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Iggy Pop Welcomes You to our Wild & Wonderful Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Iggy Pop by TANIA CAPPELLUTI photography

cell +506 83252514 skype playkula tania.cappelluti@berlin.de www.facebook.com/cappellutiphoto www.instagram.com/taniacappellutiphotography

Welcome New Readers to our Chayotevine Community and as always, blessings to all.

Our 6 point 4 - 9 Earthquake was a great wake up call to stay prepared as best we can, all batteries charged, drinkable water ... Our Beloved Pacha Mama is roaring and raining and shining and shaking and reminding us that she is a living, powerful entity to be respected by us all.

We are Charlie’s Angels, a small rescue group in Costa Rica, founded by four ladies, who had one thing in common: an unconditional love for animals.

We met one day whilst volunteering at a dog & cat castration clinic in a small mountain village.

"Charlie's Angels" is a foundation that offers temporary care and residence for abandoned dogs and cats in extreme physical condition or who are victims of abuse.

Ever since we founded Charlie’s Angels back in June 2015, we were able to rescue hundreds of dogs and cats.

We were able to give them medical care, to find foster homes for them and finally loving forever homes, here in Costa Rica but also in the US and Canada.

We have been organizing castration clinics with lots of love and enthusiasm, where locals can bring their pets to be castrated at a reduced rate.

We are also giving animal care workshops at primary schools.

(See photos & Press & Contact & More Information on our Furry Friends page for this extraordinary work.)

I'm looking for someone who often flies the route USA - Costa Rica or Europe - Costa Rica and can bring me something that I order on eBay. The weight is about 1 kg or 3 pounds. I would pay 50 USD for it. Please contact me by phone at 89779555 or christine.krellner@gmx.de

We at Ecojoya are looking for some scrap innertubes for a slingshot making contest.

Any leads would be appreciated. Ken Lyle <kenlyle@gmail.com>

New Listing: Dream Home, Close to Town, Fair Low Price

looking for website designer, reasonable

write to doctorwalter123@gmail.com

Everything Must Go Sale

Saturday Nov 25th and Sunday Nov 26th

10am - 3pm

Household goods, kitchenware, Christmas decorations, and so much more

Directions: Home of Sandy and Bill HIebert

Route 322, Calle el Marsella, south of where 321 intersects, (the road with the missing bridge), South of General Viejo Watch for posted signs