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Marguerite's Astrology



Week of October 6 to October 13 2016

Welcome everybody, this is a rainy day report (being a little long). Feel free to skip to your sign, but do come back and read as we begin a look at The Sabian Symbols!

It is amazing just how connected everything really is!

Let's take a look at the planets for this week>

Mars and Jupiter square, pumping our energies to go deeper in all facets of our lives.

Venus sextiles Pluto, juicing up our creativity in the arts, beauty and sexuality.

Mercury will transit Libra and that will add to creative expression.

Later in the week Mercury will conjunct with Jupiter,raising consciousness and seeing or hearing that everyone has something to share, messages to be given and received.

The Sun will square Pluto also triggering the square of Saturn and Neptune, this will aid in emotional healing.

We have a lot of action among some of the deeper digging planets and bodies.

Black moon Lillith with Scorpio-Pluto-Neptune influences are shadow or dark secrets that need at least reviewing.

Hopefully we can put into forward motion the changes that we were shown or experienced through the last several months.

Jupiter in Libra until October 2017 will definitely help us to expand our wishes, dreams and desires over the coming year!

360 degrees

an overview of

The Sabian Symbols

This story began around 1923 when a seer Marc Edmund Jones met with Elisie Wheeler. he was a spiritual healer and she was confined to a wheelchair, in his effort to help her they discovered she had many psychic attributes. Marc had been interested in a welsh seer who used a method of divination called Charubel Symbols with astrological degrees. But after looking at their meanings he found them to be to moralized for his and this time in the world.

As Elisie's psychic abilities grew she became bored with her client's typuical question's and wanted to work on other channeling's, She is thought to have had close ties to Mesopotamian era subjects.

Marc having been guided to scribe these symbols decided that Elisie and her sheltered life would be a perfect person to depict these "pictures" without bias.

In 1925 they parked at Balboa park in San Diego, Ca. over a period of time.

Marc had prepared 360 index cards by writing the 360 degrees of the astrological degrees on each card,then in uninterupted periods they , without knowing the degree on the card, she channeled the vision while Marc quickly wrote down her vision.

after all this work Marc decided it was to far from a scientific study and shelved the project until 1948 and by 1951 he published The Sabian Symbols in Astrology.

They have been called the contemporary American "I CHING", from a different worker in the cosmic vineyard!

Being young in methods of astrological divination it is amazing how spot on these symbols can be.

I highly recommend that you see what these images bring up for you and your life's path.

Here is a look at some of the energies present this week,

Solar/Lunar year-" Magic Carpet Ride"

(Transcending the old paradigm) (Fantastical experiences)

Solar/Lunar month-" Three masters hanging in a special room of an art gallery"

(light reflecting on life) (visionary) (linking the triad, body, mind and soul)

The strong aspects of the planets the next several days seek to expose or help us to master something. During these big shifts we can see the big picture.

The Sun is discharging" children blowing bubbles" ) we can expect some of these to burst.! Keep a tablet and pen close by, ides will float in and vanish!

The Earth is discharging"a bomb that has failed to explode is now safely concealed"

There are things that need to be revealed or released the pressure is building. Suppressed things really want to come out . Secret's will not stay that way.

Venus is discharging" telephone linemen at work installing new connections"

Ok this is about communications, repair, fixed, exposed??? (Wikileaks comes to mind!)

Mars is discharging" ten logs lie under an archwayleading to darker woods"

Ten has the energetic of "destruction" could this be the start to the destruction of forces that take us away from nature? Are the logs for building a bridge, , a structure or a fire? What do you interpret from this image?

All put together it could be the "KEYSTONE OR THE MISSING PIECE OF A PUZZLE"

Let's play our part to open the gateway to a new way of experiencing life.



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Aries-Five of Wands and Two of Cups- Have there been waves of conflict or quarreling, you can create new starts in love and emotions. This is an important time to look at your relationships, are they moving they way you had envisioned?

Taurus- The Chariot- Determination, directed energy, willing to do what it takes.Possible travel, try new ways. Mars in Capricorn bodes well for you. You will be given the energy and courage to go after what you want not what you need.

Gemini-King of Cups - This may very well be a thoughtful man, or creative pursuit, guidance offered. move things up a notch, it will prove to be just whats needed.

Cancer- Page of Swords- If you are waiting on an answer, stay patient it's coming. Don't retreat in your shell, take a leap of faith.

Leo- Four of Wands- You have the chance to create a solid foundation for a new era. Take the death-grip off past issues, feel it release and move on.

Virgo- Seven of Swords- Things may not be moving as planned. Use diplomacy not aggression. Get to the bottom of whats been haunting you, enough already!

Libra- Three of Wands- It appears that the first stages of a new project are progressing. Take the high road, release attachment to outcomes and trust yourself.

Scorpio- Five of Cups and Eight of Wands- Feelings of disappointment or regrets do not serve. Our souls create whatever is needed to evolve, keep it simple.

Sagittarius- Nine of Pentacles-Your financial and material affairs are showing abundance indeed! You are pushing through great growth now, being honest is crucial to you and your life. Do the right thing.

Capricorn- Page of Pentacles- Expect good news where finance and security are concerned. You will connect with the powers to help you bring "something to the table!

Aquarius- Seven of Cups- You are overwhelmed by all the choices you have Yipee! Use your imagination. With your ruler Uranus in RX, it is as if you are operating in the wild unknown, use the "who you know" to help you along.

Pisces- Seven of Wands- Are you overcoming obstacles or do you need to defend something? Ride the wave as long and as far as you can, blessings for your search....

HatTip to Laura Walker for her inspiration from the

Diane Roche

transcripts of Marc Edmund Jones- Robert Studio press 1953

Marguerite B.


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