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This is a wonderful and beautiful time of year. As the ending of the old year and beginning of the new approaches, and we honour each other with the giving of gifts and presence, we also connect with memories of the past. Traditionally, the stories of our ancestors were shared by our elders, who were honoured and called upon to impart their wisdom, and now WE are being called upon by the ancestors. In this sacred time of year that used to be deeply honoured in ancient times as a celebration of gratitude and the giving of gifts, we offer you the opportunity to give YOURSELF a gift that will create deep healing within you that reverberates forward and backward through time and generations!

The trauma of our ancestors lives on in our bodies, carried forward in our cellular memory…in our very DNA!

What we have discovered as we have done our work, is that the healing we do ripples outward into our lives, our children’s lives, our grandchildren’s, and our ancestors, as well. We have the power to heal the generations forward and backward.

We see this manifest in fascinating ways. Our clients have related experiences where a parent, estranged for years, will call them out of the blue. They have experienced an enhanced ability to open a dialogue with their own children. We also have experienced an ability to more deeply connect with family members in ways we never knew we could.

It’s not just ourselves we are healing - it’s the world. And as we create peace within, we create the space for peace in a troubled world.

Generational and life trauma steals our joy, blocks our ability to connect, and robs us of the rewards of our labor. We can settle for a lifetime of triggers, coping mechanisms, and merely existing, or we can begin living the lives of divine beings on a sacred journey - the life we knew we deserved when we came into this world.

Are you ready to break FREE of the generational trauma in your body, end the dysfunctional cycles, tear up of the box of beliefs that were handed to you about who you SHOULD BE and discover who YOU actually are? Are you prepared to reclaim your POWER, tap into your PASSION and PURPOSE and OPEN UP to your body’s sacred ECSTATIC BLISSFUL ORGASMIC nature?

We’ve been there…we have each walked the path of our limitations and other’s expectations, felt the isolation, pain and frustration...the utter desolation and hopelessness of wanting to leave this realm of existence. We have read the self empowerment books and tried so many of those coping mechanisms sold as healing…

…and nothing actually worked until I finally chose ME at the deepest level possible!

Together, we took the deep dive into the most intense and vulnerable work we have ever done and engaged in releasing the trauma and emotions stored in our bodies from a lifetime of intense repression, shame and denial. We discovered the traumas handed down through the generations and released them, thereby creating new patterns and literally shifting our DNA! We stepped onto the path of Sacred Self-Reverence and have been walking it ever since.

Our lives have transformed!

WE have transformed…from the inside out!

We have taken what works from all of this lifetime of experience and deep healing work and, from that we have created a map…a map to a journey that is powerful and magickal...unique to the traveler and, yet, the same in it’s essential processes to create REAL RESULTS!

AND we are prepared to walk beside you on this journey…to hold that sacred space for you that is the safest, most unconditionally loved and supported you have ever felt, so that YOU are fully seen, felt and heard as the beautiful, POWERFUL being that you are in your full authentic expression! THIS is the MOST SACRED gift you can give yourself, your loved ones and the generations to come!

*You can schedule a FREE consultation with me to explore further, create some powerful breakthroughs and discover if we are aligned in desired results and are a good fit to work together. (link in the comments below or DM me or Michael Inanna to learn more)

Do you have a deep desire to connect with your true essence and divine erotic nature, and experience the ecstatic blissfulness that your body is capable of? IF so, say ‘YES’ to YOU and schedule a call with me or Michael!

Remember…the trauma-limited version of you can never live your destiny. There is so much more to truly LIVING LIFE once you embark on the Sacred path of Self-Reverence and FREEDOM to be your authentic, most powerful, and BEST SELF!

Ask yourself…are you merely SETTLING for what’s TOLERABLE, or are you ready to CLAIM what’s POSSIBLE?

In Sacred Service….

Freyja & Michael Inanna

****As our gift offering this holiday season, we are giving some extra special bonuses to anyone who enrolls in one of our programs! Expires December 24. 2019 at midnight PST!

Details below:

Enrrolment in our Self-Revering Woman OR Sacred Warrior Connection online programs will include the following bonuses:

*One 60 minute face reading session with a written detailed summary with Freyja Inanna (value $75)

**We are even including two more INCREDIBLE bonuses ($197 value EACH) with sooooo much extra valuable and juicy content for FREE when you say “YES!” to YOU and embark on this powerful journey!

  1. our 6 module audio program “Creating Deeper Intimacy & Trust in Relationships”.

  2. access to our Sex & Chocolate Round Table discussion archive including new episodes!

***AND our BRAND NEW online program “Reclaiming Forgiveness” - coming this month!

Our SUPER SPECIAL BONUS GIFT is for anyone who commits to creating DEEP TRANSFORMATION and TRANSMUTATION of their trauma, limiting beliefs and generational patterns into their MAGNIFICENCE and AUTHENTIC JOYFUL EXPRESSION through one of our individual intensive retreat programs:

  • One 4 hour Full Body-Mind Analysis with Posture Realignment and Integration ($750 value) AND ALL the other bonuses listed above!!!

This special holiday offer, inspired by the ancestors, is available until Wednesday December 24th, 2019 at midnight Pacific time, so act NOW!

To schedule a FREE exploration call:

For more information about Michael & Freyja Inanna and their programs:

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