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Sharing Insights Podcast: Exploring Permaculture, Homesteads, & Community in Costa Rica

Jason Bliss has launched a new podcast where he's been interviewing landowners around Costa Rica! He's already got the first interviews live with Suzanna Leff of Finca Amrita, Ed Bernhardt of The New Dawn Center, & Justin Dolan of St Michael's Permaculture Country Club.

If you like hearing stories about soil building, bio-ferments, natural building, volunteer programs, or designing communities, check out the Sharing Insights Podcast to get your fill. You can find the podcast at or search for it wherever you do podcasts. Future guests include Peter Kring, Ancel Mitchel, Terry Newton, Meghan Casey, Esteban Acosta, Aly Kahn & Alnoor Ladha, Nico Botefur, and Lynx Guimond.

Make sure to subscribe to the podcast to catch insights from these and an array of other pioneers in the back-to-the-land movement. around the country. -------------------------- Do you own land in Costa Rica, host guests, and have a unique educational, experiential, or outreach driven element to your program? If you think you might be a good fit for the show, you're welcome to fill out the application at Mention Pura Vida Connections, when you do!



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