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Nourish Radiance With Whole Plant Foods

The Aston family is hosting an inspiring workshop and meal featuring the REAL PURA VIDA COMIDA, a new and super-healthy Costa Rican cuisine with focus on fresh, whole, plant foods in delicious, easy-to-prepare raw and minimally cooked recipes developed and taught by world top plant-based chef (and 17 year Costa Rican resident farmer), Eric Rivkin. Whole fresh foods of Costa Rica transform into delicious works of art and wholesome nutrition. Inspire yourself to provide the most vibrant nutrition possible!

Free of animal products, dairy, gluten, refined sugar, food additives, bad fats, or cholesterol!


Pejibaye Ryce Nori Rolls 💚 Tamarind Chutney 💚 Chipotle Jackfruit Romaine Wraps Steamed Beetza & Coconut Cheeze Spread 💚 Orange Ginger Nice Cream Parfait with Triple Chocolate Mousse

Saturday, Sept. 17, 11 am-2 pm, home of Tasha & Mark Aston, La Palma, 10 min. from San Isidro TUITION: C35,000 includes -- Lecture – Demonstration - Discussion - Lunch tastings REGISTRATION: Contact Eric Rivkin, +506-8886-6802 DIRECTIONS: Contact Eric for PIN

♥ May Your Health Be Radiant Always ♥


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