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Latinos Unite Against Spanish Pilot

People from many Latin American countries joined together to avenge the "ticos" after the unfortunate comment made by a Spanish pilot.

A viral audio surfaced on social media where a Spanish pilot from the Iberia airline expressed her hatred towards the "ticos" accent, sparking great outrage within and outside the country.

"I hate this accent and how they speak," the pilot said in the audio while landing on May 2nd at Juan Santamaría Airport.

The virality of the situation led the video to reach many people who, seeking revenge, went to the airline's TikTok profile to complain and leave numerous comments.

"They walk feeling superior while being xenophobic," "From Panama, long live Costa Rica," "From Spain, long live Costa Rica, its accent, its people, and its nature," "I'm not from Costa Rica, but I love their accent," "Nobody messes with Costa Rica," "Panama is here, we love our neighbor," "From Paraguay, long live Costa Rica," "Latin America is respected," "El Salvador supporting Costa Rica," "Proud of my accent," some wrote.

One of the most attention-grabbing comments mentioned that in Latin America, the Spanish accent is not favored by many either.

"If they knew that in Latin America nobody watches a movie dubbed in their Spanish," read the text, which has garnered over 4,500 likes.

There is no doubt that despite the apologies issued by the company, the annoyance of Costa Ricans and many Latinos will linger.



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