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A Vote for Osa Conservation

Please take a moment to read and assist with a digital vote for funding of OSA CONSERVATION AND RELATED EDUCATION PROGRAMS

Bradd Johnson is a friend with one of the original Hotels on the north shore of the Osa Peninsula, thanks for assisting him and the Corcovado Foundation in their efforts.

Hi All ! Bradd from Aguila de Osa in Costa Rica, I’m sending out this letter to all of you that have had the opportunity of being here at Aguila de Osa and I believe you’ve realized how precious the Osa Peninsula is. For the past 20 years I have been very involved with the Corcovado Foundation. The foundation is launching a quick campaign to raise as many votes as possible to win a grant for its environmental education program, teaching the young kids about the environment and about leadership. We have reached over 22 schools over the years and this grant would help us keep these programs going. We are among only 15 projects across the planet that have been chosen by the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) to compete for a 26,000 Euro grant to finance our environmental education program. If the Foundation wins, Costa Rica and its conservation efforts will gain exposure in European media, and the Foundation will receive € 26,000 Euros that will be invested in strengthening and extending program activities and new initiatives, specifically in educating and training companies and communities to reduce and eventually eliminate single-use plastic from the Osa Peninsula — and beyond. So, if you could take a minute of your time and give us your vote to help us sustain the Corcovado Foundation education programs going forward so please vote at the URL address!!! Only today and tomorrow left to vote where in fourth place from around the world we need everyone’s help to vote and pass it on remember it’s all about conservation and the KIDS education thank you for your help! If you like to read more on the Corcovado Foundation our website is

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