is a great card for your planetary set-up. You may feel the open-hearted energy of a child so look where you are going silly! Expect a new set of desires to support your evolutionary soul quest. Do it for you and everybody wins!

Scorpio- Tower rx and Two of Pentacles- This is a time to stay balanced and roll with changes. Your choice making should be taken very carefully right now, it involves old dynamics coming to an end. Make room for the new!

Sagittarius- Three of Wands- You are doing pretty good, give yourself some credit! A soul graduation takes place for you. You will welcome the new challenges. Make your move!

Capricorn- Seven of Cups- The universe has a lot of choices for you now. Without thinking to much, ask yourself what you do want?? Then follow your instincts, they will light the way!

Aquarius- Five of Swords- You may have mixed feelings about things now, DROP the past it will free you. A new beginning awaits you, one that askes for a total commitment. The next phase is up to you1

Pisces- Page of Pentacles- This is an excellent energy to support you with the work you feel you must do. Even if things start out a bit haywire, they will find away to balance. Trust in Divine timing, when it's right you will know!

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