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Tranquilo July Days in our Beloved Southern Zone of Costa Rica

​By Alfombra Bird Observatory ... Male Red Legged Honey creeper

Heartfelt Welcome to several new Chayotevine Members!

We are so fortunate to have such a tranquil atmosphere here .. plus so much happening simultaneously, most of it wonderful.

And we certainly have some amazing newbies moving into our area ... welcome to you all. Congratulations to Jim and Yuri for selling their home through Chayotevine.

If you, or someone you know, would like to sell their home, please consider using our website Chayotevine. We have had many sales over the years!

American Embassy Donates Virtual Shooting Ranges to Costa Rican Police

New Transit Laws in Costa Rica

US Ambassador in Costa Rica S. Fitzgerald Haney Says Goodbye to the Embassy but not to the Country​

Archaeological Sites in Costa Rica: Finca 6 Diquis

Lufthansa Adds 7th European Connection to Costa Rica With Frankfurt Flight

New scholarship fund to send Costa Rican students to the United States

EU Enhances Partnership With Costa Rica

Costa Rica Studies Longevity Of Its Centenarian Citizens

Costa Rica’s Centenarians Have Remarkable Health Finds Harvard Study

10 Start Ups in Costa Rica

Olive Ridley Turtles Are Nesting on Costa Rica’s South Pacific Beaches

Costa Rica Succeeds in Increasing Number of Women in Parliament

Thanks to all supporting Marguerite ... click here to read an update by Sheri.

FREE GROUP CONSULTATION AND PSYCHOTHERAPYLEARN HOW TO UNDERSTAND AND OVERCOME YOUR BLOCKS TO HAPPINESS AND GOOD HEALTH Dr Walter J Urban is a clinical psychologist and research psychoanalystregistered with the medical board of california, is a professional business consultant, former business owner and is 85 years old witha lot of experience. he is author of DO YOU HAVE THE COURAGE TO CHANGE and two other books. meeting will be held in CAJON, 15 miles south of SI. minimum of 8 required to start group. write todoctorwalter123@gmail if interested. you will be notified if and when it starts.

Great priced home near San Vito .. in the countryside!

Nicely furnished two-story house in barrio Lourdes outside the town of San Isidro in Perez Zeledon, Costa Rica. Available for short-term, temporary rental, Please click link for more information.

Finca Amrta has 2 beautiful ginger colored 8 week old kitties to give away to a good home.

They are weaned and ready to go. Would love it if both went to the same home because they love each other and love to play together but if that can't happen . . . taking one would be awesome.You can contact us at: amrtasa@yahoo.com

The Raw Food Traveler is back on shelf! Join me on my epic journey through personal transformation. Learn how I overcame many years of skin issues and chronic eczema, addictions, negative self image and low self esteem, and an unhealthy relationship with food.

This journey will take you from Canada to Hawaii, from Australia to Indonesia, from Malaysia to Thailand then onward to India. Fruit Foraging, Rainbow Gatherings, Fasting and more... Enjoy jimmy@jimbosun.com Also can be picked up at Colibri's Corner at the San Isidro Feria.POWERWASHING Pool Decks, Siding, Sidewalks, Boats, Machinery- Bill 506-8655-9666

SOUTHERN ZONE SAN ISIDRO CONVENIENT CABINS AVAILABLE FOR WEEKLY RENTAL: Two private cabins on a quiet farm, ten minute drive from downtown San Isidro for rent at $60 (or colon equivalent) per week per cabin in Pedregosito. Includes wifi, frequent bus service to San Isidro, shared bathroom and limited kitchen facilities. These affordable cabins are for rent by the week only, small discounts available every forth week.. Situated a short walk from http://thenewdawncenter.info/about-us.html where you can take classes in Tropical Horticulture and Spanish Language Skills as well as minutes away from fincaamrta.com where you can study sustainable farming and attend weekly meditation sessions.tribalglobe@gmail.com 506-8883-8993

An Indigenous myth tells us whenever the balance between humans and nature becomes threatened, cacao comes from the rainforest to open people’s hearts and return the planet to a state of harmony.

In our Mystic Heart ♥ Sacred Cacao Ceremonies we use pure rainforest grown cacao as a ceremonial medicine to assist in opening the heart and spirit. A strong medicinal Mayan-inspired brew of cacao, along with divinely inspired live music, guided meditation, purification rituals, anointing with blessed oils, healing touch, energy attunements, and inspired movement, to create a uniquely profound ceremonial experience.

A cacao ceremony provides a perfect opportunity to take time away from our daily grind… to de-stress and reconnect. It is the perfect space to switch off from busy-ness and to journey into the sacred space within – opening ourselves to greater healing, balance, love, and spiritual connection. Whether you’re looking to shift an emotional blockage, let go of the past, gain clarity for your life path, or you simply need to lift your spirits, these ceremonies can provide the ideal experience.To learn more and for upcoming events, please visit our Facebook page -www.facebook.com/mysticheartsacredcacaotribeOur webpage - www.zahrahsita.com/mystic-heart-sacred-cacao-tribe Email - mystic.heart.sacred.arts@gmail.com Health And Yogan Copper Tongue cleaners-12 pieces have 1 set left ... $12 each at feria or write tongue@puravidaconnections.com

We have Diane's scrumptious & healthy Asian Salads ... best to order ahead. Available at Colibri's Corner in the PZ feria. salad@puravidaconnections.com

We have gorgeous 8 week old Husky / Malamute puppies for sale ... write Husky@puravidaconnections.com or see Furry Friends page or call 2770 2884. Just 2 males left.

Continued excellent feedback on our newest product, Raw Grass Fed Butter, is already a huge success! Pre-orders are welcome ... we sold out again. Available with no salt or with Himalayan Salt.

San Gerardo de Rivas Cottage with a large covered porch for bird watching:$400 per month. Available July 1, 2017, a cute wooden cottage, furnished, with 2 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms. On the bus line, but set back about one block, so not on the main road. Has on demand hot water tank for bathrooms and kitchen, also you can flush your paper in the toilet. Located in the Secret Gardens of beautiful San Gerardo de Rivas at the base of Chirripo mountain about 11 KM up from Rivas at around 1,300 meters altitude (4,000 feet). You can read about San Gerardo de Rivas and see pictures of the gardens at www.sangerardocostarica.com - click activities and then gardens.Contact Bernan 2742-5086 (home) 8451 3001 (Cell) Spanish only.

We have natural loofahs .. with seeds!

Flax crackers are back this week!"Stuff for Sale" ... more on Stuff page

  • Guitars

  • RenaWareToshiba Laptop

  • Fans fans@puravidaconnections.com

  • Trek mountain bike

  • Insignia brand universal laptop power cord and tips. Brand new. Works for a variety of laptops (various tips). $45Kala brand -

  • high quality, unique 6 string ukelele. "Kala 6 tenor, gloss mahogany ". Soft case and capo included! Retail (ukelele) $325, asking

$145 Gorgeous 2 bedroom nearly new home just outside of town with views forever ... plus guest house. Fully furnished. For rent or sale.

For a well priced, comfy house in the 'campo' of San Vito, please check out this little beauty, just $50,000 now.

Large Quebradas Cabin for sale .. income opportunities

Newly in: organic raisins, raw Grass Fed Butter, organic maple syrup, nutritional yeast, organic tobacco, organic neem powder, and good supplies of fluoride free toothpastes!

I'm looking for a piece of land with 200-300 hectares of mostly primary forest, titled if possible, and above 1300 meters. If you know of any details let me know.

Thanks have a wonderful day! Kobe Ticon Storay ticon.storay@gmail.com>

Becca’s Mango Chutney…

Sweet Organic Mangoes and Manzanas Nacionales (Costa Rican Apples) make up the base of this delicious and complex condiment. The addition of Organic Indian Curry Powder, sweet onions, chile dulce, ginger, raisins, apple cider vinegar, organic cane sugar, nutmeg, and cinnamon makes for a chutney you can eat straight from the jar. It’s a perfect condiment for any Indian dishes (vegetarian or meat curries especially), a glaze for meat, tofu, or vegetables, and according to one of my customers, it also makes a great vanilla ice cream topping! Definitely something to try if you’d like to brighten up your meal! 100% AWESOME y siempre hecho con amor!

NEW LISTING: 50 hectare farm ... much privacy & views .. just $7,200/hectare. See Lot & Lands page for photos. 7200@puravidaconnections.com

Happy to again have an amazing Arnica salve ... perfect to stop bumps & bruising & swelling ... as well as an all natural Tea Tree Shampoo.

If you haven't tried the best all natural detergent available .. please do. BioSoap is very concentrated and very effective for clothes, floors, walls, whatever! With tropical scent, lemon or no scent. We also carry Bio-Disinfectante ... lemon or natural smell ... excellent product.

Very happy to have amazing, organic turmeric available in many forms ... we have the root and powdered forms and one left in capsules.

Happy to offer now organic Coconut Aminos, large & small, and Teriyaki or Garlic. Healthy & delicious! Also organic Coconut Nectar & Coconut Flour.

Just delicious! Organic Black Kalamata Olives!

Turkey Tail Extract can be magical ... please click here to read of all the benefits. We are so fortunate to have a good supply at this time.

Visit KapiBlu and enjoy cold & hot drinks that are amazing ... great meals & comfy atmosphere too. Open from 11m.

Remember to visit Urban Farm restaurant in town for their delicious breakfast & lunch menus.

They are also adding new dishes and have a beautiful consciousness with their food.

Happy to have this week: Nutritional Yeast, Grapeseed Extract, Fluoride Free Toothpastes,

Blackberry Cobbler, Nag Champa Incense, dental floss ... great repellents ... Sacha Inchi Seeds ... . Also red & red/white quinoa ... delicious protein substitute for rice.

  • Blackberry Vinaigrette ... super on salads & more!

  • Asian take away salads (will be back next week ... pre-orders appreciated)

  • Organic Medjool dates (will be back soon)Organic Eggs

  • Nutritional Yeast

  • Delicious Dates!

  • Organic Extra Virgen Olive Oil

  • Organic Kalamata Black Olives

  • Organic Lemon & Peppermint Extracts

  • Organic Yuca Flour & Banana Flour & Corn Flour

  • Tea Tree Oils

  • Organic Turmeric Extract

  • Patchouli Oil