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He will be signing books tomorrow morning at the Colibri's Corner

Great artist, writer and amazing man at Colibri's Corner
Gerardo Selva Godoy

Gerardo Selva Godoy arrived at the General Valley in 1976 with a B.A. in Art and Design from the Ravensbourne College of Art and Design, England majored in Ceramics. Later he got his M.A. in Glass Blowing from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

He has been an active artist involved in Theater as a teacher of Escuela del Valle, the private bilingual school of Perez Zeledon, he has been Director of Culture of the Ministry of Culture, filmmaker, singer-songwriter, potter. For many years he wrote scripts for plays and movies.

Five years ago he started to write fiction narratives and this year he published six short stories under the name of LICANTROPÍA, a little dark, a little troublesome, a little erotic, a little horrific.

Now he brings us Cuatro Mil Días y Veinte Segundos, his first novel, the story is about abandonment, it tells the tale of a group of high-end children economically and politically but in a state of loneliness, during the course of the story, they come across another group of low-end children, abandoned in the streets. The way, the reasons why these children meet, and the consequences of their encounter are the essence of the plot.

Amazing Gerardo Selva will be signing books tomorrow morning a the Colibri's Corner.



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