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Sheer beauty in our Summertime Southern Zone of Costa Rica

​Susan Shrake Towsley took this amazing photo at the Secret Garden

in San Gerardo de Rivas this week

It's been wonderful seeing new faces & return faces ... so many dancing with joy to be here with our warmth, wind, and peaceful ways & motivations.

Couple of reminders: We love egg cartons with tops (and please try our all organic farm eggs we put in them) and we accept all glass bottles & jars (don't need to be clean). Gratefully accepted at Colibri's Corner.

Have small amount of Mugwort & Irish Moss too. Also just got in small supply of Nutritional Yeast & Fluoride Free Toothpastes and Liquid Stevia! Ate most of them so bought some more Greek Black Olives ... so delicious. Also have organic cold pressed Greek Olive Oil now!

Sheer beauty in our Summertime Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Here's a loverly video and article about it ... “Costa Rica Elevated”: An Exuberant and Magical View of Pura Vida

Costa Rican Houses Valued Over $231K Owe Luxury Tax in January

National Geographic did an article on our local baby sloths .. see it here.

Photos: Corcovado is like ‘Jungle Book’ without tigers and bears . and in our back yard here in the Southern Zone.

Hard to believe .. 15,000 motorcyclists are expected here in PZ in February ... article here in Spanish.

Caja expands: Caja Costarricense de Seguridad (Caja) has approved the opening of 304 clinics, which will focus on cardiovascular care and mental health. This means more small local clinics available and in our neighborhoods.

Costa Rica & Panama no longer accepting European Union visas

Sting Live at Costa Rica’s National Stadium: May 9

Costa Rica wins praise once again in survey by expats

Learn to swim at Polideportivo this Summer .. see article in Spanish here

For those who enjoy meat ... we are very fortunate to have a new Lamb producer here .. and their booth is just 3 down from Colibri's Corner. They eat pasto (grass) and are well cared for. Dr. Adrian from Corral del Sol is a partner and you pick some up there, too. Call Juan Carlos at 8708-9000 or 8921-0889 to make an order or for questions. D' Mi Granja.

Tiffany & family are having a moving sale at the Rum Bar ... Saturday & Sunday ... 1 to 4 ... check Events page for more information.

Restorative body awareness and conditioning Yoga classes Thursdays 6.45 - 7.45am at Nautilus Holistic Gym Whatsapp 83420250 for info and directions

️"To be healthy, joyful and full of energy is the natural state of human beings. But we are barely getting up in the morning and need stimulants, we have no energy anymore and we have ailments that we believe are normal to have. Who explains us that our diseases come from our lifestyle and more especially from our diet? That our endless depression comes from our weak glandular system and that is possible to fix with medicinal herbs we have in the backyard and eating huge amounts of minerals in food? That our overweight is only toxins wrapped in fat and diluted in water in view to protect our body, and that if we don't get rid of toxicity, the overweight will always come back? Health is much simpler than we were told. The body is a high technology mechanics that is able to repair itself when we don't interfere with non physiological food and habits. A physiological diet is a very powerful tool to get ones health back on track. Nobody will do it for you, only you can do it. And I am here to show you how to do it. "

Alexandra Prokoudine hygienist practitioner.

Speaks English, French and Spanish.

Facebook page in Spanish: La salud en tus manos Regenera!


House Sitting Position San Isidro Area Close to Finca Amrta in the Pedrogosito area starting Feb. 15th or 17th to approx. April 15th or so The home of Noe Anderschadt with shared dog feeding responsibilities contact Bill 8725-1399 or 2100-1844 or Bill Van Horn via pm on FB On bus lines and ten minutes from town