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Lauren Love: Passionate About Being at the Service of Women

Lauren Love is a woman who arrived in Costa Rica, pregnant, more than seven years ago, from the United States, and fell in love with the natural beauty of the Central American nation, which motivated her to stay permanently in this charming country.

She is currently dedicated to teaching Costa Rican women on how to prepare physically and psychologically for their maternity process, as well as teaching natural contraceptive methods.

Natural Childbirth is a Sacred Moment of Union between a Woman and Mother Earth

Throughout these years that Lauren has resided in Costa Rica, she has prepared various women in their natural childbirth process by teaching them how to empower themselves, let go of fear, and fully surrender to the power and pleasure available to us in birth. That is why Lauren is passionate about being at the service of women, holding sacred space for them to birth in pleasure, peace, and power.


She awakened to the fact that she must share how women can be empowered to practice natural birth control so that they can be truly free, truly healthy, and truly the most authentic expression of themselves in the world.

With over 9 years practicing these natural methods, Lauren became deeply passionate about sharing these powerful keys to freedom and in making this path both easy to understand and easy to practice in real life.

Her course, The Goddess Guide to Natural Birth Control is available in her Zoom workshops for people all over the world and in women’s circles here locally in Costa Rica with an online course being released soon.



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