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One of our Dear Community Members Needs Your Help

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Dear members of the Chayotevine family:

Dina Delaini is a long-time resident of Costa Rica and is well-known and loved by so many. Dina is the owner and director of Solfeggio Retreat Sanctuary in Platanillo, which is an oasis of peace and beauty. Many neighbors regularly enjoy yoga classes and Qi Gong in her yoga pavilion, and many community events have been celebrated there for years.

Now Dina needs our help.

She has given her permission to share these details with "anyone and everyone" that is interested in knowing her situation and helping.

Dina has stage 2 pancreatic cancer. The cancer is an aggressive type and she has been recommended to have surgery and chemotherapy. Dina has decided not to do either.

It may be hard to understand her reasoning at first glance, but if you research the type of surgery that is being recommended, you will see how difficult a surgery it is, and the many risks involved. There are many who suffer after the surgery and the 5-year survival rate is not good.

Dina believes firmly that she can beat this cancer through alternative methods. None of these treatments are covered by insurance. It is critical to give her immediate financial support so that she can have access to treatments that she has confidence in.

We are having a fundraiser at 1 pm on April 22nd at Solfeggio in Platanillo - a variety show with lots of local talent. Please join us and share in the fun!!

We have also started a GoFundMe campaign for Dina. Here is the link to contribute, if your heart is so moved.



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