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Kissing Sunflowers ... Life in the Sunny & Rainy Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Welcome to Several New Subscribers and Pura Vida Blessings to All!

Please check our Events page for several very exciting and wonderful events coming up soon!

So grateful many of you have been updating your ads! If you have an ad for anything and haven't brought it current ... please please do so right away!

We also offer shipping and delivery service throughout Costa Rica. For our area ... we have a network of Xpress & Taxi's who can delivery our products 7 days a week ... just let us know! On feria days, we can also do limited shopping and shipping.

Our neighbor at the PZ feria, Maria, will be bringing fresh Coconut Milk and also to the Tinamastes feria.

Just got in some Green Mango Chutney ... come in for a taste!

New Daycare and Christian School in San Isidro

37 Patients Treat Their Chronic Diseases With Medicinal Cannabis Made In Costa Rica

Hurricane Season Officially Kicks Off ... how it Might Affect Costa Rica

I love to post this every once in a while ... A Look at Costa Rica in 1947

Costa Rica regulates use of plastic in public institutions

Contest seeks young people who want to sing for peace:

(scroll way down) By creating your own lyrics, you can be the creator of peace. That's the message the contest Song for Peace wants to deliver to students and youth in 2018.

Our own Dr. Walter Urban had a great letter published in A.M. Costa Rica on Holistic Health. Half way down page ... click here.



located in paraiso of CAJON

DIRECTIONS from san isidro go south on interameican highway about 13 miles

the road will bend to left toward panama at crossroads for perivaje where there is

a big new gas station, go over bridge, keep going till you see a small shopping center on right with ICE and HAWAII RESTAURANT,etc. go 75 feet and turn left

to CAJON go about 1 mile to center of town and continue on same road about 1 mile to see ENERGY.... sign and drive in.

all trained holistic practicioners welcome. COME , MEET AND LEARN AND PLAN A HOLISTIC CENTER FOR THE FUTURE where we will be recognized and better able to serve.

dr walter j urban, medical board of california 8333 8625

love to you all, please send email to if coming


Saturday, June 16th at Casa Tortuga, Ojochal 2 - 6 pm, pre-registration required (, $60

Master Sound Healer, Vyola Myst, and Messenger of One, Sheri Cooke, will be creating a vibrational field that allows greater access to align with your Soul:

  • Open to an expanded range of conscious awareness

  • Experience your innate wholeness and peace

  • Deeply relax in profound rest and greater harmony

  • Be transported to the heavenly realm of your Soul-Self

You will be guided into deeper and expanded states through channeled teachings and exercises, amplified by the heavenly sounds of crystal bowls, channeled tones and vocal resonance, and other healing instruments.

Details at fb: Vyola Myst

Jamie Satori Doula Service ... please see our Services page.

Registering Corporations Since 2017, all Costa Rican corporations, whether commercially active or inactive, must be registered with the Dirección General de Tributacion (DGT). DGT is an office of the Tax and Finance Minstry or Ministerio de Hacienda. There is no fee to register your corporation but it must be done by specific dates in 2018 or late fees may apply. Please check the following deadlines for corporate registration. The last digit of the corporation's cedula number will determine the date it needs to be registered. Corporations ending in: 1 thru 4...were due by April 30th May 31st June 30th July 31st 8........... by August 31st Septmember 30th October 31st In order to register the corporation or change your contact information, the legal representative or someone authorized by this person must present a D-140 form in person at a DGT office or register online. To register online you must have a Costa Rican cedula or DIMEX card and can do so by If your identification is a passport, you must register the corporation in person. (thanks to Your Costa Rica Contact and Patty Clift)

Lots of New