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Week of Nov. 16-23

Did anyone notice that our super moon was not very super? Hmmmmmmmm?

Was it just a dream? It all feels so not real!!

Well we are still in a watery and deep diving time with the planets, it can also be very magical.

Mercury is very fast and busy this week.

11-18 Mercury squares Neptune

Yey on 11-19 Neptune stations direct after being retrograde for quite some time. If you have been feeling confused and just not totally on board, the clarity will start to make it's self known.

Venus will also sextile Neptune, which brings us divine inspiration.

On the 21rst the Sun enters Sagittarius. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAG!!

Mercury still speeding along will sextile Jupiter on the 22nd and conjunct Saturn on the 23rd.

This week the planets are assisting us and Gaia to move through victim consciousness, self-doubt and healing these facets for good.

We are finishing the year in part by releasing karmic patterns of ineffectiveness. So we can focus and feel confident in all areas of our lives.

The full moon being in Taurus likes to remind us to stop and smell the roses,be patient, and reconnect with Mother Earth Gaia Sophie Wisdom.

Please use these energies to discover fresh understandings of the many changes occurring now.

Put new pieces of the puzzle together and tap into a higher level of truth and insight.

The weekend will mellow us out a bit, it is a good time to be social,take joy in artsy pleasures and romance!!!!

I really love taking time to do these reports, if you would like to donate a little you can do paypal with a note for Marguerite. Much gratitude for your support!



Aries- Five of Wands-You may be feeling in competition with ??? Know that you can be successful and play fair. The mix of energies will allow you to make fresh changes.

The universe is spurring you on!

Taurus- The Lovers-OK Taurus this is 3 or 4 weeks in a row I get relationship JUJU for you. Are you seeing a soulmate?If so it seems serious. Expand your vision as well as your awareness surrounding what IS possible!

Gemini- Queen of Swords- Be mindful of others and do what it is you feel driven to. Your planets are set up like a cosmic tag team, symbolizing a long overdue breakthrough.

Cancer- The Star- You are feeling inspired, this card is a good omen, think BIG!

It's about finding your way into the center of life AND LIVING FROM THIS PLACE ALL THE TIME!

Leo- Seven of Wands- Don't hesitate to make your stand clear to others. Through communication you will learn or remember something that is "Game Changing", it won't just make your day it may make your year

Virgo- Three of Cups- MMMM you may have a reunion of sorts, romantic, biz???

Do you want change? You can do the math it's there for you and you have the courage, Why not!!

Libra- Nine of Cups- This is an abundance and happiness card.... Find your truth to receive. No more sweet talking, only time for truth talking now!

Scorpio- Justice- Are you seeking balance? Sometimes it is someone else's karma holding you up. Check on this.... All of your communications will improve just about everything you touch, so keep on keeping on!!

Sagittarius- Six of pentacles- This card represents a turn for the better, often financial. Be creative and innovative, something on the back-burner will take off like wildfire!

Capricorn- the Moon- Something that was confusing, now has full light shining on it.

It's just about time to make some magic happen!

Aquarius- Knight of Wands- You are likely to experience success right now.

Keep energizing your ideas. You are in for some positively sweeping changes!!

Pisces- Knight of Swords- This is an upbeat energy, allowing you to shine. it's time to release and button up past issues and to put your dream in to motion!!

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