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Full Blood Red Moon Eclipse Blessing Earth on July 27th ... Not Seen but Felt in our Beloved Souther

Yummmm by Mama Sheri Sunshine

Don't Miss This Week's Deep Red Blood Moon Friday - The Longest Lunar Eclipse Of This Century

The longest lunar eclipse of the century will be on July 27

This Sunday, July 29th at the incredible Finca Amrta in Pedregoso, we will be celebrating another fabulous event ... Community Days sponsored by Upward Spirals. Click here for schedule and more information.

Anyone coming from the States that would like to be my personal Sherpa/Mule. Pay well for bringing me a suitcase or more.

For more Events of all types ... please click here.

Here is an update on our dear friend Marguerite ... thanks so much to Sheri Cooke for her infinite love & support for Marguerite ... and for all of us.

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine near Perez Zeledon. Located in Canaán de Rivas, but I can also travel. For more info contact Guillermo at 4246-0531.

For a colourful book & history of Rancho Tranquilo ... click here to find out more about Linda Gray's new book!

BEaWare: Even in our beautiful Paradise in Perez Zeledon, like everywhere in the world, many want to be able to protect themselves & their loved ones.

Armeria del Sur in Repunta offers training and a good selection of firearms, as well as pellet and air guns, for personal and home defense, as well as sport shooting. Contact us for information on permitting, purchasing and training for the safety of yourself and your family. Call 2771 6774, email or come on by - we are in Centro Comercial Valle Prospero just south of Repunta (

Aerobell Starts Operation of Domestic Flights to 7 Destinations in Costa Rica

Nicaragua is on the verge of civil war and thousands of people are fleeing from violence and hunger. Refugees are flooding into Costa Rica an we are taking in people beginning with pregnant women, mother's whose children have been shot, families.... We need resources to buy matresses, blankets, food, rent houses, and create and empower small business. initiatives to empower refugees to make a living and thrive. Every little bit counts. Donate through the gofundme campaign or byass a fee that they charge and donate directly to or for funds to go directly to Chelo Baca and Lauren Love who are heading this movement and helping refugees directly. 100% of received donations will go to sustaining the project and supporting and empowering these people. Thank You for your generosity and for partnering with us to be the change we want to see in the world. May your kindness return to you. Click here for more information and links and thanks to all who can and will help.

Dolphin Quest Costa Rica:

Jungle Beachfront House Rental ; Special For Residents of CR. 50 meters to ocean. Soccer field on beach , Gateway to Piedras Blancas Parque Nacional. 10 miles by boat from Golfito or Puerto Jimenez - You bring food , full kitchen/Fridge / oven, Hammocks /Storage / waterfalls/ Solar Powered / 600 acres of jungle connecting to National Park. Free Kayak use.

Special Green Season Resident Offer for Whales Coming Soon. Explore the Golfo Dulce

100$ per nite for 2 (one double bed) . 20$ per extra person per night. Children 10 and under free. Get taxi boat from Golfito 60-75$ or from Puerto Jimenez 70-80$ or we pick up for 50$ Information and Creative Pricing



Freediving Course: Learn how to hold your breath for 4 minutes and freedive as deep as 66ft in just 3 days! PFI certied instructor. More info in the links below.

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Our good friend Jim Reaven has made a fun video about our favorite Mexican Restaurant, Aztecas! Click