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No to the Use of Agrochemicals in our Public Spaces

We are now collecting signatures throughout Perez Zeledón as part of a petition to request that public spaces in our communities be maintained without the use of agrochemicals. Eight countries worldwide have already enacted such legislation and our own municipality has the authority to do the same. Please click on the link: print out the petition and collect as many signatures as you can! Signatures can also be collected with an English petition Here.

Costa Rica has the highest per capita use of agrochemicals worldwide and we can no longer ignore the highly detrimental effects that it is having upon our communities and the environment. Please send any comments, suggestions or signature collecting updates to We will keep you updated of the deadline to collect signatures. Here is also a link to an informational document on agrochemicals that you can distribute to members of your community: It's time to make a difference! The PZ Sano Coalition of the Diamante Valley.

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