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Rewild your body, rewire your mind, and rejuvenate your spirit!

Ready for a little break from domesticated jungle life? You're invited to shake off your shackles, activate your great ape nature, and experience radical healthy living at its finest. Join Zander Hathaway and two super special guests, primal movement/play leader Jordy “Tarzan” Vink, and raw vegan chef Liana Elizabeth, March 24 - 30 -- six nights at the enchanting Florestral Forest Community. Walk barefoot, crawl, climb, sunbathe, swim in the Diamante River, explore epic waterfalls, tune your senses to the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and textures of the jungle. We’ll serve an abundance of tropical fruits, fresh coconuts, simple-gourmet raw foods, and forage a variety of exotic fruits on site. Beyond the daily movement classes, enjoy opportunities to learn about our fellow apes, wild foraging, non-verbal communication, raw nutrition, regenerative detoxification, and permaculture as a means to restoring our ancestral habitat. This is a substance-free, family-friendly, platonic, and respectful clothing-optional event. All activities are optional, so you’ll have plenty of time to simply follow your bliss.

Relax with comfortable accommodations in cabins with nice beds, screened windows, composting toilets, and hot showers. No need to go all-out ape and build yourself a tree nest… but hey, feel free! There are plenty of beautiful sites where you can set up your tent if you prefer to sleep even closer to nature. Reserve your spot today at



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