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The Benefits of Burning Pure Beeswax Honey Candles

Beeswax is the purest and most natural of all waxes, with the least amount of processing and no additives.

Organic Ingredient

Beeswax is a renewable resource that is extracted directly from the hive, as opposed to other ingredients such as paraffin, which is a sub-product of the petroleum that is scraped from the bottom of crude oil barrels.

Good for Your Body

Beeswax candles are healthier than other candles because they do not release any toxic sub-products when they burn.

Once burned, beeswax produces negative ions that clean the air and work as a natural vacuum by catching dust and other contaminants in the air.

This is how beeswax honey candles can be therapeutic: people with asthma or allergies can feel better with the simple act of lighting one candle. Burning a pure beeswax honey right before going to bed makes it easier to breathe and sleep.

Therefore, it is not strange for more and more pulmonologists to recommend beeswax honey candles rather than regular wax candles, especially for asthmatics. The German Foundation of Pulmonologists warns against inhaling the smoke from paraffin candles.

Fresh and Sweet Fragrance

It is not necessary to use artificial products to obtain a good scent. The beeswax candles give off the fresh and sweet fragrance of natural honey.

Artificially scented candles are bad for your health because they diffuse dangerous chemicals like formaldehyde.

Spiritual Connection

The simple act of lighting a candle has a relaxing effect that releases stress and sets the mood for meditation.

The light from a beeswax candle evokes a natural ambiance of warmth. It is good for the body and the soul and it has a simple, sweet scent of serenity.

Considering that it takes approximately 33 million flowers to produce one kilogram of beeswax, lighting a beeswax candle makes us appreciate the beauty of this product and allows us to make a strong spiritual connection with nature.

Long Lasting

The beeswax has a high melting point which results in a significantly longer burn time and drip very little, if any at all.

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