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Our dearest friend, Suzanna Leff, of Finca Amrta needs our help now.

My Mom, Suzanna Leff, needs help with various medical treatments and keeping Finca Amrta sustainable.

For those of you who don’t know Suzanne, she has owned and run a sustainable organic farm with a volunteer program for the last 30 years. As some of you know firsthand, she has spent these years helping teach students how to grow food, connect with the earth, become confident and self-reliant, and has opened her doors and heart to give people a place to heal and grow. These last few months have brought forth many challenges and it has become very clear that Suzanne needs to immediately address so health problems. These include a hip replacement, a biopsy/removal of possible cancerous tissue on her eyelid, and attention to her thyroid, which is 10 times larger than normal. Recently, Suzanne’s hip pain reached its peak. She is in excruciating pain when she gets up from a sitting position. This led us to consult with an orthopedic surgeon who confirmed, after x-rays, that she would need a total hip replacement. After investigating possible options for ways to have this operation medically covered, it has become apparent that under insurance here in Costa Rica it will be 2-3 years out. That said, she would need to use a private clinic. The good news is that Suzanne has found an orthopedic surgeon that she feels comfortable with and trusts who is available immediately to do the surgery. Since the pain has become intolerable, we need to act

quickly regarding her hip and for this we are reaching out to you for help. As of now, we know exactly what she needs to do for her hip but we are still in the process of understanding the other medical problems. As far as Suzanne’s eye is concerned, she has had it looked at by doctors who think it is malignant tissue that needs to be removed. Our next step is to find a dermatologist who is well equipped to biopsy and remove this possible cancer. She might have to travel to the US for this type of surgery. Regarding her thyroid, the first opinion received after an ultra-sound, is she will needs to have surgery to remove it because of size. This week we are looking for an endocrinologist for more complete testing. As most of you know, the thyroid gland affects many systems of the body. Typically the upcoming months (the dry months in Costa Rica) are when Suzanne makes the majority of her income for the entire year by hosting events and running an educational volunteer program. Because she will need to have these surgeries and spend her time healing and resting, she will not be bringing in an income that she depends on through-out the year. We are hoping that we can all come together as a community and help to give back to a woman who has given us all so much.

We are creating a GoFundMe page to accept donations and will let you know when that is ready.

For now, we can accept donations for her via Paypal to my account,

You can also leave donations at Colibri's Corner (first booth in front of supermarket) at the

San Isidro Feria, Thursdays from 7 to 8pm and Fridays from 9 to 1pm. As they get really busy, please put in an envelope or wrap in paper with Suzanna's name & yours on it.

We will keep you updated as we learn more about her conditions and we want to thank you so much for any help you can share.

Much love & gratitude from Nathanya & Family

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