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Loving & Living in our Still Rainy, Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Cyanerpes cyaneus, Morazán, Pérez Zeledón, Manuel Retana

Welcome to several new Members ... visitors and those making their homes here. Living in a country where peace is valued so highly is a Pura Vida Blessing without doubt.

Thanks to all who have updated their ads and it is much appreciated that all who have them do so.

Infinite thanks to Amy Schrift for her extremely important work on vastly limiting agrochemicals in our communities. Please check out her post & petition here. We need your support!

Check out Marguerite's Astrology page written for us here.

For those from US traveling with pets ... very important to check out this website here.

In our local PZ feria ... this weekend there will be a Feria for Construction, Saturday thru Monday.

Gerald Murray is driving a referendum to promote medical cannabis

We've talked about this Perico Caterpillar before ... here's a good article of the fuzzy terror ... to be avoided at all costs. Click here.

Experienced gardener and builder seeking work trade

Hello Fellow Land Stewards, I'm traveling to Costa Rica starting in December and I'd love to come work at your Costa Rican location. I am experienced with gardening, construction and landscaping and for the last 8 years, I've been managing an edible landscaping company called HomeHarvest - Edible Landscapes and Construction. I've volunteered on over 35 farms around the world including the tropics, have a degree in sustainable agriculture, am permaculture design certified, and I'd love to come volunteer at your operation and help however needed during December and January. Are you interested in utilizing me on your land? I hope you're doing well and look forward to hearing from you. Best, Ben Ben Barkan - Owner of HomeHarvest 339 927 6764

Looking for Cabin or small house / Rent Living since 10 years in the Central Valley ready for a change - Looking for Cabin or small house long term for single female, preferable not to far from beaches and maybe with owner living 'on site' eventually caretaking position 60119882 or 22692260 asking for Ingrid

Rentals in the Chimirol/Canaan area. I know of at least 12 rentals in this area as I have been looking for myself. most are $100 a month, unfurnished, one is $250 a month, furnished. Some require 4x4 to access. Wendy Crews 8915 2461 or

For those who want to celebrate Thanksgiving with good company and not have to cook ... Joanie has planned a lovely afternoon Thanksgiving at Mangostans ... please see Events page here for details ... please make reservations thru Joanie.

For a self sufficient, off grid beautiful organic farm ... click here for more information.

We will have large (3 kilos mas o menos) farm fresh chickens at Colibri's Corner this week and thruout the holiday season ... not a bad idea to send a pre-order to

In general, pre-orders are very useful and appreciated as the season gets busier. Also, we receive and recycle all glass bottles & jars (clean or not) and egg cartons with lids.

We now offer all organic eggs weekly! Also, all organic, gluten free Yuca Flour.

Here are a few of the new & available items on our Great Stuff to Buy & Sell page:

  • HP computer

  • Electric Dryer .. works well ... 3 & 4 prongs

  • Uniden 2-way radio GRM2238-2CK set

  • Panasonic SC-PT570 DVD stereo and surround sound system 5 speakers and sub-woofer - $50

  • Oppo OPDV971H DVD player - $35

  • Go Pro 3 - $150

  • Wine Enthusiast 21-Bottle Silent Dual Zone Touchscreen Wine Cooler

  • 32 cup coffee maker $25