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Whole Food, Plant-based Core Health Class

Loving Foods that Love You Back

This 3 hour class aims to show how simple, delicious, varied, high-protein, and healthy whole plant-based food is, cooked or raw. Learn to create and taste amazingly delicious and inspiring meals for the novice or well-seasoned chef for all ages and activity levels. Presented by

internationally recognized

plant-based chef & health coach Eric Rivkin of the Viva La Raw Project

Eating Life-Friendly (whole food, plant-based) to the scientific laws of Creation and human design will help you: Be stronger Look/feel younger Lose/control weight Reverse/prevent disease Practice ahimsa for planet and animals Save time

Save money ♥♥ Remove blocks so wellness rocks! ♥♥

Build a sound health foundation and easy culinary skills to make recipes with the most nutrition- packed, local farm-fresh food. Experience how easy it is to achieve a feast for the eyes, vibrant flavors with whole food seasonings, a perfect balance of raw and cooked, of clean protein-carbs- fats, abundant micro-nutrients and water, with the REAL Pura Vida Comida for every palate. All

recipes SOS-free (salt, oil, sugar).

Scrumptious Menu demonstrated and served:

Palmito Couscous

Pate Chinois Lentil Mushroom Burger Stacker with Steamed Sweet Potatoes

Sprouted Chickpea Hummus Marinated farm-to-table Salad Chocolate Rainbow Parfait with Seasonal Fruits

Tuition: $60 or 35,000 col. (cash or Paypal). Please register today - spaces will fill fast INCLUDES: Lecture, Q&A, Recipe Demo & Serving, free e-pamphlet “Why Go Plant-Based”, Workshop Recipes Saturday, December 28, 10-1 pm, Shahira’s Soul Sanctuary Retreat, Chimirol

TO REGISTER…Contact Eric at, or Whatsapp/call +506 8886-6802

Or Shahira at, +506 8603-5181

Beginning lecture will briefly cover the following on a whole food, plant-based diet: Ideal Weight Loss & Stabilization ++ Prevent and remedy most diseases, allergies Healthier pregnancy ++ Clear skin ++ Disappearing Wrinkles ++ Radiant Glowing Skin Increased Libido ++ Sweet Body Smell ++ Be more attractive ++ Energy Boost Longevity ++ Alkaline, Oxygenated Blood ++ Immunity Boost ++ Faster Healing Deeper sleep ++ Healthy Eating Habits ++ Conquer food addictions ++ Increased Mental Clarity ++ Better Digestion ++ Better Strength, Flexibility & Stamina ++ Cleaner, Healthier Environment ++ Save Time, Money ++ Awakened Consciousness with Self, All, Nature

Learn secrets about:

Truth about protein, calcium, fat & oils, sugar, salt How to avoid and beat the top 5 diseases Basic building blocks of life including critical gut flora Top athletic performance, role of exercise Achieving a radiant, younger glow Losing 1 lb. per day without deprivation

Do I need supplements?

How living body energy thrives on whole plant foods

How to prevent failure

Why humans are designed to eat plant foods How “Not to Die” from the best selling book Local plant foods of Costa Rica

Dynamite Documentaries: What the Health, HOPE, Cowspiracy, Gamechangers

Choice links below will give you the deep scientific research to find out why athletes, yoga teachers, health care professionals and the general public choose whole food


Also for sale at the class to make your health journey a success (all proceeds go to the Viva La Raw Education Project) Recipe book TO LIVE FOR! Sprouting / Nutmilk / Juicing Bag The Coconut Tool

♥ ♥ May Radiant health always be Yours! ♥ ♥

About Chef Eric Rivkin

Eric Rivkin is an internationally recognized whole food, plant-based health chef and coach who studied with Living Light Culinary chefs and for 22 years being primarily raw vegan after curing a host of childhood ailments by changing to this diet. His classes are inspiring and informative for both novice and the well-seasoned, with creative

practices and recipes to integrate the best of nutrition and culinary arts.

Eric has conducted dozens of workshops in the US, Canada and Costa Rica, and is the first chef to teach whole, plant-based foods in public schools, the American Culinary Federation, retirement homes and to Miss USA titleholders, as well as Olympic swimming coaches, athletes, personal trainers, yoga teachers, pro chefs, families

and individuals from around the world.

Private or sponsored, group or individual, health coaching consultation or classes, 506-8886-6802,


Anyone who wants their health back to optimum should take some raw food classes from Eric. I have taken several

and have had my health swiftly returning, deliciously - Monica F., Mpls

”Part of the whole Raw Food excitement is the presentation - you are a Master! I have loved our classes together, and I have learned so much from you! But every time you come up with so much new creativity - I will be

forever your student!”-- Fateh Bolivar, Chef at Waterfall Villas, Costa Rica

All of our family is really grateful for you taking the time to show us how to be more healthy, especially my mom because she likes the lifestyle that comes with yoga – Susan Fernandez, San Salvador, Costa Rica Eric is a very very, very, very, times-a-million-ridiculously-how- does-he-do-it, talented Raw Chef. His work is more like ART than food! His food just makes me feel happy, like I can feel all the love that has gone into it! Eric is THE chef you want to hire for your event. If I could get married all over again, I would get Eric to cater my wedding. -

Eric is one of the best raw food chefs I have worked with. He created an outstanding menu for my wedding, and we also worked together on other recipe projects. In the raw food world Eric is a gem. His place in Costa Rica is remarkable - a true paradise on Earth. Top Qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative” - Fred Patenaude, Author Eric is one of the well-known long-term experts in the raw vegan lifestyle.- Victoria Boutenko, author, lecturer

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