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Loving the New Year in our Magnificent Southern Zone of Costa Rica

​Alex Fonseca "Mi Jungla Pura Vida"

Welcome & Many Blessings to New Subscribers and All!

Now enjoying a mid afternoon downpour ... and thinking of our friends & family living up North in way minus degree temperatures. We are blessed here, even when it doesn't seem so!

Wanted to let you all know that we are now offering delivery 7 days a week of our products ... we have connections with various motorcycle delivery gents or Taxis if necessary to bring you what you need. Write and will do our best to get you what you need when you want it.

Regarding ads on Pura Vida Connections: please get all the information to us by 4pm on Tuesdays to be included on the website and/or Blog/Newsletter for that week. Also, if you have any old ads that should be updated or removed ... please let us know as soon as possible!

Pope’s message inspired Costa Rican immigration policy

What To Do In The Event of a Minor Car Accident in Costa Rica

Andrea Bocelli Live in Costa Rica February 22, 2018

New Year’s Supermoon ... And There Is Another Coming Up The End Of The Month ... A Super, Blue, Blood Moon & Eclipse On The 31st.

Here is an overview of the projects Vida Autentica has been involved in this past year. To be a part of the change and support our ongoing efforts into 2018 please visit their donations page Click here for short video.

Our 11th annual Women's Equinox Gathering will be happening in March ... it's always an amazing opportunity to connect with fabulous women of all ages. Click here for information and forms. We can accept them at Colibri's Corner.

Also check out Cantando la Vida coming up at the end of this month at Finca Amrta. Go to events page.

Quebradas River Beauty

8.80 ac. with private waterfall & Bamboo house

Looking for a Roommate

I am retired and plan to do more traveling in 2018, I have a two bedroom and one bath apartment, that is 5 minutes from a bus stop and only a 25 minute walk to the center of San Isidro. The cost will be around $80.00 a month, plus or minus $20.00 for access to internet, electric, and water. The price is negotiable.

Terry Bevilacqua 506 6204 6478

The REAL Costa Rica- Bed n Breafast

NEW Cabin in Perez Zeledon situated at 3500' with amazing views of the Sleeping Indian. Enjoy THE BEST tico food prepared with wood stove. Over 40 species of birds, Hiking, waterfalls, Zip Line, Thermal HOT springs, Southern Pacific Coast beaches, ALL within 30 minutes of cabin. Town of San Isidro only 10 minutes away.