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This Week's Astrology & Tarot

September 14-21 2016

Full moon in Pisces Sept. 16 11:05 am central time

If you can remember where you were and what your doing in 1997, ( Princess Diana's death). Much of the planetary alignment is set up the same. Are you experiencing a significant shift in energy?

We are being spirited along the Ascension path and I don't mean "The Ascension"

This is a journey, not a blast into a higher dimension on a spaceship(well maybe for some) but not for the most of us.

We have to clear our energy fields and know our divinity. Its like we are driven by our souls, no matter we have to go with it.

The Sabian symbol for the solar lunar month is still "2 heads looking out beyond the shadows".

Certainly seems to mean we get a second opportunity to release our egoic conditioning that holds us back from living in the present.

With Chiron "the wounded healer" being activated daily by a number of different planets, it may bring up for us what we would rather keep hidden. Please get still or get charged up but get through to the peace it will benefit you and the collective as well.

This is still a important time for mind-body awareness practices. Check out Beth's Yoga classes and visit Colbri's Corner for essential oil's, tinctures and other goodies.

The Venus energies kinda push us into the moment. As Jupiter in Libra reminds us to go with flow and sink into it. Jupiter also is very about "relationships" all kinds. Collaboration and connection, NO limits, we can reflect on and perfect our relationships. We all mirror sacred love.

Every thought can poison or sweeten the collective conscious, what will you choose?

As we clear out and come to the Equinox on the 22nd and Mercury going direct same time. We can gear up for expansion and the power of intention. more on this next week.

Intuitive Tarot


In honour of Jupiter staring a new year in Libra I choose to focus on relationships for pulling the Tarot. Interestingly I did not pull any swords meaning to me,

We cannot wage war to create peace, enjoy this week's Tarot!

Aries- Ten of Pentacles-You have the key to Treasure chest(even if you don't know it).I cannot think of a better time to take on something that you never felt brave enough before.

Taurus- Ace of Pentacles- look for unexpected income...Something or someone may be trying to get your attention. You may need to think fast, in some cases you might not get to think at all!

Gemini- Chariot- Move forward with what ever you have in mind and heart.

It's about dealing with whats real to you and letting the chips fall where they may.

Cancer- Death and Page of Wands- The more accepting you can be of change right now the better. Stay focused, work on your inner process, this will open gateways. When you make this shift, breakthroughs and love will find their way to you.

Leo- Three of Pentacles- You are being very "noticed', by the quality of what you do... You will have the gift of Gab, helping you to harmonize with others.

Virgo- Moon- this card figures for the lunar eclipse Virgo! Do not force things before they are ready. Take a break if you need to.

Get clear about what you want so you can move forward with a clear signal.

Libra- Tower and Temperance- Old situations will be brought to light be patient and let the old go. Aim high, with Jupiter and Venus in Libra you can BE the Law of Attraction, Injoy!

Scorpio- Magician- This is a great time to get out and meet like-minded people.

Have faith in yourself and you will succeed. There will be no avoiding what needs tending to, and know the rewards are well worth it.

Sagittarius- Nine of Cups- What you are wanting in life is likely to come into being. Your efforts will go impressively far, so continue extending your self and the outcome will be awesome!

Capricorn- Five of Wands- This card often refers to competition. You have something to offer. By stepping out of the emotion that has you captive, you will gain the knowledge and vision for the next step.

Aquarius- Six of Wands- You will find something better then you dared hope.

Keep your options open and watch what flies under the radar!

Pisces-Queen of Wands- This may come in the form of a women,(metaphorically and literally). Your soul will feel a deep truth that will allow you to evolve beautifully.

I hope everyone is enjoying these reports. For a private reading contact me please at:

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Big hugs and I will be back next week as we trudge and dance our way along!

This is a last minute treat<3

Anthony de Mello's One minute Wisdom

Why is everyone here so happy except me?

" Because they have learned to see goodness and beauty everywhere, said the Master"

Why don't I see goodness and beauty everywhere?

" Because you cannot see outside of you what you fail to see inside.

Peace out, Marguerite

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