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The following is a community service announcement

It is the intent of local professionals in the field of holistic health care to establish a professional organization to better serve the community and the profession. This organization is the Costa Rica Holistic Health Association (CRHHA), with the following goals and objectives:

1. Establish ethical standards and guidelines to which all members will agree to adhere in their practice and which will be made known to the public. To the extent possible, seek to attain official status with Ministerio de Salud as a recognized organization governing the ethics of members as medical practitioners in Costa Rica.

2. Develop and share educational programs/materials to better inform the community about holistic health care modalities and treatments.

3. Provide a venue for cross-sharing of technical information among the members to enhance professional expertise at-large and to facilitate patient referrals among members.

4. Establish liaison with the Costa Rican government on both local and national levels to join efforts in serving the community in the most effective way possible.

5. Publish a newsletter, host an annual conference and regular meetings. Provide a vehicle for practitioners to advertise their services to potential consumers and to other practitioners.

6. Catalog areas of specialization, modalities, facilities, equipment and experience among the membership to present the public with a full spectrum of information for selecting among service providers.

7. Establish and administer membership qualifications with copies of degrees, accreditations, certifications and other qualifications on-file for public review.

8. Provide a point of contact for consumers to voice opinions or comments on matters of concern.

The intent is to commence operation in the Perez Zeledon area with the possibility of branching farther afield as the situation may demand or allow. If you are interested in becoming involved with this organization, please feel free to contact:

dr walter j urban is registered with the medical board of california

No. RP 7 as a research psychoanalyst and is a clinical psychologist.

he is the author of two books with 60 years of professional experience (506)8705-7173 WhatsApp for information about Dr. Patrick Riley see

Dr. Riley has doctorate degrees from Kingdom College of Natural Medicine, Global College of Holistic Medicine, and the Texas Chiropractic College and a BSEE from the University of Minnesota, Inst. of Technology.

The next meeting of the CRHHA is August 8, 2018, at 9:30 am. All interested parties are invited and encouraged to attend.

The location is the home of Dr. Patrick Riley which is located in Peje de Repunta, about 15 minutes south of the SI Centro. Directions: From San Isidro, south on the Pan Americana, through Palmares, continue past El Rodeo gasolinera about 1 more km., note the Super Weber mercado be on the left side, continue another 25 meters to a right turn on gravel, the Weber Lubricentro will now be on the left as you turn. Follow the road for another 2 km. The road makes a turn south at a small church, but just continue. The house is 2-story with a porton on the right side. Porton will be open, so just drive in. If you arrive at the pulperia, you have gone 100 meters too far.

Please bring along any certificates, diplomas or other credentials so that photo copies can be made. If you have a biography or other pertinent information that would be valuable to have on-file, please bring it and it will be photo copied.

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