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Master Grower & Veteran Homesteader Seeking Project to Mentor in Exchange for Home

Wendy Crews

  • have been here 6 years, and can offer In exchange ;

  • language translation and navigation assistance for living in CR

  • Spanish and English Language lessons.

  • I would love to help you manage your food growing project, including installing diverse indoor and outdoor methods.

  • management of property, workers, or projects, teach, train, apprentice your staff or family to grow, serve and preserve gourmet food, products, menus, and recipes

  • Teach and install compost systems, worm bins

  • Site planning

  • Sustainable living skills

  • Open to how else I may be of service

  • I would value the potential to host a Farm to Table Apprenticeship Program 4 months per year.

  • I have extensive knowledge and experience in building both conventional and natural

  • I really want to build and use a thermal mass stove and harvest its potential for bathtub, pizza oven, wood dryer, food dryer, clothes dryer, dry room…

  • I imagin