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Listening to the Thunder Roaring in our Fabulous Southern Zone of Costa Rica

​Pineapple Flower by Jonathan & Tom Knobel

As this year scampers so quickly by ... our piece of paradise has been attracting more & more incredible people ... seems like many are fleeing North America for reasons of which we all are aware.

If you know of any rentals in the area ... it seems there is a shortage of all types right now ... so please let us know of anything as there are several wanting to be here and not there.

Please continue to keep your ads with us up-to-date ... best for all concerned!

We are open at Colibri's Corner on Thursdays 'til 8pm now ... and Fridays from 9 til 1pm.

Expats in Costa Rica happiest in the world, says new poll

No need to take an ID copy for administrative processes anymore!

Best UFO Photo in the World Taken at Arenal, Costa Rica 45 Yrs Ago

MEET THE BORUCA PEOPLE OF COSTA RICA: The only indigenous people never conquered by the Spanish.

Snow in Costa Rica? Indeed ... just up the road on the Cerro de la Muerte (in Spanish with photos)

Weekly Astrology with Marguerite

For road closures (of which there have been several lately) ... check this site.

"martial art teachers needed - we are looking for you

passionate soul who breath the karma and chi of life

To teach our son the art of your martial art

If you think and feel that this is your call- please let us know

And send us an email to

English and math teacher needed for 8 years boy

For home schooling enviroment - contact and cv in