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Welcoming September to our Magnificent Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Adrián Mora Sibaja Dreamy

Welcome New Chayotevine Community Members ... and blessings always to longtime readers!


Worm compost with Efficient Microorganisms from EARTH University. Contains the photo tropic stock rhodopseudomonas palustris (eliminates toxins from the soil and reverts pathogenous bacterias) therefore helping to eliminate flies and mosquitoes. Over one year of curing ¢5,000 for a 100 kg bag Delivered to San Isidro area for a minimum of 20 bags Contact Chema: 8387-8229 or write to

Beautiful 4 month old Pointer pup for sale --- just 50,000 colones. Laura Meza <> 7295-0813 (see Furry Friends for photo)

FOR SALE: Bulldog babies ... call Wander 62155833

Tim & Tessa & Tula are looking for a forever home for Lola ... call 8433-2706 for photos and info

Saturday, September 2nd, 9 to 1 Adoption Day for dogs & cats at Mama Toucan's ... see Events page for details.

We are profoundly pleased and proud to now offer by pre-order a new power packed SUPER FOOD. Very vegan and wholly healthy and healing. . . An amazing alternative to traditional dairy yogurt- COSTACOCO yogurt and kefir . . . 100% whole food organic and local coconut ferments... available in various varieties in both yogurt and kefir:



Extra sweet

High fat

with Specialty requests welcomed.

Perfect for paleo , vegan, gaps , and ketogenic diets.

Made with an incredibly potent and super alive probiotic culture including but not limited to 5 lactobacillus and 2 bifida strains.

Our product is made by a mother and daughter team dedicated to bringing you a SUPERnatural and organic creation that contains no strange additives, hidden ingredients or stabilizers. . . So much that our classic coconut yogurt is 100 pure cultured coconut. . . No more no less.

By order only: Write or call 8696-4056

Two Homes and Five Titled Lots on Lovely Mountain Ridge Property

So happy to welcome new advertisers from the lovely, Vistas de Chirripo.

Lot B-1 at Vistas de Chirripo Country Estates, Santa Elena de General Viejo, P.Z.

Vistas de Chirripo Country Estates,, borders on the Rio Penas Blancas, the Las Nubes Nature Preserve, and Chirripo National Park, and is home to York University's eco-campus for environmental studies as well as 37 residential acreages, with 12 still available for home construction. Lot B-1 is one of our available lots, featuring a large, stable plantel on 12,817 square meters of land and beautiful vistas of the huge Valle General below and the rainforested peaks of the Talamanca mountains above. The lot comes fully serviced, with electricity, fresh mountain spring water piped to the building site, a very good 2 wheel drive road, an entrance gate, and internet availability. Lot B-1 shares the amenities of our large common preserve, including a fully-equipped rancho facility, a casita available for your use during your building process or for your guests, a fruit orchard, and nature trails to and along the Rio Penas Blancas. The price for this beautiful acreage in an established community of acreage-sized homes is only $65,000. Contact us through our web-site,, or by email to to arrange a visit. 506-8879-7542 See photos