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Holiday Season is here ... so much to be grateful for in our amazing Southern Zone of Costa Rica

​PZ central looking bright & fabulous!

Welcome to many new Chayotevine Subscribers! What an influx of intelligent, interesting, talented people we have coming here!

Because Christmas Day is on a Sunday this year, our PZ feria will have regular hours for Christmas week & New Years, Thursday from 7 to 8pm and Fridays from 8am to 2pm.

The annual Marchamo (taxes, insurance on cars) is due by December 31st and is now online. You do not want to drive without it January 1st and beyond. Check it out here.

Patients Push for Legalization of Medical Marijuana in Costa Rica

Corcovado in Costa Rica considered one of the best National Parks in the world ... in our own backyards

  • Local Housesitters Available March 1 We are a retired couple from the US and we have lived in Platanillo for 1 1/2 years. We own a reliable 4x4, our Spanish is passable and we have many contacts in the local service industry. We owned a restaurant and catering business on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina for over 20 years and are used to handling responsibility in a timely manner, maintaining a spotless environment and directing a team. We are available March 1, 2017. Email us at David and Christine Bohn

Personal Chef,vegetarian, vegan, raw, your place or mine, 8915 2461 or

Spanish Classes beginner,travel, conversational, English Classes beginner, intermediate, advanced, Guadalupe de Rivas,2mil($4) hour, Wendy Crews 8915 2461 or wendy

For Rent;3 brdm house in Los Angelos de Rivas, Dione Barrantes 8394 4288

Healing Sessions with Amber

Mobile Bodywork Sessions brought right to you. Amber offers Thai Massage, Deep Tissue, Relaxation as well as reflexology. She is known for her Deep Tissue combined with Thai Massage Stretching Techniques. Amber also offers private or group yoga classes. For more information you can go right to her website at or Facebook Page: Healing Sessions with Amber. To Book your Session: contact her directly. 50684794685

Please check out this beautiful villa in Hatillo ... just north of Dominical. A beautiful property with motivated buyers.

Pallet and/or Crate Company for Shipping

My husband and I are relocating from the U.S. to San Isidro in early 2017.

Can you please recommend a crate and/or pallet company to ship our belongings? (Our cat tree is priority :)

Thank you so much!

Juana and Guillermo 928.852.0120

Don't ReTire. ReFire!

  • Hi, I'm Paul Carter. When I turned 80, my friends and colleagues said: “Whatever you’re drinking, Paul, we want some, because you look and act amazing for your age.”

  • Little did they know how hard I have struggled with my internal prejudices about ageing, a.k.a. "self-inflicted ageism." But over time, I developed what I call The ReFirement Map, a step-by-step process by which I continuously ReFire my life.

  • I'd love to meet you and hear your story. I plan to hang out near Colibri's Corner Thursday mornings at the farmer's market at San Isidro de Pérez Zeledón. Stop by for a chat.

  • I'll also share my story at Carol's Costa Rica Club meeting January 27th, 2017, 12:30 PM, Bazooka's Restaurant.

  • I'm currently investigating what Pura Vida has to do with reFirement by interviewing folks in the San Isidro de Pérez Zeledón area, and publishing short videos weekly on my blog. You can watch, leave comments, and/or subscribe at

  • Pura Vida!

  • Paul, a.k.a Pablo Carter


Semi-retired professional painting contractor available to paint interior and exterior projects. Protect your property, tile/wood floors, rugs, tapestries,furniture, fixtures and cabinetry, artwork and stauary. If your home is furnished and contains valuables and you do not want several strangers viewing your property, I work solo to protect your privacy. The experience of 20 years painting luxury homes and National Historic Buildings in resort towns in Traverse City/Harbor Springs. MI and Key West has provided me the knowledge to conduct a very organized, fast, efficient performance as illustrated by my portfolio of completed projects on luxury homes. I offer many different "technique" painting styles, faux and murals. I even painted our friend Maria's house, who is a happy, smiling fixture at every feria!. I offer secure and private painting services which protect your privacy I have an excellent portfolio of interior and exterior projects displaying the beautiful properties I have painted. If it is your preference not to have strangers working in your home please contact me. To view my portfolio, please go to my website: Bill Floto 506 8655 9555

Wanted to let everyone know that the last couple years of the Chayotevine is now on our blog ... click here to see any old editions.

Costa Rica Pura Vida Embodied Yoga and Mindfulness Retreat February 5th-11th, 2017 w Anne Pitman and David Jewitt

Learn to Paraglide / Fly with our Zion ... click here fo