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September 21-28 2016

Solar/lunar year- Magic Carpet Ride (humanity re-uniting-transcending difficulties)

Hey do you think our carpet's have seat-belts! This week is Fall equinox, Thursday 9/22 , this is a HUGE portal. When the veil's between the world's are the thinnest.

This has been a powerful month with, 2 1/2 eclipses, the planets making all kinds of music and racket and even 2 new moon's.

These Eclipse and Equinox energies will be with us for at least the next 6 months.

They have an impact on raising our consciousness individually, which will effect the collective conscious as well.

The N. American elections show us a hint of the illusions and insanity we are confronting.

In order to really accept that the "old paradigm" is not the direction Gaia and her inhabitants should be taking.

We need to challenge and release all of our old beliefs and the lies we have been fed.

Do we want to stay with the "status quo"?

Or can we trust a new path, where we focus our intentions individually and as a whole on Creativity, Kindness, Beauty, Expansion, Unlimited abundance, and of course Love?

If we can "come from" these intentions and show ourselves and others that our sovereignty and being in higher levels of energy, will aid humanity in untold ways.

Mercury is "standing still" in Virgo although going direct. Whew! Mercury will trine Pluto Rx on Friday for the second time. We can transform our passions at this time.

The Sun and Jupiter are in Libra and adjunct for the equinox. This will help us to expand the light above and below, within and without. We can discern what choices take us forward and which put us in reverse.

Then we have "UGH" Uranus and Eris exactly aligned on Sunday, this can bring major breakthroughs. Eris has strong feminine energy, she will help us to set the course of our soul's intentions.

Those of us who have been watching the global stage for sometime may feel a bit more rebellious.

One more note on PlutoRx she will go direct Monday 9/26, we can thank her for the deep and dark work we have walked through these past months!

Can't forget Venus has she slinks into Scorpio, if you have a Scorpio attraction at this time look out, because few can resist their energy!!!

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Aries- The Fool- New beginnings, fresh starts that have a deeper spiritual meaning. This week is far from staying in the "status quo". Energize a dream and prepare for potential life changes.

Taurus-The Moon- this is a very spiritual time and a great time to get a reading or other intuitive input. Your life may be ready to take off with some serious speed.The bigger the moon the bigger the Boom!!!

Gemini- Knight of Swords- All 3 legs of the triad, body, mind, and spirit are at a peak right now, be at peace. Encourage the shift in your life and you will love where you land.

Cancer- Wheel of Fortune- Change is upon you, this is a very karmic time. Do you have a desire to do something different? Move beyond a block? Use dynamite if you must, but get through it,You will be oh so grateful!

Leo- Eight of Cups- You may choose to leave a situation that is no longer working for you. Remember there is a reason for everything and that shall be revealed in vivid living color!

Virgo- Nine of Pentacles- Enjoy this good Energy, share your wealth and happiness with others. Find your center, move from that place, and love will follow.

Libra- Six of Swords- Think about where you want to be. Some answers that have eluded you will come now. Speak honestly and openly, someone's response may stop you in your tracks. (in a good way)

Scorpio-Queen of Swords- This could literally be a strong woman, be open to what she has to say. Be open to messages from spirit everyday.You have the energy you need, keep your fire lit, as it shows you the way. (clearly)

Sagittarius- Page of Cups- Don't take yourself so serious, lighten up and let your child out to play. Tune into your own vibes. This will give you the courage to go for the "summit"!

Capricorn- King of Cups- This could be a kind and loving man, this energy represents compassion. Nurture yourself and others. Let this week shift you, your life will positively follow suit!

Aquarius- Five of Cups- What are you focused on? Don't cry over spilled milk, concentrate on the rest of the pitcher. Forgive for your sake. Tell it like it is, but be mindful of your words, something positive is bound to come from it.

Pisces- Judgement- This is a real good time for spiritual practices and growth. be open to new ideas and experiences. You may be solidifying a finicial deal or long term profit, a birds eye view is essential.

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