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Celebration Of Life Memorial

For Our Beloved Sister Melisa Macri

Our dear sister Melisa took her last breath with her husband Johny at her side, at 1:00 am, Saturday, April 15. She was in hospice care at Patricia's home.

Melisa was able to mitigate many effects of cancer over the last five years until it suddenly metastasized into her lungs.

Amazingly, while at the hospital and after she was released to enter hospice care, Melisa was in no pain, nor hooked up to anything - and she was clearly already out of her body.

She wants everyone to know her boundless love and gratitude for each of us, and that she is with us always in the love of our being.

Their families have flown in and are with Johny and their four precious children, Vanessa, Sofia, Liliana, and Anthony.

Thank you for your loving thoughts and prayers and constant gratitude for the miracle of our eternal relationship of pure joy.


Please bring a potluck dish to share.


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