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The Latest From Marguerite!!!

What a great win-win! Marguerite has volunteered to collaborate with Amy Schrift to spread the word of the recent ban of spraying agrochemicals in public areas.

On Thursdays at the San Isidro feria, Margerite will be selling the new, laminated “agrochem signs” so that the new regulation can be posted by anyone on their land or wherever they can. Marguerite can earn a little from each one, while she and all of us can support our environment in raising awareness!

Another idea is, that if you would like to donate handicrafts, art, or items in good condition to her, she could sell them and earn some funds that way too, while helping you. Just contact her to work out a way to transported them to and from market for her. MARGUERITE'S NEW PHONE NUMBER: 8566-5110

Sheri will be at both the Tuesday Tinamastes and Thursday San Isidro ferias to continue to receive Lifeline Fund donations for Marguerite,

between 8:45 -10:30 am.

If you miss Sheri Tuesday, you can leave your donation with Tim or Tessa, or Bill Van Horn if he's there.

If you miss her on Thursday, you can put your donation into the “Lifeline Fund jar” at the stand in Colibri's Corner, first booth in front of the Supermarket at back of PZ feria all Thursday

AND on Friday too, until 2 pm.

Other ways you can donate:

Paypal at: with a note, “Donation for Marguerite”.

Direct Deposit to Sheri's BCR account: call or email me or FB message me to get the account info – 8468-8937 (new number)

Again, Marguerite's number: 8566-5110 – Sheri's 8468-8937, – facebook: sheri cooke


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