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Thank you, each and all for your loving thoughts and prayers, and for holding Marguerite in your hearts for so long – and for all the donations that made it possible for her to leave this world in completion and at peace. There is no way to adequately express the difference you have made in her quality of life, and for all of us who have been her care-takers.

There now is a sufficiency of funds for all her final obligations, so no more is needed. God Bless you All!

A small gathering of mainly her immediate Tico family and friends of twenty to twenty-five attended the ceremony and burial. It was exactly as Marguerite wanted – it flowed in simplicity, with prayers and song, and in deep respect and love. A beautiful flower arrangement was brought by her devoted friends and supporters from the Mare Farmacia for her casket, and well as flowers that others brought. The ceremony and burial was held at her neighborhood cemetery between 9-9:30 am, in La Palma, about ten minutes outside of San Isidro Del General, Perez Zeledon, Costa Rica.

Since there was no embalming, her burial was required as soon as possible. Thus, everything happened too quickly to notify everyone – and so we will take time to remember Marguerite again tomorrow on Thanksgiving Day, at two gatherings of Ticos and Gringos. One is at RICAR2 restaurant on the Dominical Road at NOON, and the other is at BATSU GASTROPUB in Canaan at 6:00 PM. Plus, there will be one more opportunity at another gratitude event in the Chimmirol area on Saturday.

Special thanks to Momi and Popi, Hannia, Carmen and Sonja who have been her closest Tico family over the last nineteen years, and who have treated her as their own and cared for her throughout, with total devotion. And to Cindy and Rosie for the expert medical advice, loving care and translations to help me navigate the Costa Rican system, taking on huge loads yourselves, and to help me through the difficult phases of Marguerite's illness and passing. Thank you Rosie for being with her last night and for being the perfect bridge for her to Spirit.

Special thanks to the Chayotevine, for being the main contact person along with me for receiving and distributing donations for Marguerite. To Wilbur, her devoted and steadfast taxi driver who nearly daily was at her side, ready to shop for and bring all the food, medications and medical supplies and all else that she needed, like an occasional pizza — and for quickly returning the hospital bed and oxygen tanks and all back to the right places today.

And to Amy and Casey for being the loving, perfect translators who have such deep rapport and respect of the Costa Rican culture, and who so gently brought our team of care-givers together to brain-storm the solutions needed during the last phase of Marguerite's illness and passing.

I could not have accomplished one single thing without each and every one of you, at my side and with each other! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

And so now, we sigh in deep relief, in bittersweet sadness and joy, that our beloved Marguerite is Home and free at last!!! God bless us each and every one!!! <3 <3 <3

Sheri Cooke

011-506-8468-8937 cell

"Together We Claim our Oneness as All that is."


HELPING MARGUERITE TO BE PAIN FREE – THANK YOU WEEKLY DONORS!!! Your contributions are helping her now in her final transition!!! (see how to donate below) <3 <3 <3

UPDATE NOVEMBER 20TH: By the time you read this, Marguerite may have already crossed over. I've spent the last four days with her and many times she has gone to the other side and back. Each time I could clearly see that she was not “here” and conversing with others.

Just like the team of us here have been final arrangements so has the team over there been doing the same for her!!! Its so amazing to be able to see and know this!

Today's photo is of "Momi" and Marguerite. Momi is her Tica neighbor who took Marguerite in long ago as her own daughter. She is her main caregiver, the only one allowed to change her dressings every single day, to help her shower and dress, to set up what she needs for her day, and to return at night to feed her dogs and check in on her. Momi is my angel too and part of the 24 hour care team now!

The Palliative Doctor, Nurse, and Psychologist all arrived yesterday. I was there with Amy Shrift, and Hannia one of her Tica neighbors who has been cleaning every day and now part of the 24 hr care team. Amy has been a long standing friend of Marguerite's too, and an incredible supporter with ideas and translations that were crucial, like yesterday, in being able to understand and carry out the doctor's orders.

They gave her everything, seeing she could pass at any moment! She is getting a morphine pump this morning, oxygen tanks and a huge bag of bandaging supplies ere approved to be picked up from the hospital, as well as an inflatable air mattress to put between the metal frame and thin mattress of the hospital bed to ease the pain of her bedsores. They are adding a new medication to reduce the flem in her lungs and a humidifier to help her breathe more easily now. And now she has 24-hour care, which all donations now being received will cover. She stopped eating yesterday and now only wants ice chips.

I am at home right now and will return to her n a bit. There is just one more thing to complete for everything to be ready, and to send her off to the Light. I'll keep you posted for the funeral-memorial date/time. God bless you all, angels under my wings and hers, and really for each other always. I love you with all my heart! <3 <3 <3

IF YOU DONT KNOW HER, Marguerite is my dear friend. She is fifty-nine years old, and she lives alone in the rural, Southern Zone of Costa Rica, with her four rescue dogs who are her “kids”.

Unfortunately GoFundMe does not fund in Costa Rica where we live, so I am resorting to only using Facebook to get this message out. How to donate is listed at the bottom.

She has been living with metastasized cancer for over two years and has been preparing the last few months to