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Week of September 28 - October 5 2016

New Moon September 30 in Libra

Alrighty then, we have just about made it through one of the most intense energy and planetary alignment months ever.

It may only have been a warm-up in some respects. October will be a bit softer and more balanced, however likely intense as well, we are evolving. Don't you know it, by now!

We have to decide if we are ready to make extraordinary changes and growth. That we definitely have the opportunity to. We can transcend, transform and birth with this new moon in Libra.

It will serve us to by-pass the old paradigm if we choose. Is there someone or something needing forgiveness? Ourselves?

We are being "pushed"through stuff. Pluto finally coming out of retrograde (appearing to move backwards from Earth) tells us don't spend to much time on the why or our stories, but go for the changes, grand or small.

Venus enters Scorpio and we may get in touch with our deepest love, and highest expansion. This can make everything seem sexy! The Universe seems to say be generous, give freely and it will be given back abundantly.

Remember last week we covered the seven faces of intention, creativity, kindness, beauty, expansiveness, receptivity, unlimited abundance and LOVE. We do not have to participate in the collective negativity. Better to observe and remind ourselves of our true divine being we are capable of.

Mars in Capricorn, with Pluto joining will ground any frenetic energies.

Neptune and Venus will also make an alliance with the new moon having us search our true hearts and relationships. Stop judgement that is holding you and others from becoming. On our soul's quest , the opinions of others are not our concern.

As of today Sept. 27 there is a huge coronal hole in the sun releasing solar wind and will hit Earth right up through the weekend. This combined with quasar energies that are coming in can have a great effect in opening heart, throat, and solar plexus centers. You may experience heart palpitations, high pitch ear-ringing and sinus clearing. this can allow you to speak your truth easier.

This truly is a good week to hang out with like-minded souls and spend time and energy in non-judgemental ways with unconditional love and helping one another a priority. And the more time in nature the better! YEY!!!

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Next month the history and use of Sabian Symbol Divination,

very interesting and excitedly spot on.

Intuitive Tarot


Aries- Six of Wands, The Sun Figure out what you have been doing right and celebrate this. Patience will not only be required but always a virtue as you continue to pursue a long-term plan.

Taurus-Seven of Cups-If you have been feeling confused, narrow your focus, look carefully at your plate and choose. Things will start to come together. Communicate clearly to get what you want.

Gemini-The Star-This is a very spiritual card, you may be feeling inspired, GO FOR IT! Let your heart tell your mind what to say and you will find a better way.

Cancer-King of Cups-This is a balanced time or person coming your way soon. Show more of yourself to the world and it will respond generously.

Leo-Queen of Cups-This is a solid loving feminine energy in your court, expect movement. Encourage the inner growth needed to evolve. The clock of opportunity is ticking now.

Virgo-Queen of Wands-Fertile positive energy, new ideas. What are you passionate about? You are up for the challenge and to prevail. Pregnancy or news of possible.

Libra-Ace of Cups-This is an excellent omen concerning love, are you open to discovery? If old tapes are still playing rewrite the lyrics. Everything you need to know is within you.

Scorpio-Nine of Swords, The Hierophant-BREATHE- look closely at what you fear and/or have anxiety about. The right thing to do is what is right for you and you are gong to make damn sure to get it right versus the famous path of repeat.

Sagittarius-King of Swords- This is a very forceful energy or person, do not over-extend your reach. Put concentrated effort in something that will take you to the next realm.

Capricorn-Nine of Cups-The wish card! Good things you had not counted on may be coming your way now. What you have been wrestling with , should ease-up leaving space for ?????

Aquarius-Eight of Swords- Don't hold yourself back because of past fears. Time spent in meditation and quiet will be helpful. Let your vision of the future expand.

Pisces-Seven of Wands- Face your fears and turn them to your advantage. It is time to make changes and choices that will impact your soul long term.

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