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The Smiling Fork Farm-to-Table Growing Apprenticeship, by Wendy Crews

If you say YES to any or all of these questions, then this apprenticeship program was designed with you in mind! …

Are you tired of feeling disconnected from your food and medicine?

Are you tired of dreaming of learning self-sufficiency skills, but not doing it?

Do you see yourself walking the talk, stepping up, practicing radical self-care by growing some food herbs or medicine?

Do you like to grow a few things but now are ready to upgrade?

What if you could eat salad from your patio? Or cut fresh culinary herbs out your back door to share with your neighbors?

Do you already have an idea or plan for what you want, but don't want to spend hours surfing to learn everything right now?

Want your own homesteading coach?

Are you short on experience and have a mission to grow your own food?

Would you like a comprehensive course covering some basic farming methods?

Good news! Wendy Crews is here to serve her purpose with the Smiling Fork Farm-to-Table Growing Apprenticeship.

Wendy will inspire you to imagine and implement easy productive food growing methods for maintenance & management, and present simple adaptable steps to experiencing connectedness, wholeness, radical self-care, and environment care. Be the change. You are the solution. Growing food is one of the most primal spiritual practices.

You and everyone with a windowsill can have an experience with plants. Scientific evidence of healing. The healing power of plants. This is a step for self-care.

In this 12-week apprenticeship experience, you will gain:

Multiple growing styles and farming skills instruction

Homesteaders wisdom

Learning self-sufficiency and preparedness skills

Understanding of food security and how to create a stocked pantry

Connection, centeredness, groundedness, belonging to creation, healing, clearing, resetting through growing.

Members receive both class and personal mentoring for customizing individual projects.

12 modules include:

Deep Mulch

Square foot


Orchard/Food Forest

Homemade Pesticide/Fungicide/Fertilizer/ EM and MM

Pruning /Grafting/ One Stem Tomatoes

Seed Saving/ Anastasia Planting Wisdom / Perelandra

Root Cellars/ Ice House/ Thermal Mass in the Garden

Compost/ Vermiculture

Bio Toilet

Healing Garden; Small zone one garden design that's adaptable. This food growing system works everywhere, in tiny yards or community gardens

Dowsing/ Muscle Testing


Wednesdays from 5:00-6:00 pm Mountain Standard / Costa Rica time

Smiling Fork Farm-to-Table Growing Apprenticeship FREE Info Session

Wednesday, September 21 · 5:00pm MST/CR time

Google Meet joining info

Live video class with ancient teachings, immersive activities, and sharing with your peers

Access to class recordings in case you have to miss a week or would like to watch the replay

Program Structure:

Standard Package – 150 NaCo or $399

12 Weeks of 1-hour Weekly Group Teachings with Q&A on that week’s theme

2 private mentoring calls to dive deeper into your favorite topics

Private telegram support group

Receive custom-created PDF resources around our topics each week

VIP Package – 222 NaCo or $599

Standard package + Weekly 30-minute Private coaching calls

Come Wednesday, Sept 21st, 5pm to meet Wendy and her gifts, Learn what the Apprenticeship offers.

Register by Sept. 22nd at midnight by sending 150NaCo to



Contact Wendy Crews:

Costa Rica +506 8915 2461


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